Solar MPPT Boost Converter


This is a 300 watt power point tracker (MPPT), from Grin Technologies for hooking-up your Sunpower solar panel to your eBike battery. Capable of 28-96V output for higher voltage batteries, you can also assign custom voltages, or use the stock 48V/60V/72V lead acid/LiFe profiles. Note: it is not waterproof!

The unit is terminated with Anderson Power Pole connectors for maximum compatibility. This solar charge controller can even boost the voltage of your solar panels (15-40V typically) to match those of your battery pack. There is one button to program all output voltage options too, which is great.

When using with Li-Ion batteries, it is best to set a custom voltage as a charge termination: the default battery profiles are for Lead Acid/LiFe batteries.


Weight: 0.38kg
Country of Manufacture: China



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