Tannus: Aither (puncture-proof, solid bike tyre)


Tired of punctures? You’re not alone! The team over at Tannus have just released the world’s first accessible, puncture-proof tyres.

Read the review on The Telegraph here.

Formed from a unique polymer with 10 micrometer-wide air bubbles inside a robust mesh of protective walling, the Aither is almost as efficient as a conventional tyre and tube combo. In tests, it managed 29Mph for the effort required of it’s competitor, which reached 30Mph. The test environment assumes that the inflated tyre has the optimum pressure at all times, which of course is where the Aither becomes the tortoise to it’s air-filled hare: as soon as a regular tyre loses pressure, it’s becomes sluggish whereas the Aither will not.

Yes, they still look ‘normal’

Choosing the correct tyre diameter for your bike:

Your existing tyres will have a code either printed or formed on the side. Use this as your guide and match it to the one listed in the dropdown menu below.

Rim and Pin Selection Table:

Rims widths vary considerably between manufacturers, so it’s essential that you know which yours are before you begin fitting them! Measure the inner-width of the rim to match the correct pins. Full instructions are included in the pack, along with different pin options.

Click here to see the full list of options, direct from the manufacturer.

Colours and Densities:

All tyres are supplied as Midnight/Regular. Additional colours and densities will be available in future (as supplies become available).

Tannus tyres are sold individually!

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


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