Yuba Accessories: Bamboo Boards


Boda Boda Series V3

Add a pair of stylish new Bamboo Running Boards for the Boda Boda V3. Give your passengers a comfy resting place for their feet or support your cargo load. Bamboo 5 plies Pair Easy installation suitable for Boda Boda V3

Kombi, Mundo V5, V4, V3 only

Roll in style. Practical and stylish, the Bamboo Running Boards for Mundo and Kombi are a must have add-on when carrying passengers. They match the Bamboo deck and provide more comfort for your passengers or better support for cargo.

• 5 Layer Plyboard
• Pair
• Hardware already on bike
• Easy installation
• Compatible with the Kombi and Mundo V5, V4, V3 only

Curry Series

These trendy Side Boards, made out of bamboo, provide your little passengers with a comfortable footrest on each ride. With the help of the Carry-On support tubes, these Side Boards can be used as sidewalls on the luggage rack of your Curry bike.

• Easy to apply
• Assembly parts inclusive
• Compatible with Spicy Curry and Sweet Curry only



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