Yuba Accessories: Bread Basket (TT), Stuff Rack (HT) and Rain Cover


Yuba’s approach to onboard storage takes the idea of a bike basket on the front to a whole new level. Designed to hold your favourite bag with or without a load of groceries, it’s also ready for school bags, carrying projects, cases of beer, your lock and random items you collect on your way.

These versions are secured directly to either the Head Tube or Top Tube (hence: HT and TT) and are extremely stable while riding, because they do not flop around with the handlebars.


• 25kg carrying capacity

Bread Basket

• Compatibility: TT (Kombi E5, Kombi Classic, Mundo Series and FastRack)

Stuff Rack

• Compatibility: HT (Spicy Curry V4, Kombi E6 & E5)

Bread Basket/Front Rack Cover

Bright, light, visible and as easy to pop on as a Poncho, the Bread Basket/Front Rack Cover keeps your carry-on’s dry, out of the weather and out of sight.

• High visibility and water resistant
• Lightweight cargo cover
• Includes a storage pouch
• Adjustable to fit your cargo inside (not lockable!)



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