Yuba Accessories: Double Kickstands


Stand Together Kickstand

The ultra-wide Stand Together Kickstand offers a large, stable base for loading up all kinds of precious and traditional cargo. As it’s name implies, this kickstand is all inclusive; happily mounting to all the rear loading cargo bikes in our line-up. One for all!

• Folds underneath the Sideloader bars
• Three mounting holes options
• Chromoly Steel (Silver)
• 2-Year Warranty
• Compatible with Mundo V3 and up, Spicy/Sweet Curry & Boda Boda

Boda Boda Double Stand

The Boda Boda Double Stand is the original upgrade, which adopts a mid-width stance to keep your bike steady whilst parked and loading.

• Chromoly steel
• Black only
• Maximum payload 45 kg
• Boda Boda only

Roots Double Stand (Curry Series Only!)

The astonishing 30″ Roots Double Stand is the widest kickstand every produced: it’s even wider than your handlebars! It also has a lever mounted directly behind your handlebars, which you pull to deploy before you step off your bike.

This cable-actuated format means you can be confident that both your bike and your cargo are stable as you come to a stop. To launch, simply roll forward and the legs fold back up, just like conventional kickstands.

• 30 inches wide
• Cable-actuated via a lever
• Folds to the rear
• 2-Year Warranty
• Compatible with Spicy/Sweet Curry Series Only



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