Yuba Accessories: Soft Spot Cushions (Maxi & Mini)


Mini Soft Spot

The perfect one passenger padded seat on any of our cargo bikes. Pair two Mini Soft Spots to cover the whole rear rack of the Kombi, Curry and Boda Boda V3 Series models.

These are great for when you like to save some of the rear rack’s space for Yepp Seats and other cargo. It is easy to install on the rear rack, with two velcro fasteners and sturdy enough to stand up to your family’s busy cargo bike life.

• Installs easily with Velcro fasteners
• Seating for one passenger per cushion
• Pair two Mini Soft Spots on Kombi, Curry or Boda Boda V3 Series for full coverage.
• Compatible with Yepp Maxi EasyFit Seats

Maxi Soft spot

The Maxi Soft Spot offers your passengers a comfortable padded seat which was originally designed for the extended rear rack of the Yuba Mundo.

• Installs easily with fabric hook-and-loop fasteners.
• Covers half the rear platform length on the Mundo and Curry Series, or almost the entire platform on the Boda Boda V3
• Use two Soft Spots to cushion two adults or three kids.
• Compatible with Yepp Maxi EasyFit Seats




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