Centaur Cargo: Cargo Bike


Slicing through traffic with 350 litres of cargo tucked between you and the front wheel is a joyous experience! With an upright seating position and a Yamaha motor to zip along, you’ll be at your destination with your cargo before you know it.

Keeping the weight up front and down low means this model is as easy to ride with up to 80kg in it’s belly as a regular bicycle. Twin wheels means you can weave as you are used to as well, so the learning curve is very short. This combination is terrific for heavy traffic as the Centaur Cargo Bike can plow right through gridlocked traffic with ease.

The Nexus 7 hub gears maximise the scope of urban riding, whilst keeping maintenance to a minimum. Paired with the Nuvinci stepless shifting and the force sensor, this is a breeze.


Bike dimensions: 255 x 65 x 110 cm
Box volume: 350 litres
Box material: Synthetic material with honeycomb structure
Maximum box load: 80 kg
Maximum saddle load: 100 kg
Front/rear brakes: Shimano Rollerbrake / Shimano Rollerbrake
Gears: Nexus 7
Front/rear wheel size: 20 / 26 inch
Lighting: Battery
Motor: Yamaha
Power: 250 Watt



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Providers & Grants:

Halfords Cycle2Work Premium
GCI Employee
EST eCargo Bike Grant Fund