Deity: Tibia Seatpost (B/W)


The Tibia seat post comes in one size, 27.2 and uses 7075 shims to accommodate 30.0, 30.9, and 31.6 seat posts. The seat post is a high polished ano with white deity logoing in a lightweight package.

The seat post is 3D forged out of 2014. The inside of the seatpost as you can see is not your typical run of the mill seatpost and is oval shaped.

The post uses a single bolt to tighten the clamp and is easy to use and adjust. Dialing in the seat angle is pretty easy, but it does have predetermined teeth that the post will go into once you snug it up so the adjustments aren’t limitless on it.

The post comes in a 350mm length, so you can cut it as you see fit. For every 20mm of tubing you cut, ~9g is saved. Maintaining 100mm post insertion into your frame is key when you’re cutting seat posts as well.

Deity Tibia seatpost:  27.2 x 350mm.






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