Grin: 36V LiGo Battery Modules


Batteries like Lego? Oh yes! Grin Technologies offer this glorious solution, which enables us to pick and choose the perfect blend of capacity, voltage and usable range, slot them together & go!

Each module is built in Canada to deliver 2.7Ah at 36V and be slotted onto as many modules as you require. This can be as simple as one pack which can be taken on an aeroplane, or several modules to make 72V and/or substantially higher capacities. Plenty of people are very happy with 500Wh batteries, however you can also build one capable of 3,110.4Wh and above!

Using Dual Anderson connectors you can choose to adopt a routing via series/parallel with multiple packs inside a saddlebag, rack mounted bag, or in several locations to spread the weight out. They really are that versatile. For those of us with several bikes, this also allows us to use different combinations (as long as the voltages are matched!). A backpack like EVOC’s can be used on your eMTB, commuter and Family Cargo Bike, using the same modules and charger for them all.

With the optional XLR connectors from your bike’s controller, you can also build different packs for different purposes and exchange them in seconds. This may include the ultra-lightweight ‘single-pack’ (at 36V), a ‘twin-pack’ for local journeys (at either 36V or 72V), or even an ‘octoden-pack’ (16 modules at 36v or 72V), so you don’t need to top-up as frequently.

You may well prefer to leave a ‘twin-pack’ on a bike at all times and then ‘expand’ it with a secondary pack just for longer journeys. This is particularly exciting for Family Cargo Bikes and Rickshaws which are used for multiple distances at a variety of load levels (and cannot be brought into most London flats for charging). It is good for security too, as both your battery and charger can be stored indoors.

Remember that your battery will last much longer when you run it between 20-80% of capacity, so plan for this in regular use so you can concentrate on riding your bike instead of thinking about the battery!!! We recommend Grin’s Cycle Satiator as your charger too.


Weight: 0.60kg
Country of Manufacture: Canada
Dimensions (L x W x H): 201 x 74 x 21mm
Mounting Type: Frame Mount, Rear Rack and/or equivalent
Nominal Voltage: 36V (10s)
Full Charge Voltage: 42V
Capacity (Amp-Hours): 2.7Ah
Watt-hours at 20A Discharge: 98Wh (capable of 10A continuous and 15A peak)
Cell Type: LG 18650 MG1, 10s x 1p
Internal Resistance (Ohms): 0.3

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