Grin: Cycle Analyst V3 Series


Grin Technologies’ V3 Cycle Analyst is the defacto unit for managing Custom eBike builds. With near unlimited programming available through your computer, you can tweak your bike to be just as you like it to be. This really helps with managing power delivery on heavily laden bikes, preventing motor heat-up and similar damage at all speeds and load levels.

Onscreen data is there both to monitor and control, so you can see your power input/output, realtime consumption, temperature levels and full electronic management. Version 3 takes a centralised approach, with all communications running through the head unit and one unified throttle output signal on to the controller.

Throttle input mapping, preset current/power/speed adjustment, torque/PAS sensor management and brake cut-off are all handled by Cycle Analyst V3. This allows you to set up one bike for different people and/or load levels, which is great for sharing with riders of varied experience levels. Similarly, you can retain the default settings to remain 100% street legal for onroad use, then switch to custom settings for use on private land.

Battery levels/cycles/watt-hours, vehicle odometer and temperature statistics are all available alongside system diagnostics. When your set-up allows for regenerative braking, you can also see the percentage/Ah range increase.

Realtime data sets can show individual riders what their actual usage is over time, which in turn can help to optimise each bike for known uses. Whilst the handling efficiencies of a mid-motor are better for riding singletrack, hub-based set-up’s with regen can suit the start/stop in urban riding applications, recovering some juice and prolonging the lifespan of your brakes at the same time. What better way to understand your own usage and efficiencies, than your own data?

CA-SA Specifications:

• V3.0 Cycle Analyst with Stand Alone Shunt. For use with Conversion Systems that Don’t Have 6-Pin CA-DP Plug, for Controllers with Direct Drive Hub Motors

The Stand Alone Model includes a precision 1mOhm molded shunt that wires inline with a battery pack, and can be used on any eBike systems that don’t have a 6-pin CA-DP plug on their connector. Instead, the 6-pin plug is wired to the separate shunt device. Use this CA 3.0 device if you require the Cycle Analyst to control your bike and add PAS/Torque control modes or power/speed limiting features.

Dimensions: 128 x 57 x 26mm

140cm cable terminated with 6-pin JST-SM series connector to the shunt. Shunt as 12 AWG pre-stripped leads and is rated for 50A continuous current.

CA3-WP Specifications:

• V3 Direct Plug Cycle Analyst with Waterproof 8 Pin HiGo CA Plug (Replaces CA3-DP). This model does not include the CA3-MF Switch with on/off power button and digital up/down controls. 110 cm cable length
• Requires JST_WP8 Adapter for use with Controllers that have 6 pin JST-SM Plug (JST_WP8, 6 Pin CA-DP Plug to 8 Pin CA-WP Adapter)

Dimensions: 128 x 57 x 26mm

140cm cable terminated with 6-pin JST-SM series connector.

CA3-DPS Specifications:

• V3 Direct Plug-in Cycle Analyst with Speedometer Pickup, for Geared and Mid-Drive Motors with Separate Speedometer

Dimensions: 128 x 57 x 26mm

140cm cable terminated with 6-pin JST-SM series connector.

Connectors available:

Connectors are sold separately! Click here to see what is available.




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