Zapp i300 Scooter


Zapp’s i300 is the world’s fastest accelerating scooter, with the handling and stopping power to match. This uncompromising bike leaves all 300cc models behind – and plenty of other vehicles as well! Need we say more?

To begin with there’s 14,000 Watts of power at peak, delivering 587Nm at the wheel. This takes you past 30 Mph in 2.35 seconds and beyond 43.5 Mph in 4.10. That’s above the speed limit in most of London and less time than it took you to read this paragraph.

To back up the fun stuff, there’s a beauty to the whole assembly. Two load bearing aerospace grade aluminium chassis members form the exoskeleton. In the middle there’s a permanent magnet motor, powered by twin batteries offering a useful 60-90 Km in Eco mode. Each battery is just 5kg and 5cm wide, so of a manageable weight and size to carry indoors. These can be charged practically anywhere with a 3 pin plug within 4 hours, which could include beside your desk whilst you are at work.

The belt drive is carbon of course, assuring a maintenance-free, quiet and efficient ride with no power loss. This floats past the mono swingarm, which is also an ultralight and aluminium part to match the exoskeleton. Pushrod coilover shocks offer progressive rate springs with pre-load adjustable gas filled dampers, to keep the ultra low profile tyres on the alloy wheels to lay down all the power.

The high resolution screen displays all the details you need in full colour, whilst the upside down dampers in the forks are paired with multi piston floating calipers. There’s ABS too, so you can be sure that you can keep the power under control in all conditions.


Power: 14,000 Watts (peak)
Torque: 587 Nm at the wheel (433 ft-lbs)
(the i300 delivers nearly six times more torque than a Honda Fireblade)
0-50 Kph in 2.35 seconds
0-70 Kph in 4.10 seconds


Vehicle Type
EU Category: L3e – A2 Engine
Type: Air-cooled Interior permanent rare earth magnet electric motor
Max. output: 14 kW (20hp) @ 3,000 rpm in Zapp mode
Max. torque: 587 Nm at rear wheel in Zapp mode

Performance / fuel consumption
Maximum speed: 96 km/h (electronically governed)
Acceleration 0-50 km/h: 2.35 s
Acceleration 0-70 km/h: 4.10 s
Range: 60-90 km with both batteries in ECO mode
Regen: Selectable regen when the throttle is shut, a range extension of up to 10-20% is possible.

Electrical system
Battery: Air-cooled super compact lithium-ion high voltage battery
Battery capacity (gross): 1.25 kWh per battery (in each of 2 battery packs)
Battery voltage: 48 V (nominal)
Battery weight: 5kgs per battery x 2Power transmission
Drive: Swing-arm centred carbonfibre belt drive with 6.9:1 single reduction ratio via secondary carbonfibre belt.

Chassis / brakes
Frame: Chrome-moly steel tube underbone/aluminium load-bearing exoskeleton
Front wheel location / suspension: Upside-down fork Ø 31 mm, spring pre-load manually adjustable with finite settings
Rear wheel location / suspension: Single-sided swing arm with direct-link spring strut, spring pre-load manually adjustable with finite settings
Suspension travel front / rear: 99 mm / 60 mm
Wheelbase: 1,387 mm
Castor: 77 mm
Steering head angle: 80°
Wheels: Cast aluminium wheels
Rim, front: 3.50 x 14″
Rim, rear: 4.50 x 14″
Tyres, front: 120/70 R 14
Tyres, rear: 140/60 R 14
Brake, front: Full floating single 250mm Ø disc, 4-piston floating caliper
Brake, rear: Full floating single 190mm Ø disc, 1-piston floating caliper
ABS: Single Channel ABS

Dimensions / weights
Length: 1905 mm
Width (incl. mirrors): 968 mm
Height (excl. mirrors): 1193 mm
Seat height, unladen weight: 750 mm
Unladen weight, road ready, both batteries: 90 kgs
Permitted total weight: 250 kgs
Payload (with standard equipment): 160 kgs
Carrying capacity: 1 rider plus 1 passenger / max. 150kg
Warranty: 24 months
Emission: zero

From: £5,300.00


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