Aitour: Starter


The magnificent Aitour Starter is the perfect three-wheeled family cargo bike for people looking get started with a purposeful electric option. There’s a sturdy wooden box up front with space for up to four children, the battery is installed discretely under the rear seat, powering the mid-motor. There’s even a rack on the tail.

Hydraulic disc brakes keep things in check, whilst the integrated lights ensure you can see and be seen. The 120nM motor is paired with a 48V battery, which ensures you can accelerate from every light with ease. The gears are equally well considered: there’s a 7-speed hub, maximising gear ratios whilst minimising maintenance.

There are two benches, seatbelts, cushions and plenty of room to stow a picnic alongside schoolbags and homework as well, so you can start as you mean to go on!

We reckon that this is one of the very best options for a three wheeled electric trike available today.


Motor: AKM95RX 48V/250W
Brake: Hydraulic disc brakes
Gears: Shimano 7-speed
Tyre: “Innova” reflector line puncture-proof tires, 20” front and 26” rear
Battery Cells: 48V 13.4Ah Cells
Ergonomic design: The inclined seat tube is more comfortable for riding
Display: LCD 21C
Recommended Rider Heights: 165-195cm/5’5″-6’5″
Seat Height: 94-114cm/37″-45″
Total Length: 226cm/89″
Width at Widest Point: 90cm/35.4″
Handlebar Width: 63.5cm/25″
Handlebar Height: 119cm/47″
Usable Length of Rear Rack: 378mm/15”
Rear Rack Capacity: 25kg/55 lb
Total Loading Capacity of Bike: 300kg/660 lb
Max Loading Capacity of Cargo Area: 120-150kg/250-300 lb
Bike Weight: 72kg/158 lb
Seatpost Diameter: Φ31.6
Cargo Box Internal Width: 580mm/23”
Wood Thickness: 1.2cm/0.47″
Cargo Box Length: 106.7cm/42″
Cargo Box Height: F: 460mm/18″ R: 535mm/21”
Height of Benches from Floor: 21.3cm/8.4″
Height from Ground to Floor of Box: 30mm/12”
Number of children: 4 children or 2 adults



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