Ducati: E-Sport


The E-Sport is amongst the most accessible of all the eBikes in Ducati’s range and it features the Shimano Steps drive unit with a 418W battery.

As sophisticated as it is, the formula is to keep all the technology right out of the way so you can focus on your ride. Just like a proper bike ought to.

It is as capable of a weekly stretch around the park, your daily commute, as it is happy practically anywhere else. It comes fitted with disc brakes and a stand too, so it’s ready to roll from day one.

You can raise the handlebars and fit a rack, take the battery off for charging, or top it up onboard. You choose!

Ducati E-Sport YMZ345
Ducati Red
Disc Alu
Alu Hydroformed Disc
Shimano SLX 10S
Shimano FC-E6000, Steps, SM-CRE60, 44T
Shimano M445 Hydraulic
Shimano SM-RT54S, 160mm
Alex ATD-550 700C 622 x 17C
700 × 35C
Tec Activius, Lady/Gent 2062
Drive Unit, DU-E6001, For Steps, Mid Ship Position
25kph Shimano Li-Ion D/T 418W
60km (High) => 125km (Eco)

Sport Man 28″: 51cm | 55cm | 59cm
Sport Woman 28″: 51cm
Size Guide


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