Eskuta: 250SX Series


The 250SX Series models from Eskuta combine all the benefits of an eBike, Moped and Scooter, to provide a simple and capable option for both commuting and commercial deliveries. The lightweight design offers the convenience of a step-through with the maximum 250W power output to remain 100% street legal for road use without needing a helmet, license or insurance. It is also exempt from VED and all emissions-based taxes.

The 250SX also costs less than the annual Oystercard for Zones 1-3 in 2020.

The 250SX Series offers two models which are both available in your chosen colour with custom graphics. The 250SX is the standard model for Personal Mobility. The 250SXD is for Delivery Riders (it includes a rear box carrier, plus a technology bar with integrated phone mount and charger).

Know a Graphic Designer or are one? Download the templates here and go wild!

The specifications include a massive 960Wh lithium-ion battery, which can be removed for home charging or exchanged in seconds for a secondary pack. At twice the capacity of most eBikes in the UK, it provides for approximately 50 miles between top-ups, equalling that of Mopeds and far more than most people commute each day. You can top-up from a regular socket too, just like a phone.


If you have ever subscribed to the annual Oystercard, then the prospect of funding your new 250SX for less than a Zone 1-3 ticket may well have piqued your interest! This is a compelling alternative to public transport, with a similar outlay to your existing transport budget and you can go door to door without waiting around, so it is also significantly faster for most people in Cities.

Hospitality and beyond:

This is JustEat’s bike of choice and already deployed by hundreds of restaurants around the country. If you are looking to expand your team’s reach, then the 250SXD is ready to get your workforce rolling today. Your team may also qualify for the eCargo Bike Grant Fund, which provides 20% towards the purchase price.

For the Self-Employed within in the hospitality sector (and Entrepreneurs looking to expand their options beyond it!), the 250SX Series provides a route for individuals to provide delivery services for JustEat, Deliveroo and many more, including via Klarna.

What could you and your team offer your community through an integrated delivery service within a 20 mile radius? How about a 40 mile radius, with a second battery pack onboard?

Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycles:

An ‘EAPC’, or Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle, can be ridden by anyone over the age of 14 in cycle lanes, bus lane and everywhere else a regular bicycle can. To qualify they are fitted with a regular set of pedals and the power/speed restricted to 250W at 25Kph: we cannot install a throttle for you! Similarly, we cannot derestrict your bike, otherwise your EAPC would be assigned the classification of a Moped and require a license, number plate and road-going insurance and taxes.



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