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For many riders, a single speed electric bicycle which can be folded away is spot on. Enter the MiRider One, which starts there! It offers the maximum speed and power permitted on British roads upon command, with a range of around 45 miles per charge, a rear shock absorber to soak up the bumps and responsive disk brakes. The battery is fully integrated within the frame too, so is both discrete and can be removed as desired.

We really love the way the MiRider One tucks away the technology so seamlessly that it doesn’t look like an eBike at all… which makes it all the more fun when you’re overtaking!

The freshly updated MiRider One adds 25% more torque and 25% more battery capacity into the seamless magnesium frame, whilst trimming a further 1.6kg off. The ultralightweight wheels now combine aero rims and spoked wheels with a new motor, which offers greater efficiency in a smaller and quieter format.

The three point folding system enables you to choose between a variety of different shapes and sizes for both parking and storage. A single fold with the central hinge allows you to roll the bike into a cupboard, or along a station platform. A twin fold of the telescopic stem and seatpost is ideal for the boot of a car. All three make for the smallest package, which can be best for stowing away onboard your boat or under a desk.

The electronics include 5 different power levels, as well as a thumb throttle for fast starts to 4Mph and a pedal boost to 15.5Mph. They’re also waterproofed to IP65. Topping-up the battery whilst you pause for lunch can add a further 50% to your range, with secondary batteries available for high-milers weighing-in at just 1.2Kg. The socket on the left hand side of the frame means you can recharge with without removing the battery too.


Model: 3rd Generation MiRider One
Motor: Geared brushless rear hub motor
Nominal Power: 250W (UK legal limit) with 40Nm of torque
Pedal Assist Top Speed: 25Kph or 15.5Mph (UK legal limit)
Battery Type: Samsung 18650 Lithium-Ion Cells
Battery Specs: 36V / 7Ah / 252Wh
Battery Features: Removable and lockable (chargeable inside or off the bike)
MAX Range: up to 72 km or 45 miles (based on power level 1, average pace, rider weight and even terrain)
Climbing Angle: 25 degrees maximum (based on average rider weight)
Charge Time: 2-3 hours (using 42V, 2.0A UK charger supplied)
Display: Multi-function LCD back-lit
Controller: Sine-wave Torque Simulation KT Controller compliant with all UK legal parameters.
Dash board readouts: Speed (km/h or mph), distance travelled ODO/trip (miles/km), battery % level, pedal assistance level, Led headlight (on/off)
Pedal Assist: 5 levels
Frame/Fork: Full integrated magnesium alloy
Accessories Included: Front/rear mudguards, Front LED light, rear reflector, folding pedals, kickstand & stabiliser wheel, magnets for secure folding, adjustable folding strap & lightweight battery charger.
Folded & Unfolded Dimensions: 770x430x680mm / 1340x575x1100mm
Brakes: Front and rear Clarks CMD-24 disk brakes
Comfort: Rear spring damper
Tyres: CST tyres with reflective side walls 16″x1.75″

Wheels: 16″ wheels with aero rims and a MiRiDER designed 1 piece front hub
Chain: KMC e-bike specific
Total Approximate Weight Fully Equipped: 17.2 kg
Maximum Recommended Rider Weight: 120 kg
Rider Height: 152-195cm / 5’0-6’4
Road Legal: Worldwide
Optional Accessories: Additional battery, pannier rack, storage bag, pannier bag, phone holder and more

Azure Blue, Acid Green, Graphene Grey, Ember Orange, Eclipse Red or Platinum Silver.

Availability: Today!



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