Stealth: P-7 Series


The P-7 Series smashes all perceptions of what an eMTB can be. At just 29Kg, the P-7R delivers 1,500W of peak power to reach 45Kph. The Long Range Edition stores 1,500W in the centre mounted battery pack, which can cover 150Km and recharge in just 3 hours.

Handling is equally surefooted. There is 180mm of travel up front from SR Suntour’s premium Durolux 36mm suspension fork and their 120mm DUAIR with 80% lockout at the rear. 4-piston Magura MT5 hydraulics brakes rein in the considerable pace through a pair of 203mm rotors. A quick twist of the throttle and you’re back at full speed in seconds, with acceleration enhanced by the pedelec function.

The P-7 Series comes in two flavours: the 1,500W/45Kph P-7R and street legal P-7 with 250W/25Kph mode. Both models share components with the Stealth Bomber in a significantly lighter build to match responsiveness with agility.

The cockpit measures 650mm from the centre of the saddle to the stem and the frame to ground height is 890mm. With a bar height of 1015mm and a total length of 1950mm, you can be stable at speed and still pop wheelies on command. The P-7 Series suits riders of 162-193cm, weighing upto 120Kg.

Whilst the majority of DH components can fit the P-7 Series, we also offer the full range of Stealth’s replacement parts and upgrades.

From: £6,674.95


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