Vello: Bike Series


Vello have designed a beautifully simple looking bicycle, which can be folded into a tiny package in seconds. Options include a titanium or chronology steel frame, a rack on the front, single speed, 10x speed, Schlumpf Drive, belt drive and a Zehus motor/battery combo integrated completely within the rear hub.

The front fork, handlebars and rear swingarm can all fold independently to an astonishing 57cm x 79cm x 29cm too, so you can pop Vello into a taxi or tube, under the stairs at home or your desk at work (with or without the cover bag). Elastomer suspension features on all Vello models for comfort, neatly tucked into the folding mechanism.

At 9.9kg the Speedster Titanium comes with aerodynamic handlebars, yet the weight is still comparable to a carbon fibre road bike – including the comfy Brooks leather saddle – so is as much at home on a hot lap of Richmond Park as it is commuting or picking up a pint of milk on the way home.

The Rocky Titanium at 10.9kg and Rocky at 11.9kg in steel both have straight handlebars. The Rohloff Special Edition model comes in at just 12.9kg with their 14-speed internal gear hub.

The inclusion of the Zehus hub is perhaps the greatest treat of all: at just 3.2kg, the system is rated for up to 46.6 miles / 75 kilometres per charge cycle and available on multiple models across the Vello Bike Series. You can ride considerably further under power once you learn how to.

It is a street legal 250W/40Nm system, which wraps the battery pack around the motor housing so everything is tucked away from the elements. When you have a cassette on one side and a disk on the other, it’s almost completely hidden from view. Smart regenerative braking has earned the system the moniker of ‘self charging’: it can top up the battery whenever the system detects you’re coasting down a hill or pedalling backwards.

Vello Bikes are the lightest folding bikes on the market, starting at only 9.9kg. Its signature design has been awarded many prizes including the RedDot Design Award
“best of the best”
. Thanks to the hinge-free frame you will get the ultimate uncompromised riding experience.



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