Mobile Mechanics: 21st Century Service
Keep the wheels turning
The majority of tweaks can be handled in a matter of moments and most refinements require your input to get the bike just right for you. So where better than at your convenience, from your home or office?

If your bike needs more than a once-over we’ll collect it for servicing. When it’s ready, we’ll return it to you. This typically operates over a 24 hour period, although we will look after your bike for longer if necessary.

We are more than happy to service several bikes at once. There is an extra charge for servicing additional machines, however it’s less than our individual call-out fee. We’ll keep your whole fleet in full working order.

Tell us which parts you wish to tweak or upgrade to ensure we can reach your highest expectations in one visit. We’ll bring along anything you’ve bought from our website too, so there’s no need to wait around for your components to arrive.

Setting up your own specialist workshop?
Super.B Tools
We can supply you with a variety of tools and equipment, to assist you in creating your home or in-store workshop. These range from lightweight and portable tools, pre-race mobile packs, right up to factory grade workbenches.

# Within London’s M25, or further afield by arrangement.