The World’s Fastest Bicycle?

Dave Le Grys hits 110Mph.

Here’s a film of Dave Le Grys setting the current British and Commonwealth record of 110Mph on the M42 motorway in 1986. Guy Martin pipped it in 2013, reaching an astonishing 112.94Mph on a beach. Both riders had a leader vehicle to reduce the effects of wind resistance.

Sam Wittingham’s enclosed recumbent.

The fastest unassisted human powered bike world record was 82.8Mph by Sam Whittingham set in 2009. Barbara Buatois managed 75.7Mph in 2010. In 2011, a college team from TU-Delft in the Netherlands became the 2nd fastest all-time with a rider, Sebastian Bowier: 80.5Mph.

Whilst a member of our team reached 52.8Mph around Goodwood Motor Circuit (without a car to shield the the bike and rider from the air), we look forward to every attempt to beat these epic records.