Valentine’s Day Gifts For Women?

Iva Jean’s Reveal Skirt.

We’ve all been there: Valentine’s Day is approaching fast and either you aren’t sure what size she’d like, or you’d like to give him a helping hand! Well, fret no longer with our gift buying guide.

To adapt a quote from the Men’s Buying Tips from lingerie brand La Senza:

The most important part of buying all styles of clothing is the fit, so don’t just guess her size. The easiest way to find out this information is to have a peek at a similar item which you know she loves or has worn recently and take a look at the label. The size will contain a two digit number followed by letters eg: 34C.

If you’re looking for something tight fitting, then her favourite baggy jeans aren’t going to help with establishing the size of her waist! Likewise, a well fitting jacket which is to be worn over multiple layers through varied seasons can be extremely tricky to guess. Also, European and American garments are not sized the same so if you see several letter/number combinations, choose the ones which relate to where the item you’re choosing is coming from.

Meanwhile, trying to let him know which garment you’d like him to choose for you and in which size is easy: simply add it to our Shopping Cart with the correct size selected and leave the browser window open for him to stumble upon!