Voxan Wattman

Voxan Wattbike.

Liberated from the restrictions which traditional motorcycles must adhere, the Voxan Wattbike is an exquisite example of how an electric bike can take on a new and radical form. With it’s monocoque exoskeleton removing any need for a conventional frame housing fuel, electronics and engine, the sleek aluminium body gives it a style all it’s own.

Beyond the raw futuristic styling, the Wattbike delivers 200Bhp in near-silence. Yet it’s batteries can be charged to 80% capacity in just 30 minutes (much faster than your phone). 180Km is possible on a single charge too, with a top speed of 170Kph, 0-100Kph in 3.4 seconds and 0-160Kph in 9 seconds.

Front-side perspective view.

Wattman is the embodied testimony to the love I have for the Motorcycle, this unique object that defies the laws of gravity and balance and provides an enjoyment that few dynamic engines can offer to their driver.
Sacha Lakic, December 2013

Like all avant-garde projects, the Wattman was born on a blank page, with the mission of addressing three challenges:

Challenge 1: Demonstrate that, far from being sterile, an electric motorcycle may be desirable, rewarding for its driver and synonymous with pleasure.

Challenge 2: Imagine a new architecture radically looking to the future with an aluminium exoskeleton chassis housing.

Challenge 3: In the end, a philosophical challenge, because of the concepts of noise, cylinder capacity, fuel and vibration that were the markers of old generation motorcycles which have disappeared in favour of a new, quieter, more technological yet equally emotional approach.

Rear perspective view and colour options.

Some essential commonalities nevertheless exist between these two generations of motorcycles: the pleasure of driving, the sensation of extreme acceleration, the intoxication of freedom and of nonconformity, the unique pleasure of the fusion between man and machine, and a pleasure that only a motorcycle with a strong personality can provide.