Bicicapace:  Child Pack (Justlong)

Bicicapace: Child Pack (Justlong)

The Child Pack for Justlong is an all-inclusive upgrade for your Kiddos, with the rear frame/basket and wrap-around skirting, 2 running boards and 2 cushions. You can mix and match to suit the ages of your passengers, with the transition from the Yepp Nexxt Maxi Seat advised before each child reaches 22kg (approximately age 6). A Seat/Cushion combo can also be installed for riding with a Cushion up front and a Seat at the rear. The skirting can also be rolled-out to form a base to the rear rack, with sturdy velcro to hold it in place. This enables boxes/sundries… Read more →

Bicicapace:  Rain Cover Series (Justlong)

Bicicapace: Rain Cover Series (Justlong)

The Justlong Rain Cover comes in both Light and Full versions. Both versions are attached to the Child Pack structure and cover the Kiddos on your tail. The Full Rain Cover also includes side shields as well.

Bicicapace:  Justlong Series

Bicicapace: Justlong Series

Italian style comes in many forms and the Justlong from Bicicapace is a lowrider with a difference: it is as nippy as it is rigid, whilst keeping the weight down ensures your family and cargo are stable as you ride together. The curvaceous frame flows between the massive bag up front which keeps school bags, shopping and laptops dry, with a combination of bench seats for up to three kiddos, two in dedicated seats, or one large box on the longtail. You can switch from one to the other as you require too, refining as your needs grow. In the… Read more →

Bicicapace:  Compact Classic Series

Bicicapace: Compact Classic Series

This beautifully modern bicycle blends function with pizzazz, to create a thoroughly practical and agile option for everyday use. Having a short wheelbase can really help for parking indoors, so the Compact measures between 168-176cm long, depending upon which model you choose. The two frame options are the Classic and the Sport. The Classic is a ‘one size fits most’ step-through frame, suiting smaller riders and sharing between family members. The Sport has a step-over frame which comes in a 56cm, with the 64cm to suit taller riders. Both styles can fit a Steco Rear Rack behind the rider and/or… Read more →


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