Centaur Cargo:  Cargo Bike

Centaur Cargo: Cargo Bike

Slicing through traffic with 350 litres of cargo tucked between you and the front wheel is a joyous experience! With an upright seating position and a Yamaha motor to zip along, you’ll be at your destination with your cargo before you know it. Keeping the weight up front and down low means this model is as easy to ride with up to 80kg in it’s belly as a regular bicycle. Twin wheels means you can weave as you are used to as well, so the learning curve is very short. This combination is terrific for heavy traffic as the Centaur… Read more →

Centaur Cargo:  Trike XL

Centaur Cargo: Trike XL

Looking to swallow-up a huge and varied mixture of commercial cargo? The Trike XL chomps it’s way through a staggering 850 litres of cargo inside it’s composite box, which it carries very comfortably across the city on three wheels. With the bonnet opening to the left, it suits the British streets and delivers from day one. The power comes from the centrally mounted Yamaha system, complete with an industry leading 500Wh battery. Pedal as normal and the motor multiplies your effort, assisting you from the start-stop of traffic lights to the steepest of hills (and beyond). There is a Nuvinci… Read more →

Energy Saving Trust: eCargo Bike Grant Fund

The Department for Transport has made £2 million funding available for the acquisition of ecargo bikes, to support green last mile deliveries. This funding is available to limited companies, sole traders, partnerships, charities and not-for-profit organisations. Public, community or third sector organisations are also eligible providing they meet the eligibility criteria. eCargo Bike Grant funding covers up to 20% of the total cost of an ecargo bike, up to a maximum of £1,000 per bike. To be eligible for funding, an ecargo bike must have minimum 125 litre cargo volume capacity and minimum 130 kg weight capacity (combined rider and… Read more →


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