Ducati:  Monster

Ducati: Monster

Every so often an iconic bike captures our collective imagination and there have been few more delightful offerings than the Ducati Monster! This model sports the renowned trellis frame construction and the typical Ducati look. It is unmistakably Ducati & is there a better place to start? With Borgo Panigale’s two cylinder Desmodronic engine reproduced on the chain guard, the DNA is confirmed with both wide slick tires and powerful brakes. Kids love the Ducati Red mini-water bottle too, even when they’re not riding around the house. The Ducati Monster as adorable as it is fun: what better bicycle for… Read more →

Ducati:  400R

Ducati: 400R

The Ducati 400R with it’s Ducati Racing Red paint job fresh from MotoGP and Superbike, is the very top end 29″ MTB model. Featuring a smooth, sloping aluminium frame and a 2×10 transmission, this is the very fastest fully human powered Ducati available. RockShox’ 30 Silver TK 29″ Soloair 100mm fork is kitted-out with a PopLoc Remote and a 180mm hydraulic disc, with a 160mm bringing up the rear. It’s race ready and built for thrashing absolutely every sort of terrain out there. Specifications: Colour: Ducati Racing Red Frame: Serie 400 29″ Alloy, PM, HT 1,5′ Fork: RockShox 30 Silver… Read more →

Ducati:  E-ASY

Ducati: E-ASY

The Ducati E-ASY is a dependable electric bicycle with a low-slung central motor and a removable Lithium Ion battery within the rear rack. It is ideal for a most riders, offering 26″ wheels on the smaller frame and 28″ wheels on the larger ones. With five levels of power, every journey comes with a welcome boost and the battery is capacious enough to cover more than 6 1/2 laps of the Tamsin Trail around Richmond Park! (37-75Km/circa 23-45 Miles) An electric bicycle both extends the riders range and increases the average speed beyond most people’s natural ability. Almost everyone chooses… Read more →

Ducati:  E-COM

Ducati: E-COM

The Ducati E-COM is a terrific place to begin one’s journey with electric bikes and for many, it will be the only bicycle which enjoys regular use. As accessible as the Ducati Cucciolo of 1946, this ‘pedelec’ is something of a modern day companion and enjoys it’s fair share of visual cues too. Flowing through the gentle lines of the charming silver or Bordeaux red frame is a powered front hub, generous mudguards and chain cover for all weather riding. The sturdy rear rack is ready for your coat or a pannier, housing the removable Lithium-Ion battery pack within. There… Read more →

Ducati:  TT Evo S

Ducati: TT Evo S

At the heart of Ducati’s ethos is evolution, with the TT Evo S exemplifying the very nature of augmented riding. Everything about the top the range model is there to take the rider beyond what a conventional machine ever could. This is the bike to take you from what you are capable of today and onto something completely new. The TT has been fine tuned, with components tweaked to deliver just a little more from both the bike and the rider. “Evoluzione Ducati, sempre di più” The core technology is largely hidden from view, which speaks volumes about what the… Read more →

Ducati:  330SX

Ducati: 330SX

There are few greater motivators whilst out on a ride, than pulling away from people who are determined to overtake your Ducati! The 300SX Series models are meant for just such daily adventures. With it’s lightweight aluminium frame Engineered by Bianchi and paired with a set of 29-ers, you’re all set. Naturally, there’s hydraulic disc brakes and a remote lock-out fork with 100mm of travel, making this a great package Choose from Ducati Red or Matt Graphite, to compliment Shimano Deore 3×10 speeds – and your existing Ducati motorcycle of course! Specifications: Colours: Ducati Red or Matt Graphite Frame: Series… Read more →

Ducati:  TT Evo

Ducati: TT Evo

The 2018 Ducati TT Evo in Matt Black is undoubtedly the boldest, bravest and most brutal model in the series. This beast looks like the Diavel in the flesh, yet it is so much more than the sum of it’s parts. That’s even before you get to ride it… it also available in Ducati Red, to compliment the Monster 1200S. With the new PowerTube 500Wh, housing the biggest Bosch battery available fattens-up and stiffens the frame nicely. It’s broad, so remains almost indistinguishable from the side. Bosch’s most powerful Performance Line CX motor flows from the frame and puts out… Read more →

Ducati:  Imola

Ducati: Imola

Imola is a glorious take on a classic. Chic, gentle, comfortable and ready for everyday use. It’s as understated as it is a standout bicycle Pop out for a pint of milk, scoot along the Thames riverside route or cruise around Richmond Park. Let the day decide Available in models for both men and women, Imola is as happy with you wearing a suit or a skirt, as you are. It’s a charming way to ride to work too There’s a comfortable Brooks saddle with matching handlebar grips, mudguards and a chainguard, reflective sidewall tyres and a dependable steel frame…. Read more →

Ducati:  E-CITY

Ducati: E-CITY

Amongst the most adaptable of Ducati’s fleet, the E-City combines the versatility of a step-through with the ease of use of an electric bike. It’s as happy pootling around the park as it is taking you to and from work. It has the new Bosch Active Line third generation motor unit too Looking for something for the school run? The E-City is ideal! It conquers the most brutal of hills, pulling the weight of your little one and their child seat, toys and accoutrements along with you There are lights both front and rear, plus a sturdy built-in rack which… Read more →

Ducati:  SCR400

Ducati: SCR400

The SCR400 is full-on and the most hardcore of Ducati’s eMTB hardtails. Embracing the feisty blend of the fastest and most capable of Bosch’s motor and integrated battery combo’s with a low-slung aluminium frame, it’s set-up to hammer across everything in it’s path Shimano’s braking expertise pairs the massive 203mm/180mm hydraulic set-up, with 27.5″ Kenda Havoc Pro tyres in 2.8″ to soften the blows. Go as hard as you can and the SCR400 will keep pushing for more Ducati Racing Red features on a very select few models and the SCR400 wears them for good reason: this is the hardtail… Read more →

Ducati:  E-Sport

Ducati: E-Sport

The E-Sport is amongst the most established of the eBikes in Ducati’s range and it features the Shimano Steps drive unit with a 418W battery. As sophisticated as it is, the formula is to keep all the technology right out of the way so you can focus on your ride. Just like a proper bike ought to. It is as capable of a weekly stretch around the park, your daily commute, as it is happy practically anywhere else. It comes fitted with disc brakes and a stand too, so it’s ready to roll from day one. You can raise the… Read more →

Ducati:  Sport

Ducati: Sport

Every Ducati makes a statement and the Sport does so without making a sound! With it’s elegant Bianchi-engineered aluminium frame sprayed with either a chic Matt Titanium or bold Ducati Red paint job, it’s the bike to choose for your daily commute There’s a great combination of a lightweight frame with disc brakes, dark rims and components. Less is more. There are mounting points for touring bags, racks and a pair of water bottles, so it welcomes longer distance riding too Specifications: Colours: Ducati Red or Matt Titanium Frame: Sport Man Alloy, IS, HT 1.1/8″ Sizing Guide: 43cm is 157-172cm,… Read more →


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