The R8 LED is Hope’s most powerful light: 3,000 lumens on max power!!! We could dwell on that figure for a bit, however it’s best categorised as ‘amazing’. In our own tests on the dirt, we found that we could remain as competitive as during the day. If it’s in the zone; you’ll see it. What more could you wish for? Oh, ‘looks’? Yes, it definitely has those too. It’s eight LEDs work together to reduce shadows by softening them with it’s incredible ‘glow’. You can also raise it higher than a regular light to ensure that it illuminates low… Read more →



The R4 lamp is the mid-range, compact offering from Hope. At 1,500 lumens on full power this light is bright enough to illuminate the finest of trails and back-roads. It can also power the District+ Rear Light from it’s battery. Key Features • Four Cree XP-G2 LED’s generate 1,500 (1,000 measured), lumens on full power • Two power sequences, each with three light levels allows users to maximise power or burntime • Supplied with 4 cell ES (energy status), or standard battery • Includes handlebar mount, helmet mount and head harness “Lamp for all activities” Tech Specs • R4 LED… Read more →



The R1 is a great place to start if you’re beginning to commute in London! With a decent 620 lumens on maximum power, this light is considerably brighter than standard units and it can also power the District+ Rear Light from it’s battery. Key Features • 620 (500 generated), lumens on maximum power • Two power sequences, each with three light levels allows users to maximise power or burntime • Supplied with 2 cell ES (energy status), or standard battery • Includes handlebar mount, helmet mount and head harness “Ideal commuter/running light” Tech Specs • Manuals & Diagrams • R1… Read more →

HOPE:  District Plus Rear LED Light

HOPE: District Plus Rear LED Light

The District+ rear light is amongst the brightest lights out there! With vehicles in London now sporting ultra-bright LED panels both front and rear, this is one light option which stands right out from the crowd. At around a dozen times brighter than most conventional options, you can be confident that people behind you can see you as much as 100m in advance. Or further on longer roads, trails and so forth. Note: One thing to be conscious of meanwhile, is that you don’t point it too high at drivers behind you! This is a very bright light and can… Read more →

Hope:  Vented Rotors

Hope: Vented Rotors

The vented rotor is available only for the Tech V2 brake. It is not retro fitable to the other brakes in the range or aftermarket to other brands. It is wider than a standard fixed or floating rotor. This rotor takes braking performance to a new level. Using the same proven floating design as our other rotors and advanced manufacturing techniques, the internal fins allow the air to flow between the two friction parts. The induced air flow significantly reduces and delays the heat build up in the rotor. Dyno tests show a difference in temperature of 15% between a… Read more →

Hope:  Floating Rotors

Hope: Floating Rotors

These Floating rotors are now a firm favourite amongst both performance orientated riders and those just looking for something a little different. These rotors have a stainless steel braking surface riveted to an aluminium central carrier. As well as offering a significant weight saving, they also allow the rotors to expand or contract with changes in temperature. The rotors are available in 140, 160, 180, 183, 185, 200, 203 and 205mm in the full range of colours. For further weight savings we also have the lightweight floating rotor available from the Race X2 brake as an after market part. Only… Read more →

Hope:  Hoops Pro 3 SP-XC3 (pair)

Hope: Hoops Pro 3 SP-XC3 (pair)

The Pro 3 SP-XC3 wheelset has been designed specifically with weight saving in mind. To achieve the sort of competitive weights required for racing and performance riding, weight has been taken from the hub and rotor – instead of using fragile, overlight components in the rim and spokes. The resulting wheel is a perfect mix of strength to weight, which has already been taken to many race wins. We suggest a rider weight limit of 85kg. This is only a guideline, but common sense should be used with regards to the type of riding they will be used for. The… Read more →


Leftfield Bikes: Riding, Re-invented We’re busy preparing new bicycles, plus our new spot,

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The brands on offer at Leftfield Bikes are listed on this page in alphabetic order. Click for our recommendations for items best suited to riding in London and the Home Counties. If you are looking for something which isn’t visible on our website, contact us and we’ll arrange it for you: whilst there are over 50,000 items available to us, we only display a limited selection on our website. Abus Locks/Bags Airwheel Ass Saver Mudguard Babboe Family Bikes Bakfiets Bosch AVE Electric Bikes Bud Brake ABS CatEye Centaur Cargo Bikes Chike Dainese Ducati Bicycles Ducati EMX Electric MTB Furo GoCycle… Read more →


Biking Essentials Action Cameras, Ass Saver, Bud Brake, Chilli Air, FoldnFix, Hope, ISM Seat, Muckynutz, QuickFix Once you’re kitted-out with a new bike, it’s time to accessorise. Add bone-conducting headphones to listen safely, a light-weight HD camera to share the ride when you get home… and some nifty mudguard options to stay clean! On-Bike Clothing Half Baked Brand (HBB), Hope, Intrepid Apparel, Visijax, Whackjob Few things can increase overall comfort on a ride than the appropriate clothing. Whilst some see specialist kit as one step aside from dressing like a Power Ranger, there’s little doubt that it helps. Having somewhere… Read more →


It’s all in the details Deity, DT Swiss, Hope, ISM Seat, KCNC, Magura, Velocite Choosing the very best components is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It’s all about the bike you’ll look forward to riding and will never leave unattended, dirty or un-serviced. These exquisite components will help you to ride faster for longer and you’ll enjoy every last mile. Selecting component upgrades has never been easier: we’ve placed each area of the bike into groups. Pick the relevant area, choose your preferred supplier, pick a bundle (and it’s colour). That’s it! Most devotees prefer to assign one brand across… Read more →

Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and the Cheap EV That Almost Was.

That Henry Ford and Thomas Edison were good friends late in their lives is well-known. They camped together, presented each other with lavish gifts, even owned homes adjacent to each other. Many Ford enthusiasts also know Ford, when he first drove his Quadricycle on the streets of Detroit in 1896, worked for Edison at Detroit Edison Illuminating Company. And historians know Edison, when introduced to Ford some months later and shown Ford’s plans for a gasoline automobile, encouraged the budding industrialist to pursue those plans. What is far less known is Edison and Ford worked together on an affordable electric… Read more →

Mountain Trike

Mountain Trike

The active chair for active people, the Mountain Trike Offers riders the freedom to venture out around town and into the countryside. Whether that is to the beach, down muddy tracks, over grass or along cobbled streets, gravel driveways and even through snow. We call this All-Terrain. Watch the review on ITV‘s Cycle Show. With a conventional wheelchair, the smallest everyday journey or outdoors activity can seem daunting. The Mountain Trike gives riders the ability to go to places that were completely inaccessible previously, whilst maintaining the function and versatility of a standard wheelchair. Possible applications for the Trike are… Read more →

Electric Bikes: It’s not Cheating, it’s Transport.

Steve McQueen owned the predecessor of our 2012 Pininfarina-designed Velosolex. Before the tyres were even pumped-up on our new ‘pedelec‘, two road racers appeared. One observed that it was electric and the other, that it was cheating… and so began the debate: are electric bicycles ‘cheating’? For those unfamiliar with the term, a pedelec is a bicycle with regular pedals plus a battery and motor. As you pedal, the motor adds a little assistance. When you stop pedalling, the assistance stops. It won’t drive on battery power alone: you have to make the effort to reap the rewards. They don’t… Read more →