Biking Essentials
Action Cameras, Ass Saver, Bud Brake, Chilli Air, FoldnFix, Hope, ISM Seat, Muckynutz, QuickFix
Once you’re kitted-out with a new bike, it’s time to accessorise. Add bone-conducting headphones to listen safely, a light-weight HD camera to share the ride when you get home… and some nifty mudguard options to stay clean!

On-Bike Clothing
Half Baked Brand (HBB), Hope, Intrepid Apparel, Visijax, Whackjob
Few things can increase overall comfort on a ride than the appropriate clothing. Whilst some see specialist kit as one step aside from dressing like a Power Ranger, there’s little doubt that it helps. Having somewhere other than a heavy backpack to stash your water and bananas is extremely liberating too.

Off-Bike Clothing
Busted Tees, Hope, Intrepid Apparel, Whackjob
Most of us waltz about after a long day’s ride, still in our favourite biking gear. There is another way: throw your sweaty racing kit in the washing machine and choose from these comfortable all-biking offerings. Today’s ride may be over, but it’s never completely over, right?

Safety & Security
Abus Locks, Bags & Helmets
We recommend Abus Locks to protect your bike, Abus Bags & Panniers to store your gear and Abus Helmets to protect you!