Solex:  Velosolex (folding)

Solex: Velosolex (folding)

VéloSoleX owes it’s style to the Italian design house of Pininfarina. VéloSoleX is a foldable model that can be easily transported anywhere you want to go: it’s a big idea in 0.4m²! Eligible for our ‘One-Click’ Cycle to Work Scheme? Yes! Click here for details. Pleasing to the eye, VéloSoleX boasts high quality components. This is a foldable bike that can be easily transported in a car boot, camper van, boat, escalator and elevator, tube, train and bus… just about anywhere you might wish to go when you’re not riding it! Its delightful appearance is just one of the many… Read more →

Vélo-City-Girl and the Velosolex

Vélo-City-Girl and the Velosolex. At the Vulpine Cycling Fete on Bastille Day 2013 (in Teddington), we finally managed to get the infamous Vélo-City-Girl to try out her namesake: the Velosolex! Needless to say she beamed out perhaps the biggest electric-bike-induced grin we’ve seen in quite a while.


Electric Bikes: It’s not Cheating, it’s Transport A bicycle used for the sole purpose of getting from A-B, is ‘Transport’. Priorities include an upright riding position, day-to-day practicality and suitable pricing. These models are destined to spend a lot of time chained up in public areas. Reliability is crucial and this includes relying on the bike to be wherever you leave it, 100% of the time. The electric bicycle has finally come of age. Battery technology is now truly affordable and ‘Pedelecs’ are a pleasure to go considerable distances on without breaking a sweat. As you pedal, they contribute a… Read more →

Electric Bikes: It’s not Cheating, it’s Transport.

Steve McQueen owned the predecessor of our 2012 Pininfarina-designed Velosolex. Before the tyres were even pumped-up on our new ‘pedelec‘, two road racers appeared. One observed that it was electric and the other, that it was cheating… and so began the debate: are electric bicycles ‘cheating’? For those unfamiliar with the term, a pedelec is a bicycle with regular pedals plus a battery and motor. As you pedal, the motor adds a little assistance. When you stop pedalling, the assistance stops. It won’t drive on battery power alone: you have to make the effort to reap the rewards. They don’t… Read more →

Solex:  e-Solex

Solex: e-Solex

Designed by Pininfarina, the e-Solex is the classic motorized bike that has risen from the ashes in a contemporary mood!  It oozes personality thanks to its unique look ‘n feel. Easy to handle, the e-Solex can reach speeds up to 25 km/h. The electric engine of this motorized bike is located in the rear wheel hub and provides an autonomy up to 40 km*. Autonomy, speed data, and total counter are displayed on the dashboard screen. Adding to its economical advantages is the 37 V-16 Ah Lithium-Ion Polymer removable battery with a power output of 400Wh. A battery recharge of… Read more →