Electric Bikes: It’s not Cheating, it’s Transport
A bicycle used for the sole purpose of getting from A-B, is ‘Transport’. Priorities include an upright riding position, day-to-day practicality and suitable pricing.

These models are destined to spend a lot of time chained up in public areas. Reliability is crucial and this includes relying on the bike to be wherever you leave it, 100% of the time.

The electric bicycle has finally come of age. Battery technology is now truly affordable and ‘Pedelecs’ are a pleasure to go considerable distances on without breaking a sweat. As you pedal, they contribute a little boost (up to 25kph). The result is that you can arrive at your destination in a suit or skirt and not need a shower and a change of clothes.

Scroll down to choose between conventional bicycles and electric bicycles, then follow the associated links to see the ranges on offer.

Whilst we have included our recommendations, we can also order-in any bicycle you have seen elsewhere (or on our suppliers’ websites).

Free Delivery, Set-up and Tuning
All complete bicycles
Too busy to queue for your bike? You’re not alone. Our solution? We come to you!

Leftfield Bikes are offering this unique service to our most discerning customers (within London’s M25, or further afield by arrangement).

Cycle to Work Scheme:
Leftfield Bikes offer the Cycle to Work Scheme to all full time employees. For further information, click here.

Electric Transportation
AVE, 3E Electric, GoCycle, Van Moof, KTM, Swift Folder, Velosolex
Wouldn’t it be nice to get to work without breaking a sweat? Well, now you can! These are the bikes you can ride in comfortable shoes. They are the ideal mode of transport for London’s expanding cycle network.

  • GoCycle, ultra-modern, magnesium-framed, folding electric bicycle with 40 mile capacity!
  • KTM, for the sleek urban dash
  • Strida, folding bicycles for the bits between home, train and the office
  • Van Moof, the only electric bicycle to replace your Saab!
  • Velosolex, retro electric folding bicycle, designed by Pininfarina.
  • Demonstrators of several models
  • Free training for the Solowheel, Velosolex and YikeBike.

Commuter, Folding and Urban Chic
Van Moof, Strida, Swift Folder, KTM
Looking for something comfortable and stylish to get to work on? We offer a broad selection of bikes including:

  • KTM for the sleek urban dash
  • Strida folding bicycles for the bits between home, train and the office
  • Van Moof: the only bicycle to replace your Saab!
  • Demonstrators of KTM and Van Moof bicycles

Electric Bike Conversion Kit
Keen to go electric, but already have a great bike? The conv-e kit may be just what you’re looking for. It includes:

  • Electric Front Wheel
  • Lithium rechargeable battery & charger
  • Throttle Assembly
  • Fitting Kit

Cargo Bikes
GobaX, Ortre Cinco5
Whilst already extremely popular on the continent Cargo Bikes are just beginning to gain traction here in the UK. They can often carry a greater amount of weight and volume than scooters, yet they do so without requiring a motorcycle license, petrol, insurance and so forth. Also, they can be parked anywhere without fear of a parking ticket and best of all, they’re zero-emissions.

  • High storage capacity
  • Zero-emissions
  • Park anywhere!
  • Keep your team fit