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The Sweet Curry and Spicy Curry are Yuba’s lowriders, each designed to keep your rear cargo rack as close to the ground as possible. To achieve this, they tuck a 20″ wheel akin to a tough BMX bike’s wheel way back and below the height of the pedal stroke. It is a simple yet extremely effective solution, paired with a conventional 26″ front wheel.

Of the many advantages, a low rack is quite a bit easier for your little munchkins to clamber up on by themselves. You have improved stability over a high rear rack too, which works for any cargo you need to lift up on to the bike. This also helps when the rider isn’t a giant…

What’s available? See below for all the models on offer!

Spicy Curry Bosch CX City:

The new Spicy Curry comes with the latest version of the Bosch CX motor for 2020 (which it shares with the very top end electric mountain bikes) and the largest removable Bosch battery at 500Wh.

This is the gloriously ‘torquey’ (technical term!?), 75Nm motor which delivers the maximum 250W at 25Kph allowed for road use before being classified as a moped. This means that most people can more than double up on the power everywhere they go.

In practical terms, you’ll usually be the fastest off the lights, the first at the top of the hill and get it all done with up to 136kg along with you for the ride. That’s the equivalent of you plus six jerry cans brimmed with water (or 4 of this model Yuba on the rear rack, including motors and batteries). Most of us cannot lift that weight off the ground, let alone overtake another cyclist up a hill with it on the back!

Whilst the low position of the rear rack is a major bonus: it’s loooooooong. So long, that three kids will fit and still have room to glare into their phones texting each other or whatever they call it these days – right up until you get moving, at which stage they’ll spring back to life, just as kids do when their environment interests them.

This combo means that you can add/leave the Monkey Bars and a Padded Seat, plus some ginourmous panniers on the bike at all times and be ready for whatever, whenever. Whilst it is quite a bit longer and heavier than a conventional bike, the battery can be unlocked quickly so you can still bring that indoors. As primary transport goes you’ll find it spends more time out of your garage/garden/hallway than in it.

• Bosch Performance Line CX motor (magnesium 2020 model)
• Bosch 500Wh Powerpack, removable battery
• Kiox Colour Display
• Round trip: 40-70 miles
• Magura hydraulic 4-piston front and 2-piston rear disc brakes
• Thru-Axles for maximum rigidity
• Fenders with rear mesh
• Side stand
• LED lights
• Steering stabilizer
• Sideloader pegs (cargo/feet support optional)
• Aluminium frame, chromoly fork
• 10 speed Shimano gears
• Schwalbe’s 2.4″ Super Moto X tyres
• Weight: 27kg (60lb)
• Length: 202cm (6’6″)
• Maximum load: 136kg (300lbs) PLUS the rider
• Rider height: 140-193cm (4’7″-6’4″)
• Passengers: 1-3
• Yepp seats: up to two (optional)

Available in White with Blue details, Blue with White details and Red with Grey details.

Spicy Curry Bosch CX All Terrain:

Yuba’s All Terrain V3 model includes the 2020 Bosch CX Series & 500Wh motor/battery combo, adding a suspension fork and seatpost for both offroad riding and comfort.

Available in Black with Red details

Spicy Curry Bosch CX Dual:

The Limited Edition Spicy Curry with a deep green colourway also includes the mounting bracket for Bosch’s Dual Battery System installed and ready for a second battery (available here).

This model is ideally suited for covering massive distances.

Sweet Curry:

The Sweet Curry keeps things simple, offering all the key strengths of it’s nerdy techno brother. You can still fit three kids, a coolbox and/or the weekly shop. This can suit families who live in flatter areas, especially when there’s a seafront to cruise down rather than the endless stop/start of urban intersections.

This is where the Sweet Curry is really at home: cruising along at a steady pace, enjoying the view. Just like riding a regular bike, with the added bonus of including whomever you’d like to share the journey or the destination with. If the supermarket and/or the school run are a couple of miles away from your home, then this could be all you need until your kids/cargo weigh over 136kg. You could even add a battery/motor combo later if you wish to.

• Avid BB7 disc brakes
• Fenders with rear mesh
• Side stand
• LED lights (with in-hub dynamo)
• Steering stabilizer
• Sideloader pegs (cargo/feet support optional)
• Aluminium frame, chromoly fork
• 16 speed Shimano gears (2 x 8)
• Schwalbe Big Apple Plus tyres (26″/20″ x 2.15″/2.0) and Shining DB 36H/48H MTB double wall rims
• Weight: 18.8kg (41.5lb)
• Length: 202cm (6’6″)
• Maximum load: 136kg
• Rider height: 165-200cm (5’0″-6’5″)
• Passengers: 1-3
• Yepp seats: up to two (optional)

Available in Orange with White details


The full range of Accessories for your Yuba are here.


Stock levels are variable and there are new items coming all the time!
• Spicy Curry City Bosch: Spring 2022!
• Spicy Curry All Terrain Bosch: Spring 2022!

Preorders recommended!




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