Chike: e-Cargo and Cargo


Transporting cargo through busy London streets can be a whole lot of fun, especially when you spend most of your journey overtaking stationary traffic! To do this, the key is a narrow transporter with a dependable carrying area. The Chike Cargo models come with both of these, giving you access to parts of our city which other vehicles simply cannot reach – including indoors!

With it’s front wheels tucked under the surface and capable of locking and tilting, you can ride it like a regular bike and then straighten it up for loading and unloading. Include the Shimano motor/battery combo to go further and faster with your cargo onboard than before, including up the most relentless of hills.

Whilst the surface is a versatile 940x720mm, you can also wrap the folding surround and/or clip to the rails. This offers up to 80kg of all manner of changeable items from hefty boxes to plants in their pots. Ideal for delivering packages through tight alleyways and variable traffic flow.

Gears can be set to full automatic too, so your Chike will manage itself as you ride along.

Cargo Specifications

Frame: 7005 aluminum
Front brake: Tektro HD-T525 Auriga Twin
Rear brake: Tektro HD-T285
Gears: Shimano Alfine DI2 8-speed (electronically operated)
Cranks: Suntour VX-S44
Pedals: Welgo C221DU
Chain: Wippermann Connex 108
Front tyre: Schwalbe Big Apple
Rear tyre: Schwalbe Big Apple Plus
Stem: Satori UP2 +, adjustable
Handlebar: Satori Noirette
Handles: Ergon GP1
Seatpost: Satori Astro
Weight: 30kg
Permitted total weight: 200kg
Maximum payload: 60kg

e-Cargo Specifications

Motor: Shimano STEPS E6100 mid-drive
Battery: Shimano STEPS 418Wh
Cranks: Shimano STEPS E6100
Front lighting: Supernova V521s E-bike headlights
Rear lighting: Supernova E3 Tail Light 2
Weight: 36kg



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