Hiplok:  DX Series (E-DX & DXXL)

Hiplok: DX Series (E-DX & DXXL)

Everyone who stores a bike outside must consider long term security options from the very beginning. Hiplok’s solution is the DX Series, with the Solid Secure Diamond and Gold ratings required by all reputable insurance companies The idea is that you wrap the chain and D-Lock through/around both your bike and something solid, so it cannot be moved. For journeys when you don’t feel the need to carry the chain, you can leave it behind and use the D-Lock by itself The DX is the Hiplok D-Lock featuring their patented CLIP + RIDE system to clip over a bag/strap or… Read more →

Hiplok:  High-Vis

Hiplok: High-Vis

Hiplok’s Solid Secure Gold rated wearable chain lock is as dependable as it is visible, two values which keep both you and your bike as safe as possible. You can wear it just like a belt and then lock your bike up in seconds. Tucked inside the reflective sleeve is a hefty chain. The dual closure mechanism ensures that you are snug when riding, as you use a velcro strap to adjust it to fit your wait (not the padlock). Features & Benefit: Sold Secure GOLD rated for maximum security 10mm hardened chain, 12mm hardened shackle 85cm locking circumference fitting… Read more →

Hiplok:  DX+

Hiplok: DX+

Hiplok’s Solid Gold Secure D-Lock is the Hiplok DX. With the same wearable format as before, the DX+ adds a 1 metre long cable lock, for securing your frame, front and rear wheel in one go. The Hiplok clips onto your bag (or belt) rather than your bike, which is particularly helpful for commuters with lightweight folding bikes. The secondary cable helps to secure additional parts like the front wheel and saddle, plus a helmet. The Sold Secure Gold Award is the highest possible rating today. Specifications: Security Level: Highest Security Rating: Sold Secure Gold Award Components: 13mm hardened steel… Read more →

Hiplok:  ANKR Series

Hiplok: ANKR Series

There are few better ways to secure your prize bicycle, than to attach it directly to planet earth! The most dependable of which is to use a Solid Secure Gold rated locking system, as is required by most reputable insurance companies. These typically comprise Chains and D-Locks, which then need to attach to something equally secure. This is where Hiplok’s ANKR Series come in: a ‘ground anchor’ is attached to the concrete floor of a garage, or a solid wall with the 4 x secure fixings provided. Once installed, you slot your Hiplok E-DX/DX/equivalent through the slot and this covers… Read more →

Hiplok:  Lite

Hiplok: Lite

‘Wearable technologies’ are getting a lot of positive press lately and we agree, they can be great! The Hiplok Lite is a perfect example of the natural progression from low-tech to high-tech: for years people have struggled to balance their locks around their waists as they ride. Afterall, a chain slopping about on your bike is bound to either damage your frame or snag a wheel, jam the fork, or worse. So how does the Hiplok Lite differ? Simply put, it adds a velcro strap around the length of the chain. Instead of ‘jiggling about’ on the off-chance that your… Read more →

Hiplok:  DC

Hiplok: DC

Progressing the D Series is the Hiplok DC. With the same wearable D-Lock as before, the DC adds a 1 metre long cable lock plus a reflective holder to the mix: you asked, they delivered! Hiplok clips onto clothes or bags, so you won’t lose it in traffic. The additional cable helps to retain additional parts like the front wheel and saddle. This is absolutely ideal for lightweight commuter bikes as it’s highly portable. The Sold Secure Silver Award is reassuringly dependable too. At just over 1Kg, it’s also a manageable weight. Specifications: Security Level: High Risk Security Rating: Sold… Read more →

Hiplok:  D

Hiplok: D

Hiplok is a new take on the traditional D-Lock. For years cycling commuters have stuffed their locks under their belts, into their jeans and clamped them precariously onto handlebars and around bags. That works, although it’s not the ideal solution. How to improve on this? Well, Hiplok features a dedicated clip. Simply slide the clip over your belt, into your pocket or over a backpack’s strap and off you go. The lock will stay put, without snagging on your clothing or chafing. Size-wise this is a terrific lock for a full day of riding with the occasional stop (when a… Read more →

Hiplok:  POP

Hiplok: POP

Minimalism never looked so good! Quite possibly the lightest and most portable temporary lock ever released, the Hiplok POP is amongst the smartest lightweight solutions available. Paired with the Hiplok D, the POP adds additional security for short stops, or to tie-in saddles and/or helmets/bags/jackets to your bike. If you use a Hiplok Lite or Hiplok V.150, then this is a great way to extend your security beyond the frame and rear wheel. The POP won’t replace your overnight lock or act as a long term solution, however if you plan to spend your day in the park and would… Read more →


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