Stealth:  Magura MT8 Upgrade Pack

Stealth: Magura MT8 Upgrade Pack

This is the upgrade pack for the Stealth range of electric bikes. Improve braking sensitivity and control with this enhanced set of featherlight Carbotecture® SL Master and Carbolay® lever blade, manufactured in Magura’s innovative Carboflow® process. Note: This pack is also sold separately, however it must be included when you commission your Stealth if you’d like it to be included!


Leftfield Bikes: Riding, Re-invented Whatever your requirements may be, we deliver all bikes in person to your home or office, then tune them with you to match your individual riding style and comfort free of charge. We will also design and build your dream machine, entirely bespoke. Whatever your request, do get in touch! Why Choose Us? Free delivery to your home or office # Free, personalised set-up of all bikes Free first service Free and impartial bike buying advice Mobile mechanics, to keep your bike in perfect working order Kona: Gnarly Gravel Bikes Like to ride hard and fast,… Read more →

Yuba:  El Mundo and Mundo Classic Series

Yuba: El Mundo and Mundo Classic Series

Yuba’s Mundo is a ‘do everything’ bike, which takes it’s spirit from an East African trip by Designer Benjamin Sarrazin. Over the years this workhorse has taken on new forms and the Mundo Series suits most if not all options With a 200kg approved weight limit, the Mundo is an extremely efficient way to get practically any cargo from a to b. Whilst most aficionados choose it for taking their kids and their kid’s friends around, the low slung rails ensures the weekly shop (plus the occasional pot of paint), second bike or suitcase may come too The cargo area… Read more →

Yuba:  Curry Series

Yuba: Curry Series

The Spicy Curry Series are Yuba’s lowriders, each designed to keep your rear cargo rack as close to the ground as possible. To achieve this, they tuck a 20″ wheel akin to a tough BMX bike’s wheel way back and below the height of the pedal stroke. It is a simple yet extremely effective solution, paired with a conventional 26″ front wheel Of the many advantages, a low rack is quite a bit easier for your little munchkins to clamber up on by themselves. You have improved stability over a high rear rack too, which works for any cargo you… Read more →

Stealth:  P-7 Series

Stealth: P-7 Series

The P-7 Series smashes all perceptions of what an eMTB can be. At just 29Kg, the P-7R delivers 1,500W of peak power to reach 45Kph. The Long Range Edition stores 1,500W in the centre mounted battery pack, which can cover 150Km and recharge in just 3 hours. Handling is equally surefooted. There is 180mm of travel up front from SR Suntour’s premium Durolux 36mm suspension fork and their 120mm DUAIR with 80% lockout at the rear. 4-piston Magura MT5 hydraulics brakes rein in the considerable pace through a pair of 203mm rotors. A quick twist of the throttle and you’re… Read more →

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The brands on offer at Leftfield Bikes are listed on this page in alphabetic order. Click for our recommendations for items best suited to riding in London and the Home Counties. If you are looking for something which isn’t visible on our website, contact us and we’ll arrange it for you: whilst there are over 50,000 items available to us, we only display a limited selection on our website. Abus Locks/Bags Airwheel Ass Saver Mudguard Babboe Family Bikes Bakfiets Bosch AVE Electric Bikes Bud Brake ABS CatEye Centaur Cargo Bikes Chike Dainese Ducati Bicycles Ducati EMX Electric MTB Furo GoCycle… Read more →

nihola:  4.0

nihola: 4.0

The are now more than 10,000 nihola bikes in Copenhagen alone, yet it’s very existence began as a reaction to the lack of an equivalent option all those years ago. In 1998, the day after Mechanical Engineer Niels Holme Larsen attended a bike exhibition in Copenhagen, a Danish Critic’s comments on the state of Transport became the catalyst for a whole new movement. “…bicycles would only be able to compete against cars when they could transport two children and groceries at the same time“ Politiken (Danish newspaper) Since then nihola’s cargo bikes have grown from strength to strength. There are… Read more →

ELECTROLYTE:  Kosmopolit


This is undoubtedly the world’s most gnarly looking electric commuting bike. With it’s single-sided fork containing removable batteries for it’s front-wheel-electric-drive, plus a belt-drive powering the 2-speed rear wheel’s internal hub, both wheels are 20″ just like a BMX, it’s a bike unto it’s own! To add to it’s already stunning parts-list, is the option of a pair of S&S Couplings. These are stainless steel clips fitted to allow full separation of the frame for folding. Ideal for a flight, or a camper, yacht or the winter. Prefer a different colour? Let us know what you’d like and we’ll organise… Read more →

FEDDZ:  Premium

FEDDZ: Premium

New and exclusive to Leftfield Bikes in the UK, the top of the line FEDDZ Premium redefines what’s possible with an electric bike. With it’s powerful brush-less motor bringing up the rear, this incredible machine is capable of 45 Kph. FEDDZ is approved for street traffic throughout Europe #. You will need the appropriate license and insurance for road use. The unique design of the hollow body of the bike enables storage for a day out as well as the battery to be removed and replaced. FEDDZ in action. Motor Rear wheel hub electric motor, brush-less Nominal Power: 2 Kw… Read more →


It’s all in the details Deity, DT Swiss, Hope, ISM Seat, KCNC, Magura, Velocite Choosing the very best components is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It’s all about the bike you’ll look forward to riding and will never leave unattended, dirty or un-serviced. These exquisite components will help you to ride faster for longer and you’ll enjoy every last mile. Selecting component upgrades has never been easier: we’ve placed each area of the bike into groups. Pick the relevant area, choose your preferred supplier, pick a bundle (and it’s colour). That’s it! Most devotees prefer to assign one brand across… Read more →

Velocite:  Flux XX1 MTB

Velocite: Flux XX1 MTB

Velocite Flux full carbon mountain bike frame was developed to deliver the best performance when the terrain gets technical, or fast. It is not a frame for showing off to friends, for keeping indoors, or for riding on paved sections. The Flux is a thoroughbred carbon fiber frame intended for trail domination and winning races. Key Features Monocoque unidirectional (UD) high modulus blend carbon fibre composite Asymmetric, tapered head tube 1 1/8” top, 1.5” bottom Full length carbon BB30 shell and bottom bracket Carbon fiber head tube angular contact headset races Internal shift cable routing Carbon dropouts Bow shape for… Read more →