Grin:  Electric Brompton Conversion Kit

Grin: Electric Brompton Conversion Kit

Do you already have a Brompton for your daily commute and feel like adding a little magic? Well, Grin Technologies’ Brompton Conversion Kit may be just the thing! It has been developed to retain all the quick folding goodness you chose your bicycle for in the first place, whilst multiplying the effort you put in so you can get a whole lot more out of it. Your current front wheel makes way for a new one which includes a 250W motor in the hub, then the electronics follow your existing cables along the frame. These connect the motor to the… Read more →

Solar MPPT Boost Converter

Solar MPPT Boost Converter

This is a 300 watt power point tracker (MPPT), from Grin Technologies for hooking-up your Sunpower solar panel to your eBike battery. Capable of 28-96V output for higher voltage batteries, you can also assign custom voltages, or use the stock 48V/60V/72V lead acid/LiFe profiles. Note: it is not waterproof! The unit is terminated with Anderson Power Pole connectors for maximum compatibility. This solar charge controller can even boost the voltage of your solar panels (15-40V typically) to match those of your battery pack. There is one button to program all output voltage options too, which is great. When using with… Read more →

Eskuta:  250SX Series

Eskuta: 250SX Series

The 250SX Series models from Eskuta combine all the benefits of an eBike, Moped and Scooter, to provide a simple and capable option for both commuting and commercial deliveries. The lightweight design offers the convenience of a step-through with the maximum 250W power output to remain 100% street legal for road use without needing a helmet, license or insurance. It is also exempt from VED and all emissions-based taxes. The 250SX also costs less than the annual Oystercard for Zones 1-3 in 2024. The 250SX Series offers two models which are both available in your chosen colour with custom graphics…. Read more →


Leftfield Bikes: Riding, Re-invented We’re busy preparing new bicycles, plus our new spot,

Yuba:  Curry Series

Yuba: Curry Series

The Spicy Curry Series are Yuba’s lowriders, each designed to keep your rear cargo rack as close to the ground as possible. To achieve this, they tuck a 20″ wheel akin to a tough BMX bike’s wheel way back and below the height of the pedal stroke. It is a simple yet extremely effective solution, paired with a conventional 26″ front wheel Of the many advantages, a low rack is quite a bit easier for your little munchkins to clamber up on by themselves. You have improved stability over a high rear rack too, which works for any cargo you… Read more →

Nimbus Ultimate Wheel

Nimbus Ultimate Wheel

What more minimalist than riding just the wheel itself? This is the logic which rolls from Nimbus’ Ultimate Wheels. Free from the saddle of a conventional unicycle, it’s up to you! Available in metallic silver with either a 24″ or 20″ wheel.

BikeFlex: Lease your next bike!

Lease your bike: There are many advantages to leasing a bicycle, from managing your cashflow in the short term to spreading the cost over the medium term, each providing advantages towards long term access to electric cargo bikes. Click here for your Bike Flex Lease Quote …it takes about 10 seconds Freelancers have been neglected for donkeys years, but fret no more: you’re welcome! Simply put: access what you need straight away, without needing to find the full purchase price up front.

Contact Us

Whatever your requirements may be, do get in touch! We’re busy preparing new bicycles, plus our new spot: Richmond Green. Richmond Green 13 Brewers Lane Richmond London TW9 1HH Brewers Lane is Richmond’s original high street. Richmond Green is the left field a few meters west and overlooked by Richmond Palace. Also within a 2 minute radius of us is Richmond Station to the east, Richmond Riverside to the south and Richmond Theatre to the north. Enjoy a scrumptious gelato, coffee and chocolates, exquisite jewellery, crepes, gastronomic delights and treats for dogs… all on offer within our lane! 020 7193… Read more →

Grin:  Cycle Analyst V3 Series

Grin: Cycle Analyst V3 Series

Grin Technologies’ V3 Cycle Analyst is the defacto unit for managing Custom eBike builds. With near unlimited programming available through your computer, you can tweak your bike to be just as you like it to be. This really helps with managing power delivery on heavily laden bikes, preventing motor heat-up and similar damage at all speeds and load levels. Onscreen data is there both to monitor and control, so you can see your power input/output, realtime consumption, temperature levels and full electronic management. Version 3 takes a centralised approach, with all communications running through the head unit and one unified… Read more →

Grin:  Baserunner V4 Series

Grin: Baserunner V4 Series

The new Baserunner V4 Series from Grin Technologies is a fully integrated, waterproof Controller for use with a variety of Hub Motor combinations, with/without the Cycle Analyst, handling up to 60V Max and 80A Peak Phase Currents (45-50A Continuous). This ensures compatibility with most eBike systems available today and programmable options for flexibility in future. All of the new V4 models include the WP8 CA Plug, with either Hailong, Reention, Tube, Fork or Plate Mounts to match your bike’s arrangement and a 38cm cable length via Z910 HiGo 9 pin plugs or L1019 10 pin. Extension cables from Controller to… Read more →

Chike:  e-Kids and Kids

Chike: e-Kids and Kids

Streamlining the wheelbase of this glorious Family Cargo Bike to less than a width of a regular door opens up near unlimited possibilities! Add to that the tilting mechanism for slaloming around town and the covered compartment is the icing on the cake! You’ll quickly find yourself going everywhere with your kiddos just for the fun of it. The journey rapidly becomes the best bit when the old rigmarole of loading and parking are both sorted in seconds. Choose the Shimano motor/battery combo and you’ll go further and faster with more onboard than before, including up once-daunting hills. The two… Read more →

CatEye:  SYNC Set Core & Kinetic Front & Rear Light Set

CatEye: SYNC Set Core & Kinetic Front & Rear Light Set

CatEye’s SYNC Set is a smart lighting system which is managed from a single switch on the front light. You can add up to seven lights and even synchronise the flash timing of rear lights for improved visibility to other vehicles on the road, day or night. To inform those behind you when you are slowing down, the onboard accelerometer enables burst mode automatically to provide 50 lumens of brightness per rear light. This does not require unsightly cabling across your bike either, it’s all integrated. To set-up your lighting system with your individual preferences, simply open up the CatEyeSYNC™… Read more →

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions apply to the use of this website. By accessing this website and/or placing an order, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Using this website indicates that you accept these terms regardless of whether or not you choose to register with us or order from us. If you do not accept these terms, do not use this website. The website is operated by 108SQM Ltd, a company registered in the UK, whose registered office is at One Canada Square (37F), Canary Wharf, London, E14 5AA, United Kingdom. 1: Introduction 1.1: You will be… Read more →

Klarna FAQ’s: Pay later in 30 days

Pay later in 30 days Frequently Asked Questions Who is Klarna? Klarna is a Swedish payment service provider that takes end-to-end responsibility for your payment. Klarna is the provider of smooth payments to more than 200,000 online stores. Over 85 million consumers worldwide have trusted Klarna to securely handle their payments. How does Pay later in 30 days work? Once your order is confirmed, you’ll receive an email with payment instructions within two days from Klarna. You’ll then have 30 days to try on your order and only pay when you’re happy. Complete the payment online, at your convenience, with… Read more →

Klarna FAQ’s: Pay later in 3 interest-free instalments

Pay later in 3 interest-free instalments Frequently Asked Questions Who is Klarna? Klarna is a Swedish payment service provider that takes end-to-end responsibility for your payment. Klarna is the provider of smooth payments to more than 200,000 online stores. Over 85 million consumers worldwide have trusted Klarna to securely handle their payments. How does Pay later in 3 interest-free instalments work? Pay later in 3 interest-free instalments will allow you to spread the cost of your purchase over 3 equal payments. The payment for each instalment will automatically be collected from the debit or credit card you entered at checkout…. Read more →

Yuba Accessories:  Bags & Panniers

Yuba Accessories: Bags & Panniers

2-Go Cargo Bags With the Spicy Curry 2-Go Bags you can use the extra storage space as efficient and individual as never before! The loading capacity can be adjusted to your daily needs and there are also inside pockets on each side for your loose tools. Of course you can take your children with you on the luggage rack. The integrated stirrups provide even extra comfort. • Waterproof • 2 attached bags (one pair) • 12 kg per bag • Compatible with the Yepp Maxi child seat • For Curry Series Only! Go-Getter Bag The newly redesigned and humongous weatherproof… Read more →

Yuba Accessories:  Double Kickstands

Yuba Accessories: Double Kickstands

Stand Together Kickstand The ultra-wide Stand Together Kickstand offers a large, stable base for loading up all kinds of precious and traditional cargo. As it’s name implies, this kickstand is all inclusive; happily mounting to all the rear loading cargo bikes in our line-up. One for all! • Folds underneath the Sideloader bars • Three mounting holes options • Chromoly Steel (Silver) • 2-Year Warranty • Compatible with Mundo V3 and up, Spicy/Sweet Curry & Boda Boda Boda Boda Double Stand The Boda Boda Double Stand is the original upgrade, which adopts a mid-width stance to keep your bike steady… Read more →

100W Sunpower Flexible Solar Panel

100W Sunpower Flexible Solar Panel

Featuring Sunpower’s Maxeon cells, the SPR-E-Flex is a lightweight solar panel for mobile charging. It can be attached to a trailer or roof, then paired with a solar charge controller. This is ideal for trickle charging a bike in a garage without mains power – and ultra long distance eBike journeys. Fancy crossing Europe, Africa or America? Measuring 1165 x 556 x 20mm (with the Junction box) and 2mm for main panel area, it is ready to capture as much sunshine as you can. Add the Solar MPPT Boost Converter, wire-up to your existing battery and soak up all that… Read more →

Search By Brand

The brands on offer at Leftfield Bikes are listed on this page in alphabetic order. Click for our recommendations for items best suited to riding in London and the Home Counties. If you are looking for something which isn’t visible on our website, contact us and we’ll arrange it for you: whilst there are over 50,000 items available to us, we only display a limited selection on our website. Abus Locks/Bags Airwheel Ass Saver Mudguard Babboe Family Bikes Bakfiets Bosch AVE Electric Bikes Bud Brake ABS CatEye Centaur Cargo Bikes Chike Dainese Ducati Bicycles Ducati EMX Electric MTB Furo GoCycle… Read more →

Ducati:  E-COM

Ducati: E-COM

The Ducati E-COM is a terrific place to begin one’s journey with electric bikes and for many, it will be the only bicycle which enjoys regular use. As accessible as the Ducati Cucciolo of 1946, this ‘pedelec’ is something of a modern day companion and enjoys it’s fair share of visual cues too. Flowing through the gentle lines of the charming silver or Bordeaux red frame is a powered front hub, generous mudguards and chain cover for all weather riding. The sturdy rear rack is ready for your coat or a pannier, housing the removable Lithium-Ion battery pack within. There… Read more →

Ducati:  TT Evo S

Ducati: TT Evo S

At the heart of Ducati’s ethos is evolution, with the TT Evo S exemplifying the very nature of augmented riding. Everything about the top the range model is there to take the rider beyond what a conventional machine ever could. This is the bike to take you from what you are capable of today and onto something completely new. The TT has been fine tuned, with components tweaked to deliver just a little more from both the bike and the rider. “Evoluzione Ducati, sempre di più” The core technology is largely hidden from view, which speaks volumes about what the… Read more →

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

With so many amazing items on offer here at Leftfield Bikes, we are often asked quite similar questions! The most frequent ones are listed below Different question? Ask here! The Cycle to Work Scheme + + + + + We set up the ‘One-Click’ Cycle to Work Scheme © to keep things as simple as possible How does it work? You choose your bicycle/accessories, we prepare the documents and invoice your Employer, then deliver the items to you How are the documents used? We issue the necessary paperwork automatically for your company’s accountants to apply over a 12 month period…. Read more →

VIKS:  Steel Urban Bicycle

VIKS: Steel Urban Bicycle

Once in a while, a new approach to bicycle design captures our attention. Enter VIKS. It’s a hand made, steel bike from Estonia. It’s seat-post-free approach casts aside conventional wisdom, whilst it’s semi-parallel, asymmetric dual-tubing laughs in the face of convention. Beautiful from every angle Then there’s the front fork: two curved tubes swooping from axle to wrist? Check! Grips? Who needs them! Brushed steel Then the drivetrain. Gates belt-drive or chain? You decide! Colours? Any and all. As for the finish: choose from brushed steel to matt or polished paintwork. Matt Black All VIKS are built 100% to order… Read more →

The True 36:  36″ MTB

The True 36: 36″ MTB

Some say 29er wheels are the new 27.5er, others the new 26er. We say more! more! more! With it’s astonishing 36″ wheels, the True 36er really is just that: the biggest, baddest bike out there – mountain bike or otherwise! Cruise over the humps and bumps and be the envy of all you pass. Eat conventional commuter bikes for breakfast, lunch and beyond. Potholes? But a scratch in your path! There are a fair few bikes out there which this one would consider a light snack. How big is big? Let’s just say that when you rock-up at the lights… Read more →

HOPE:  District Plus Rear LED Light

HOPE: District Plus Rear LED Light

The District+ rear light is amongst the brightest lights out there! With vehicles in London now sporting ultra-bright LED panels both front and rear, this is one light option which stands right out from the crowd. At around a dozen times brighter than most conventional options, you can be confident that people behind you can see you as much as 100m in advance. Or further on longer roads, trails and so forth. Note: One thing to be conscious of meanwhile, is that you don’t point it too high at drivers behind you! This is a very bright light and can… Read more →

Zefal:  Cyclop Handlebar Mirror

Zefal: Cyclop Handlebar Mirror

The Cyclop mirror fits either side of the bars, inside the bar end. With a fully adjustable extra large unbreakable chrome plated ABS convex mirror for the widest viewing angle possible. This mirror will fit practically any bike, although if you aren’t sure then send us a photo of your bike before ordering and we’ll confirm it for you!

Solowheel:  HoverTrax

Solowheel: HoverTrax

Solowheels left to right: Orbit, Cruise & Hovertrax (Image C/o Engadget) Fresh for Summer are four new Solowheel models! Featuring a universal top speed of 16Kph, the new offerings are differentiated by styling, motor power, weight and recharge times. First generation Solowheel, ‘carried and ridden’ close-up’s With it’s seemingly gravity-defiant riding style the Solowheel is amongst the most unique approaches to personal transport: it’s an electric unicycle with gyro-sensors to help the rider maintain balance. Steer with your feet, and control your speed by leaning. Lean forward to speed up; lean backward to slow down or stop. Since the wheel… Read more →

Damson:  Headbones (Bluetooth Bone-Conducting Commuter Headphones)

Damson: Headbones (Bluetooth Bone-Conducting Commuter Headphones)

Music and cycling go together, everyone know’s that! However, heavy commuter traffic can offer up subtle sounds which inform us of the mood of our fellow commuters. This can include simple things like drivers revving their engines and people arguing about traffic/driving/parking/fuel prices inside their cars, or pedestrians yapping on their phones. Difficult to hear when you have your favourite beats going strong! So Damson developed a set of bone-conducting headphones to accommodate this very environment. They press onto your head just in front of your ears and the sounds vibrate towards your eardrums. Your ear canals remain open to… Read more →

Tannus:  Aither (puncture-proof, solid bike tyre)

Tannus: Aither (puncture-proof, solid bike tyre)

Tired of punctures? You’re not alone! The team over at Tannus have just released the world’s first accessible, puncture-proof tyres. Read the review on The Telegraph here. Formed from a unique polymer with 10 micrometer-wide air bubbles inside a robust mesh of protective walling, the Aither is almost as efficient as a conventional tyre and tube combo. In tests, it managed 29Mph for the effort required of it’s competitor, which reached 30Mph. The test environment assumes that the inflated tyre has the optimum pressure at all times, which of course is where the Aither becomes the tortoise to it’s air-filled… Read more →

Sparse:  Fixed Light System (Front/Rear Pair, Plus Charger/Cable)

Sparse: Fixed Light System (Front/Rear Pair, Plus Charger/Cable)

Every so often we discover a new item which solves far more than it’s initial purpose. Sparse are just one of those magnificent design teams: rather than just add a light to their bikes, they looked at how cyclists really use them throughout the day. Illumination is one aspect, visibility another. Theft however is the unspoken weakness and one, long overdue for solving! Realising that removing/replacing conventional options forms a large part of parking-up, they took a seemingly simple step in making them a semi-permanent fixture. Much like the VANMOOF series of lights, these can be removed if you have… Read more →


Electric Bikes: It’s not Cheating, it’s Transport A bicycle used for the sole purpose of getting from A-B, is ‘Transport’. Priorities include an upright riding position, day-to-day practicality and suitable pricing. These models are destined to spend a lot of time chained up in public areas. Reliability is crucial and this includes relying on the bike to be wherever you leave it, 100% of the time. The electric bicycle has finally come of age. Battery technology is now truly affordable and ‘Pedelecs’ are a pleasure to go considerable distances on without breaking a sweat. As you pedal, they contribute a… Read more →


Mobile Mechanics: 21st Century Service Keep the wheels turning The majority of tweaks can be handled in a matter of moments and most refinements require your input to get the bike just right for you. So where better than at your convenience, from your home or office? If your bike needs more than a once-over we’ll collect it for servicing. When it’s ready, we’ll return it to you. This typically operates over a 24 hour period, although we will look after your bike for longer if necessary. We are more than happy to service several bikes at once. There is… Read more →

City Cycling: Health Versus Hazard? Cities Compared Internationally.

© Sarah Maycock/Handsome Frank Are the fitness benefits of riding your bike worth the risk of an accident? Lesley Evans Ogden takes a tour of seven cities on two wheels to find out. It was just another morning commute. That is, until a bus driver ran a red light, turned right, and drove straight into Ann-Doerthe Hass Jensen. The bus knocked the social worker off her bike, trapping her underneath, a wheel pinning down and crushing her left foot. It was a school bus heading to a Copenhagen kindergarten, and the children aboard were screaming. Ann was rushed to… Read more →

Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and the Cheap EV That Almost Was.

That Henry Ford and Thomas Edison were good friends late in their lives is well-known. They camped together, presented each other with lavish gifts, even owned homes adjacent to each other. Many Ford enthusiasts also know Ford, when he first drove his Quadricycle on the streets of Detroit in 1896, worked for Edison at Detroit Edison Illuminating Company. And historians know Edison, when introduced to Ford some months later and shown Ford’s plans for a gasoline automobile, encouraged the budding industrialist to pursue those plans. What is far less known is Edison and Ford worked together on an affordable electric… Read more →

Thomas Edison & Henry Ford’s Electric Cars

Photograph courtesy Thomas Edison NHP, NPS/DOI. To inventor Thomas Edison in the early 1900s, electric cars looked like the future of transportation. Although better known for inventions such as the light bulb and motion pictures, Edison also designed three electric cars using his nickel-iron Edison Storage Batteries. Here he is seen standing beside a model that left New York on a 1,000-mile promotional “ideal tour” in September 1910, charging along the way and ending with an ascent up New Hampshire’s Mount Washington. By the time Edison’s battery (a longer-lasting, lighter-weight improvement over previous lead-acid batteries) was ready for this journey,… Read more →

Voxan Wattman

Voxan Wattbike. Liberated from the restrictions which traditional motorcycles must adhere, the Voxan Wattbike is an exquisite example of how an electric bike can take on a new and radical form. With it’s monocoque exoskeleton removing any need for a conventional frame housing fuel, electronics and engine, the sleek aluminium body gives it a style all it’s own. Beyond the raw futuristic styling, the Wattbike delivers 200Bhp in near-silence. Yet it’s batteries can be charged to 80% capacity in just 30 minutes (much faster than your phone). 180Km is possible on a single charge too, with a top speed of… Read more →



Market leading technology with components you’d expect to find on a much more expensive ebike. This model is an ebike that offers tremendous value for money for both the commuter or leisure cyclist. Eligible to purchase through the Government’s Bike To Work Scheme the UCR-30 is the answer to traffic congestion and stressful commutes. The Roadster frame is a traditional bike design incorporating a crossbar for those wanting a more conventional design. FRAME & FORK: Urban commuting roadster 48cm frame. Built in T6 high grade aluminium and finished in satin black with Suntour CR8 aluminium suspension fork. WHEEL SET: 26″… Read more →



This is an ebike whose appearance is bound to turn heads, but it’s not just about looking good. This stunning ebike features cutting edge technology and no-compromise finishing kit giving a superb ride, fantastic range and an ebike that will be the envy of every other road user. The Roadster frame is a traditional bike design incorporating a crossbar for those wanting a more conventional design. FRAME & FORK: T-6 high grade aluminium roadster frame with 20″ wheels, one-size finished in Titanium with internal cabling and head stock suspension fork. ELECTRIC DRIVE SYSTEM: TRANZX 250 watt 36 volt brushless high… Read more →

Mountain Trike

Mountain Trike

The active chair for active people, the Mountain Trike Offers riders the freedom to venture out around town and into the countryside. Whether that is to the beach, down muddy tracks, over grass or along cobbled streets, gravel driveways and even through snow. We call this All-Terrain. Watch the review on ITV‘s Cycle Show. With a conventional wheelchair, the smallest everyday journey or outdoors activity can seem daunting. The Mountain Trike gives riders the ability to go to places that were completely inaccessible previously, whilst maintaining the function and versatility of a standard wheelchair. Possible applications for the Trike are… Read more →

Electric Bikes: It’s not Cheating, it’s Transport.

Steve McQueen owned the predecessor of our 2012 Pininfarina-designed Velosolex. Before the tyres were even pumped-up on our new ‘pedelec‘, two road racers appeared. One observed that it was electric and the other, that it was cheating… and so began the debate: are electric bicycles ‘cheating’? For those unfamiliar with the term, a pedelec is a bicycle with regular pedals plus a battery and motor. As you pedal, the motor adds a little assistance. When you stop pedalling, the assistance stops. It won’t drive on battery power alone: you have to make the effort to reap the rewards. They don’t… Read more →

Hope:  Hoops Pro 3 SP-XC3 (pair)

Hope: Hoops Pro 3 SP-XC3 (pair)

The Pro 3 SP-XC3 wheelset has been designed specifically with weight saving in mind. To achieve the sort of competitive weights required for racing and performance riding, weight has been taken from the hub and rotor – instead of using fragile, overlight components in the rim and spokes. The resulting wheel is a perfect mix of strength to weight, which has already been taken to many race wins. We suggest a rider weight limit of 85kg. This is only a guideline, but common sense should be used with regards to the type of riding they will be used for. The… Read more →