Aventon:  Pace 250 Series

Aventon: Pace 250 Series

The Pace 250 Series is the newest addition to Aventon’s fleet, which is ideally suited to British riding. It includes a lightweight aluminium frame, complete with a powerful 250W motor and 7 speed Shimano gears and disk brakes. There are both Step-Through and Step-Over frames, with 4 colour options overall. The Step-Through comes in Small and Medium, with the Step-Over also in Large. The Small frame suits riders from 4’11”-5’8″, with the Medium for 5’8″-6’1″ and the Large for 6’1″-6’4″. The removable 420Wh battery is capable of between 35-40 miles between charges, so most commuters will only need to top… Read more →

Aventon:  Mataro F/SS, Midnight Blue

Aventon: Mataro F/SS, Midnight Blue

The Aventon Mataro is a sleek and beautifully prepared single speed bike, ready to hit the road or track. With aggressive frame geometry, aero details and graphics, the lightweight 6061 high grade alloy is a sweet package. There’a a tapered headtube and carbon seatpost too. Specifications #: • Frame: Aventon Mataro Double-Butted 6061 Aluminum Alloy • Fork: Aventon Carbon fork with alloy steerer • Stem: Aventon Push • Handlebar: Aventon Push OS Drop Bars (40cm wide) • Crankset: Aventon Push 48T (170mm arms) • Bottom Bracket: VP Sealed Bearing 103mm • Sprocket: 15t • Freewheel: 16t • Wheelset: Aventon Push… Read more →

Transport Secretary unveils £2bn plan to get Britain on their bikes and keep public transport safe Save

“We want to try to preserve this cleaner air, so today I’m also fast-tracking trials of eScooters. Bringing this programme (already underway) from next year, forward, to next month. And extending those trials [to four] from four local authorities, to every region, in the country, that wants them, in a bid to get eScooters‘ rental schemes up an running in cities, as fast as possible.” Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, 09/05/20. (approximately 2 minutes in)

Ass-Saver:  SmartAss

Ass-Saver: SmartAss

Tired of sitting at the office with a wet backside all day just because it rained last night? Do you find a shower can come out of nowhere even though the sun was shining just a minute ago? Not ready to bike in a wet suit or burden your bike with unwieldy mudguards? Relax. The solution is finally here! The Ass Saver is a simple, yet extremely effective solution. Although it’s almost completely weightless, it manages to intercept the annoying splashes which arise from damp roads. It’s perfect for commuter bikes, road racers and so on. When fitted to a… Read more →

RAIN-WAVE:  Classic Ponchos

RAIN-WAVE: Classic Ponchos

Colours (left to right): Violet Flower Print, Raspberry Animal Print, Grey Animal Print, Brown Rain Rain-Wave rain poncho’s are made in England to the very highest standards from the finest waterproof fabrics. All prints and fabrics are created specially and materials are selected to ensure they are durable, fully technical, 100% waterproof, breathable and windproof and most importantly: they feel great to wear! Each rain poncho is seam-taped throughout to ensure it is 100% waterproof.
 We recognise that women expect stylish waterproofs which can really handle the elements. These designs are carefully created to make sure they deliver both function… Read more →

RAIN-WAVE:  Bike Poncho

RAIN-WAVE: Bike Poncho

Available in both Bronze Brown and Dove Grey This stunning, 100% waterproof rain poncho is Rain-Wave’s specially adapted bike poncho. With it’s clever integrated features for cyclists and the most chic styling of their original rain ponchos, all make it ideal for use both on and off your bike. Using superior standard state-of-the-art breathable, waterproof fabrics, these rain ponchos are light, stylish and extremely hardworking. They’re also STORMPROOF, 100% waterproof, windproof, breathable and seam-taped throughout with a built in high-vis stripe across the back. These ponchos will handle whatever the weather has to throw at you! They even packaway into… Read more →

Dainese:  Action Wave 03 Pro Back Protector

Dainese: Action Wave 03 Pro Back Protector

For downhill and the more adventurous mountain biker, protective gear is a must. Dainese have been making back protectors for motorcyclists for decades and it shows. Designed to fit under a variety of biking tops, this waist and shoulder supported model is second to none for safety. • Polypropylene articulated outer plates, with corrugated reinforcing structure to distribute concentrated impact forces over a wider surface area • Multi layered padding made up of a high quality aluminium honeycomb inner core and crash absorb reinforcement offering maximum energy absorption • Innovative double density thermoformed perimeter structure to support the plates •… Read more →

AVE:  XH5-26″ Electric Mountain Bike (Backflip’s not required!)

AVE: XH5-26″ Electric Mountain Bike (Backflip’s not required!)

Olly Parker did a backflip on the AVE XH5-26. Need we say more? Frameset Frame: Hardtail mtb aluminium 6061-T6 frame Fork: Rockshox Recon Silver R with 120mm of travel Headset: Sealed Colour: White Size: 45cm and 50cm frame options. Electric Drive System Electric Motor: BOSCH centre-drive motor assisting up to 15.5mph Sensor: Internal BOSCH centre-drive motor Controller: BOSCH centre-drive motor Display: BOSCH HMI display indicating battery charge status and 4 levels of power support (each with 3 settings) and remaining range. Battery Battery: BOSCH 36V 8AH Lithium-ion battery (frame mounted) Range: Up to 80 miles depending on level of assistance,… Read more →

Kona:  Libre

Kona: Libre

There is something so very beautiful about a perfectly designed bicycle, which shines through from each and every angle. The Libre is a superb example, which is elevated yet further by the sci-fi colour scheme. It is absolutely stunning This beauty is matched with an equally successful blend of lightweight components for instant sprinting response, with Kona’s Verso full carbon fibre flat mount disc fork leading the charge. The 11 speed SRAM set-up keeps the drivetrain both strong and simple, The WTB ST i23 TCS 2.0 tyre and WTB Riddler TCS rim combo floats over kilometer after joyous kilometer of… Read more →


Leftfield Bikes: Riding, Re-invented We’re busy preparing new bicycles, plus our new spot,

Kona:  Rove Series

Kona: Rove Series

The Rove AL looks gentle in Satin Metallic Mauve, with Blue-Gray Decals to shake it right up! This reflects it’s personality too: ready to tackle all environments with untold energy Sticking with the tried and tested combination of a sturdy and capable bike, the Rove is as happy on a long distance road route as it is on a bit of dirt at the weekend. This makes for a reliable commuter bike, which you can also take away from traffic. The gear range is far reaching so the Rove is ready to take on all comers, whilst mechanical disk brakes… Read more →

Yuba:  Curry Series

Yuba: Curry Series

The Spicy Curry Series are Yuba’s lowriders, each designed to keep your rear cargo rack as close to the ground as possible. To achieve this, they tuck a 20″ wheel akin to a tough BMX bike’s wheel way back and below the height of the pedal stroke. It is a simple yet extremely effective solution, paired with a conventional 26″ front wheel Of the many advantages, a low rack is quite a bit easier for your little munchkins to clamber up on by themselves. You have improved stability over a high rear rack too, which works for any cargo you… Read more →

Kona:  Sutra Series

Kona: Sutra Series

Looking for a bicycle which is ready for anything? The Sutra SE is certainly one to consider. The geometry is based on Kona’s CX, enhanced with a taller head tube and longer top tube, paired with Kona’s Project Two Cromoly Disc Touring fork. This offers great tyre clearance and limits toe overlap. “Some bikes are fun for a few laps or a trail or two, but the Sutra is the kind of bike you can point toward the horizon and just go.” Bikepacking.com There are some neat finishing touches like a replaceable derailleur hanger on the rear, mudguard eyelets inside… Read more →

Hiplok:  DX Series (E-DX & DXXL)

Hiplok: DX Series (E-DX & DXXL)

Everyone who stores a bike outside must consider long term security options from the very beginning. Hiplok’s solution is the DX Series, with the Solid Secure Diamond and Gold ratings required by all reputable insurance companies The idea is that you wrap the chain and D-Lock through/around both your bike and something solid, so it cannot be moved. For journeys when you don’t feel the need to carry the chain, you can leave it behind and use the D-Lock by itself The DX is the Hiplok D-Lock featuring their patented CLIP + RIDE system to clip over a bag/strap or… Read more →

Yuba:  El Kombi E5 & Kombi Classic Series

Yuba: El Kombi E5 & Kombi Classic Series

The new El Kombi E5 raises the Kombi Classic Series to include the Shimano STEPS E5000 mid-motor and frame mounted Lithium-Ion battery, hydraulic disk brakes and a 200kg weight limit. With the Kombi, Yuba has delivered the one bike which can tackle virtually everything in it’s path – with your family along for the ride! Certainly this is one combination which works for so much more than the sum of it’s parts. With a decade of developing the Yuba Mundo to steer the design process, the Kombi is a mixture of past experience and fresh thinking. It retains the compelling… Read more →

Yuba:  El Mundo EP8 and Mundo Classic Series

Yuba: El Mundo EP8 and Mundo Classic Series

Yuba’s Mundo is a ‘do everything’ bike, which takes it’s spirit from an East African trip by Designer Benjamin Sarrazin. Over the years this workhorse has taken on new forms and the Mundo Series suits most if not all options With a 200kg approved weight limit, the Mundo is an extremely efficient way to get practically any cargo from a to b. Whilst most aficionados choose it for taking their kids and their kid’s friends around, the low slung rails ensures the weekly shop (plus the occasional pot of paint), second bike or suitcase may come too The cargo area… Read more →

Yuba:  Crest and Backrest

Yuba: Crest and Backrest

What to choose when your passengers need a little support and have outgrown their child seats? Introducing the Crest and Backrest. Crest is the universal bracket, designed as a back and hand support ring. It can be installed behind, between and in front of passengers and includes the foam covering. Backrest is the Cushion to go with the Crest, paired with a Soft Spot. * Please choose ‘Crest and Backrest Combo’ from the dropdown menu below to select the set shown on the rear of the Blue Kombi in the main photograph, these are also available individually as ‘Crest’ and… Read more →

BikeFlex: Lease your next bike!

Lease your bike: There are many advantages to leasing a bicycle, from managing your cashflow in the short term to spreading the cost over the medium term, each providing advantages towards long term access to electric cargo bikes. Click here for your Bike Flex Lease Quote …it takes about 10 seconds Freelancers have been neglected for donkeys years, but fret no more: you’re welcome! Simply put: access what you need straight away, without needing to find the full purchase price up front.

Vello:  Bike Series

Vello: Bike Series

Vello have designed a beautifully simple looking bicycle, which can be folded into a tiny package in seconds. Options include a titanium or chronology steel frame, a rack on the front, single speed, 10x speed, Schlumpf Drive, belt drive and a Zehus motor/battery combo integrated completely within the rear hub. The front fork, handlebars and rear swingarm can all fold independently to an astonishing 57cm x 79cm x 29cm too, so you can pop Vello into a taxi or tube, under the stairs at home or your desk at work (with or without the cover bag). Elastomer suspension features on… Read more →

MiRider:  One

MiRider: One

Availability: Today! For many riders, a single speed electric bicycle which can be folded away is spot on. Enter the MiRider One, which starts there! It offers the maximum speed and power permitted on British roads upon command, with a range of around 45 miles per charge, a rear shock absorber to soak up the bumps and responsive disk brakes. The battery is fully integrated within the frame too, so is both discrete and can be removed as desired. We really love the way the MiRider One tucks away the technology so seamlessly that it doesn’t look like an eBike… Read more →

Yuba:  Supercargo Bosch & Classic Series

Yuba: Supercargo Bosch & Classic Series

Yuba’s Supercargo takes a decade of experience with Cargo Bikes in a whole new direction: up front! A frontal load keeps your cargo as low as possible and right where you can see it. This is particularly fun when your cargo is 99kg, giggling and/or jiggling about! It could be a couple of kiddo’s and a box of toys, a cello or a washing machine. You decide. The bay has a number of options as well: add the ‘rail & sail’, or bamboo box, as well as a pair of bamboo seats. Any cargo which can be strapped down securely… Read more →

Bosch:  EasyPump

Bosch: EasyPump

What better compliment to the bicycles you have set up with such precision, than ensuring they all have the optimum tyre pressure before you ride? Bosch’s EasyPump packs a real punch: it’s smaller and lighter than most bike bottles, yet can inflate any tyre in seconds. Set any tyre pressure you’d like up to 150psi by pressing + or -, then Start. Once the desired level is reached the unit will stop automatically (you can also press Stop). Simple, huh? The Lithium-ion battery is rechargeable and the storage pouch includes a USB 1 to USB3 cable so you can connect… Read more →

6KU:  Fixie/Single-Speed Bikes

6KU: Fixie/Single-Speed Bikes

From our friends across the pond: the latest fixies from 6KU Bikes! Stripped back to the barest minimum amount of parts, these are designed to take on urban environments. Whichever city that happens to be you can still rock-out. With the optimum 44:16 gear ratio (74.25 gear inches), navigate your way through London and revive the Nocturne’s ‘longest skid’ beside Smithfield Market. Our favourite model is the Milano 2, with it’s mint-green colour scheme (photographed above in Oxford, with the original wheelset). 6KU models are fitted with 30mm rims With such highly competitive pricing, it’s hard not to be tempted… Read more →

Babboe Accessories:  Rain Tent

Babboe Accessories: Rain Tent

Come rain, come shine! Babboe’s Rain Tent is ready to cocoon your little ones from all weather conditions, as well as to bounce off those pesky leaves. The zippable panels enable you to tailor the fit to all season riding, so you can adapt as you go. Your kiddos will soon turn their carriage into a little den! Big Rain Tent: available today!

Grin:  Cycle Analyst V3 Series

Grin: Cycle Analyst V3 Series

Grin Technologies’ V3 Cycle Analyst is the defacto unit for managing Custom eBike builds. With near unlimited programming available through your computer, you can tweak your bike to be just as you like it to be. This really helps with managing power delivery on heavily laden bikes, preventing motor heat-up and similar damage at all speeds and load levels. Onscreen data is there both to monitor and control, so you can see your power input/output, realtime consumption, temperature levels and full electronic management. Version 3 takes a centralised approach, with all communications running through the head unit and one unified… Read more →

Grin:  Electric Brompton Conversion Kit

Grin: Electric Brompton Conversion Kit

Do you already have a Brompton for your daily commute and feel like adding a little magic? Well, Grin Technologies’ Brompton Conversion Kit may be just the thing! It has been developed to retain all the quick folding goodness you chose your bicycle for in the first place, whilst multiplying the effort you put in so you can get a whole lot more out of it. Your current front wheel makes way for a new one which includes a 250W motor in the hub, then the electronics follow your existing cables along the frame. These connect the motor to the… Read more →

Grin:  Baserunner V4 Series

Grin: Baserunner V4 Series

The new Baserunner V4 Series from Grin Technologies is a fully integrated, waterproof Controller for use with a variety of Hub Motor combinations, with/without the Cycle Analyst, handling up to 60V Max and 80A Peak Phase Currents (45-50A Continuous). This ensures compatibility with most eBike systems available today and programmable options for flexibility in future. All of the new V4 models include the WP8 CA Plug, with either Hailong, Reention, Tube, Fork or Plate Mounts to match your bike’s arrangement and a 38cm cable length via Z910 HiGo 9 pin plugs or L1019 10 pin. Extension cables from Controller to… Read more →

Chike:  e-Kids and Kids

Chike: e-Kids and Kids

Streamlining the wheelbase of this glorious Family Cargo Bike to less than a width of a regular door opens up near unlimited possibilities! Add to that the tilting mechanism for slaloming around town and the covered compartment is the icing on the cake! You’ll quickly find yourself going everywhere with your kiddos just for the fun of it. The journey rapidly becomes the best bit when the old rigmarole of loading and parking are both sorted in seconds. Choose the Shimano motor/battery combo and you’ll go further and faster with more onboard than before, including up once-daunting hills. The two… Read more →

Hamax:  Child Neck Roll

Hamax: Child Neck Roll

Ah, the sleepy little ones… nodding-off after a long day watching tentatively as you pedal around and around! What better way to keep them comfy, than Hamax’ Child Neck Roll? It slides over the seatbelts # you already have and cushions between their helmet and shoulders, keeping their head upright whilst they sleep. Compatibility: • Hamax Seats • Yepp Seats • Seats in car-shaped-objects & buggies, with separate straps # To install: slot your existing two seatbelts through the elasticated loops under the ‘Roll, tightening as normal.

Grin:  Cycle Satiator Series

Grin: Cycle Satiator Series

Grin’s Cycle Satitor is available in three versions which run on any 110-220V power supply, with output rated as 360 Watts at 24V/15A, 48V/8A or 72V/5A. These are compatible with a variety of battery types using interchangeable connectors, offering substantially more tuning ability and throughput than anything else in or outside a laboratory. The programmable interface welcomes customisation for rapid charging, ultra-slow charging and everything in between. You can store up to 20 different charge profiles for different uses, then use one Satiator to manage multiple bikes and batteries. This helps both to preserve the lifespan of your battery and… Read more →

Yuba Accessories:  Soft Spot Cushions (Maxi & Mini)

Yuba Accessories: Soft Spot Cushions (Maxi & Mini)

2021 Soft Spot Series Introducing the new Soft Spot Series for 2021, which incorporate new materials to improve both comfort and durability. The waterproof polyurethane design is similar to your Yuba’s main bicycle seat, with integrated air pockets along the bottom for extra cushioning, plus chamfers to increase clearance for use with/without Monkey Bars. Installation still requires just the two nylon straps to wrap around your frame. Depending on which of Yuba’s models you have, different combinations of Soft Spots can be used to seat up to three kids on your ‘tail. See the chart at the bottom of this… Read more →

Shipping & Insurance

Shipping & Insurance

When shipping larger items outside London’s M25, we also apply extended insurance cover. You’ll need to contact us first to confirm how much it is going to be. Notes: 1, Cycle to Work Scheme applications cannot include shipping, so must be arranged separately 2, Bicycles and individual batteries have very different shipping requirements Simply add the correct amount to the Cart using the appropriate quantities from the drop-down menu below. If the exact amount isn’t listed, add up the smaller units to reach the total as separate product entries (eg; £75 + £10 = £85) With delivery to your local… Read more →

CatEye:  SYNC Set Core & Kinetic Front & Rear Light Set

CatEye: SYNC Set Core & Kinetic Front & Rear Light Set

CatEye’s SYNC Set is a smart lighting system which is managed from a single switch on the front light. You can add up to seven lights and even synchronise the flash timing of rear lights for improved visibility to other vehicles on the road, day or night. To inform those behind you when you are slowing down, the onboard accelerometer enables burst mode automatically to provide 50 lumens of brightness per rear light. This does not require unsightly cabling across your bike either, it’s all integrated. To set-up your lighting system with your individual preferences, simply open up the CatEyeSYNC™… Read more →

Demo Bikes

Demo Bikes

Try Before you Buy: Demo Bikes now available in London. We offer a variety of demonstrator bicycles, so that our clients have the opportunity to test out their new wheels before buying. The range we offer changes from time to time. Choose your preference from the dropdown menu at the bottom of this page. We currently offer test rides with the following models: Yuba El Kombi: Electric Family Cargo Bike MiRider One: Magnesium Folding Electric Bike Kona Rove: Gravel Bike and Commuter Favourite Yuba Supermarché: Family Cargo Bike (includes Open Loader/Bamboo/Seat Kit) There is a refundable booking fee, from which… Read more →

Which version is my Yuba Mundo?

Over the years the Yuba Mundo has gone through many changes to the frame and most recently a name change as well. The most noticeable of these changes happening to the rear rack. Below are the different Yuba Mundos by version and the major changes to their frames. The Mundo V1: The initial offering was manufactured in Germany and has a bolt-on rear rack, the most notable feature of which is the “W” shape of the rear rack stays. Also, the top and down tubes on the front triangle have a circular cross-section rather than oval. The Mundo V2: This… Read more →

The Shed

We call it The Shed. That mystical place where stuff nobody’s quite sure what to do with pauses for an indeterminable time, often the stuff of past dreams with great potential for the future… yet the one thing this stuff retains, is a value to somebody… once that special person begins their quest. It could be a bike we used to Demo, one which was traded-in for a younger model, a box of obscure bolts, or a charger for a bike you have in your Shed… maybe the solution to that thing you’re thinking about right now? Ask, we may… Read more →

Eskuta:  SR1200 Series

Eskuta: SR1200 Series

The SR1200 Series from Eskuta redefines what a modern Moped can do. They’re light, fast, easy to ride and almost completely silent at all speeds, whilst remaining competitive on price and running for next to nothing as well! Lots to like, plenty to love! How to ride? Just ‘Twist and Go’! Bosch’s 1200W high-efficiency brushless motor provides instant torque at all speeds, for refreshingly fast launches at the lights and reliable overtakes in all traffic conditions. Everything is motorcycle grade of course, so you have a stiff frame with solid panels, twin-shocks and hydraulic disk brakes on both the front… Read more →

Eskuta:  250SX Series

Eskuta: 250SX Series

The 250SX Series models from Eskuta combine all the benefits of an eBike, Moped and Scooter, to provide a simple and capable option for both commuting and commercial deliveries. The lightweight design offers the convenience of a step-through with the maximum 250W power output to remain 100% street legal for road use without needing a helmet, license or insurance. It is also exempt from VED and all emissions-based taxes. The 250SX also costs less than the annual Oystercard for Zones 1-3 in 2020. The 250SX Series offers two models which are both available in your chosen colour with custom graphics…. Read more →

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions apply to the use of this website. By accessing this website and/or placing an order, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Using this website indicates that you accept these terms regardless of whether or not you choose to register with us or order from us. If you do not accept these terms, do not use this website. The leftfieldbikes.com website is operated by 108SQM Ltd, a company registered in the UK, whose registered office is at One Canada Square (37F), Canary Wharf, London, E14 5AA, United Kingdom. 1: Introduction 1.1: You will be… Read more →

Klarna FAQ’s: Pay later in 30 days

Pay later in 30 days Frequently Asked Questions Who is Klarna? Klarna is a Swedish payment service provider that takes end-to-end responsibility for your payment. Klarna is the provider of smooth payments to more than 200,000 online stores. Over 85 million consumers worldwide have trusted Klarna to securely handle their payments. How does Pay later in 30 days work? Once your order is confirmed, you’ll receive an email with payment instructions within two days from Klarna. You’ll then have 30 days to try on your order and only pay when you’re happy. Complete the payment online, at your convenience, with… Read more →

Klarna FAQ’s: Pay later in 3 interest-free instalments

Pay later in 3 interest-free instalments Frequently Asked Questions Who is Klarna? Klarna is a Swedish payment service provider that takes end-to-end responsibility for your payment. Klarna is the provider of smooth payments to more than 200,000 online stores. Over 85 million consumers worldwide have trusted Klarna to securely handle their payments. How does Pay later in 3 interest-free instalments work? Pay later in 3 interest-free instalments will allow you to spread the cost of your purchase over 3 equal payments. The payment for each instalment will automatically be collected from the debit or credit card you entered at checkout…. Read more →

Stealth:  P-7 Series

Stealth: P-7 Series

The P-7 Series smashes all perceptions of what an eMTB can be. At just 29Kg, the P-7R delivers 1,500W of peak power to reach 45Kph. The Long Range Edition stores 1,500W in the centre mounted battery pack, which can cover 150Km and recharge in just 3 hours. Handling is equally surefooted. There is 180mm of travel up front from SR Suntour’s premium Durolux 36mm suspension fork and their 120mm DUAIR with 80% lockout at the rear. 4-piston Magura MT5 hydraulics brakes rein in the considerable pace through a pair of 203mm rotors. A quick twist of the throttle and you’re… Read more →

Yuba Accessories:  Bamboo Boards

Yuba Accessories: Bamboo Boards

Roll in style. Practical and stylish, the Bamboo Running Boards are a must have add-on when carrying passengers. They match the Bamboo Deck, providing more comfort for your passengers and better support for cargo. • Recommended for use with Soft Spot Cushions • Multi Layer Plyboard • Easy installation • Assembly parts inclusive We can confirm which version you’ll need if you’re unsure. Mundo Series • Hardware already on bike Curry Series • Includes Hardware for slotting into frame • These can be used as sidewalls on the luggage rack Kombi Series • Includes Hardware for slotting into frame

Yuba Accessories:  Bags & Panniers

Yuba Accessories: Bags & Panniers

2-Go Cargo Bags With the Spicy Curry 2-Go Bags you can use the extra storage space as efficient and individual as never before! The loading capacity can be adjusted to your daily needs and there are also inside pockets on each side for your loose tools. Of course you can take your children with you on the luggage rack. The integrated stirrups provide even extra comfort. • Waterproof • 2 attached bags (one pair) • 12 kg per bag • Compatible with the Yepp Maxi child seat • For Curry Series Only! Go-Getter Bag The newly redesigned and humongous weatherproof… Read more →

Yuba Accessories:  Supercargo Parts & Accessories

Yuba Accessories: Supercargo Parts & Accessories

‘Yubamboo’ Yuba choose to use 3-ply Bamboo for accessories because it is a durable and sustainable material. Bamboo requires little water or other resources to mature and grows quickly with Wolverine like healing capabilities. All of Yuba’s Bamboo products have been tested for hazardous or harmful chemicals in congruence with EU REACH regulations and passed with flying colors. Yuba are fully REACH compliant. Below are the present selection of Bamboo parts and accessories, for the Supercargo Series. Note that these can be mixed and matched to suit a variety of applications. Bamboo Base Board Standard base board for Supercargo. All… Read more →

Yuba Accessories:  Hold-On Bars

Yuba Accessories: Hold-On Bars

You’ll love giving passengers a ride on your Yuba. Our Hold-On kit gives them something to love too: a strong and steady handlebar that will help them be safe and secure while perched atop the bike’s rear rack. The Hold-On is simple and quick to install. All you need to install it an allen key. • Stem: 31.8mm for handlebar • A shim is necessary (ask for correct shim when ordering, tell us which bike you have) • Colour, size, and length are subject to change based on availability

Yuba Accessories:  Frame Lock

Yuba Accessories: Frame Lock

By sticking eyelets either side of the wheel, Yuba are able to provide a locking bolt to block the wheel for quick pitstops and back-up. Simple, huh? You can take the Frame Lock with you everywhere you go as it is extremely light: it rests on your Yuba’s frame’s mounting points while not in use too, so you will always have something to keep your Yuba immobilised. Combine this with a sturdy lock to go through the frame, around something solid and back via the other wheel. Compatibility: • Boda Boda Series V3 • Curry Series • Yuba Mundo Series… Read more →

Battery Pack, Charger and Cradle Combo

Battery Pack, Charger and Cradle Combo

Whether you’re giving an existing bike a new lease of life or building a Hotrod, the same key considerations apply: • The more capable your battery pack, the more you’ll get out of it between charges • A pack run mainly between 20-80% of capacity will last much longer Batteries have come a long way over the last few years, albeit with almost all packs using a few dozen rechargeable ‘AA’ batteries inside. Choosing which pack fits an existing bike is a little more complicated, so our Combo packs include the charger and the battery’s mounting cradle, for maximum compatibility…. Read more →

Zapp i300 Scooter

Zapp i300 Scooter

Zapp’s i300 is the world’s fastest accelerating scooter, with the handling and stopping power to match. This uncompromising bike leaves all 300cc models behind – and plenty of other vehicles as well! Need we say more? To begin with there’s 14,000 Watts of power at peak, delivering 587Nm at the wheel. This takes you past 30 Mph in 2.35 seconds and beyond 43.5 Mph in 4.10. That’s above the speed limit in most of London and less time than it took you to read this paragraph. To back up the fun stuff, there’s a beauty to the whole assembly. Two… Read more →

CatEye:  Rapid Mini Rear LED Light

CatEye: Rapid Mini Rear LED Light

A staple of the CatEye range, the Rapid Mini Rear LED Light packs a bright 25 lumen output in a svelte 3-LED package. In the flashing mode you can expect up to 30 hours usage per 2 hour charge, which you can top-up via the micro USB cable. It is a highly regarded option for both weight and visibility conscious riders: at 22g it won’t tip the scales of your carbon special, so you can leave it installed at all times (the bracket uses a rubberised band, so you can take it off in about a second…). It is also… Read more →

CatEye:  AMPP Series LED Lights

CatEye: AMPP Series LED Lights

CatEye’s AMPP Series are lightweight and dependable LED lights, which provide a broad beam for excellent visibility. The side panels extend both what you can see and for you to be seen. USB recharging, an onboard battery level indicator and a lithium ion technology ensures you’ll always have the juice too. Choose between 400, 500, 800 and 1100 lumens, or combine the 500 lumen set with the Rapid Mini rear light. The AMPP 1100 uses a twin-LED design with OptiCube™ lens technology, spreading a wide and even beam across whatever the terrain throws at you. The AMP 400-800 options use… Read more →

Ducati:  Monster

Ducati: Monster

Every so often an iconic bike captures our collective imagination and there have been few more delightful offerings than the Ducati Monster! This model sports the renowned trellis frame construction and the typical Ducati look. It is unmistakably Ducati & is there a better place to start? With Borgo Panigale’s two cylinder Desmodronic engine reproduced on the chain guard, the DNA is confirmed with both wide slick tires and powerful brakes. Kids love the Ducati Red mini-water bottle too, even when they’re not riding around the house. The Ducati Monster as adorable as it is fun: what better bicycle for… Read more →

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The brands on offer at Leftfield Bikes are listed on this page in alphabetic order. Click for our recommendations for items best suited to riding in London and the Home Counties. If you are looking for something which isn’t visible on our website, contact us and we’ll arrange it for you: whilst there are over 50,000 items available to us, we only display a limited selection on our website. Abus Locks/Bags Airwheel Ass Saver Mudguard Babboe Family Bikes Bakfiets Bosch AVE Electric Bikes Bud Brake ABS CatEye Centaur Cargo Bikes Chike Dainese Ducati Bicycles Ducati EMX Electric MTB Furo GoCycle… Read more →

Hiplok:  Lite

Hiplok: Lite

‘Wearable technologies’ are getting a lot of positive press lately and we agree, they can be great! The Hiplok Lite is a perfect example of the natural progression from low-tech to high-tech: for years people have struggled to balance their locks around their waists as they ride. Afterall, a chain slopping about on your bike is bound to either damage your frame or snag a wheel, jam the fork, or worse. So how does the Hiplok Lite differ? Simply put, it adds a velcro strap around the length of the chain. Instead of ‘jiggling about’ on the off-chance that your… Read more →

Hiplok:  D

Hiplok: D

Hiplok is a new take on the traditional D-Lock. For years cycling commuters have stuffed their locks under their belts, into their jeans and clamped them precariously onto handlebars and around bags. That works, although it’s not the ideal solution. How to improve on this? Well, Hiplok features a dedicated clip. Simply slide the clip over your belt, into your pocket or over a backpack’s strap and off you go. The lock will stay put, without snagging on your clothing or chafing. Size-wise this is a terrific lock for a full day of riding with the occasional stop (when a… Read more →

‘One-Click’ Cycle to Work Scheme

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a new bike with just one click? We thought so too! ‘One-Click’ Cycle to Work Scheme ©: How do I access it? 1, Select your Provider in our Checkout As of June 2019 the limit is now set by your Employer, so you can assign more than £1,000 and choose virtually every single bike and accessory we offer – including both electric bikes and electric cargo bikes! You must be in full time employment and your annual salary must be at least £1 more than the current UK Minimum Wage plus the amount you… Read more →

Centaur Cargo:  Cargo Bike

Centaur Cargo: Cargo Bike

Slicing through traffic with 350 litres of cargo tucked between you and the front wheel is a joyous experience! With an upright seating position and a Yamaha motor to zip along, you’ll be at your destination with your cargo before you know it. Keeping the weight up front and down low means this model is as easy to ride with up to 80kg in it’s belly as a regular bicycle. Twin wheels means you can weave as you are used to as well, so the learning curve is very short. This combination is terrific for heavy traffic as the Centaur… Read more →

Energy Saving Trust: eCargo Bike Grant Fund

The Department for Transport has made £2 million funding available for the acquisition of ecargo bikes, to support green last mile deliveries. This funding is available to limited companies, sole traders, partnerships, charities and not-for-profit organisations. Public, community or third sector organisations are also eligible providing they meet the eligibility criteria. eCargo Bike Grant funding covers up to 20% of the total cost of an ecargo bike, up to a maximum of £1,000 per bike. To be eligible for funding, an ecargo bike must have minimum 125 litre cargo volume capacity and minimum 130 kg weight capacity (combined rider and… Read more →


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Used Bikes

From time to time we have ex-demo bikes for sale. These are the ones our clients try out before they buy new ones. They will typically only have been ridden for a few miles at a time and rarely have any scuffing beyond the wear and tear of normal use. All bikes have been serviced meticulously by our team and will receive a full check-up before sale. If you’re interested in a second hand bicycle, contact us with your budget and what you’d like. If we have something in the wings, we’ll let you know.

Ducati:  E-ASY

Ducati: E-ASY

The Ducati E-ASY is a dependable electric bicycle with a low-slung central motor and a removable Lithium Ion battery within the rear rack. It is ideal for a most riders, offering 26″ wheels on the smaller frame and 28″ wheels on the larger ones. With five levels of power, every journey comes with a welcome boost and the battery is capacious enough to cover more than 6 1/2 laps of the Tamsin Trail around Richmond Park! (37-75Km/circa 23-45 Miles) An electric bicycle both extends the riders range and increases the average speed beyond most people’s natural ability. Almost everyone chooses… Read more →

Ducati:  TT Evo S

Ducati: TT Evo S

At the heart of Ducati’s ethos is evolution, with the TT Evo S exemplifying the very nature of augmented riding. Everything about the top the range model is there to take the rider beyond what a conventional machine ever could. This is the bike to take you from what you are capable of today and onto something completely new. The TT has been fine tuned, with components tweaked to deliver just a little more from both the bike and the rider. “Evoluzione Ducati, sempre di più” The core technology is largely hidden from view, which speaks volumes about what the… Read more →

Ducati:  330SX

Ducati: 330SX

There are few greater motivators whilst out on a ride, than pulling away from people who are determined to overtake your Ducati! The 300SX Series models are meant for just such daily adventures. With it’s lightweight aluminium frame Engineered by Bianchi and paired with a set of 29-ers, you’re all set. Naturally, there’s hydraulic disc brakes and a remote lock-out fork with 100mm of travel, making this a great package Choose from Ducati Red or Matt Graphite, to compliment Shimano Deore 3×10 speeds – and your existing Ducati motorcycle of course! Specifications: Colours: Ducati Red or Matt Graphite Frame: Series… Read more →

Ducati:  TT Evo

Ducati: TT Evo

The 2018 Ducati TT Evo in Matt Black is undoubtedly the boldest, bravest and most brutal model in the series. This beast looks like the Diavel in the flesh, yet it is so much more than the sum of it’s parts. That’s even before you get to ride it… it also available in Ducati Red, to compliment the Monster 1200S. With the new PowerTube 500Wh, housing the biggest Bosch battery available fattens-up and stiffens the frame nicely. It’s broad, so remains almost indistinguishable from the side. Bosch’s most powerful Performance Line CX motor flows from the frame and puts out… Read more →

Augmented Riding: infinitely more fun?

Evolution has gone hand in hand with humankind augmenting ourselves. We have progressed from a leaf to protect one’s modesty, to wearing skins and heavy shoes, the monocle, past air-filled trainers, to VR headsets and glasses, sub cutaneous sensors and beyond. Bicycles have progressed too, yet vast swathes of society struggle to see augmented riding as a natural progression: taking what we have into overdrive and making it more fun in the process. ‘Hills and thrills’ perhaps? Digital bikes are to the bicycle what digital watches are to their analogue/wind-up cousins: augmented by the very best of what technology can… Read more →

Electric Vehicles: Guide to Charging

If we top up our electric bikes each time we pause, most of us we would never run out. You know, like a phone in a coffee shop! Just 5 minutes can equate to several miles of travel… which is a bit more useful, right? PS: Quite like the video all the same, nicely done! PPS: Even if you do thrash your electric bike all the way to empty, by the time you’ve had a breather and some lunch it could be ready to go again (even if you’re not)

Hamax:  Rain Cover

Hamax: Rain Cover

Whilst it may seem like a bit of an afterthought, a proper cover is a really easy way to ensure that your child’s seat is pristine in all weather conditions. You can attach things to the seat under it in the normal way, including your child’s helmet/gloves/etc. on your way to collect them/equivalent journeys. If you store your bike somewhere secure, you may even leave those sort of items there all the time. It isn’t lockable, however it will keep a suitably stowed helmet or jacket out of the elements (nobody likes wearing soggy riding gear!). Compatibility: All Hamax seats… Read more →

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

With so many amazing items on offer here at Leftfield Bikes, we are often asked quite similar questions! The most frequent ones are listed below Different question? Ask here! The Cycle to Work Scheme + + + + + We set up the ‘One-Click’ Cycle to Work Scheme © to keep things as simple as possible How does it work? You choose your bicycle/accessories, we prepare the documents and invoice your Employer, then deliver the items to you How are the documents used? We issue the necessary paperwork automatically for your company’s accountants to apply over a 12 month period…. Read more →

Alta Motors: Redshift MX

Production timelapse We’re huge fans of Alta Motors and have been very keen to offer the full range here in the UK ever since they went into production in late 2016. Alta have nailed the perfect combo of a durable package with just enough flexibility to take the sort of a beating we all give our bikes when we’re pushing it beyond the limit our riding ability. You know, just like the bike you’re looking for! With 50 Horsepower on tap from zero RPM and a total wet weight of under 117.5Kg, the Redshift MXR sets the pace. A similar… Read more →

Win A Ducati!

In partnership with The Wharf, we are delighted to support Richard House Children’s Hospice by donating a Ducati for the Innovation In Business Awards 2016! All you need to do is to attend and your name will be entered into the raffle. We’ll announce the Winner at the ceremony, which is at the Radisson Blu Edwardian New Providence Wharf on Thursday, September 29 2016 Meanwhile, do sign up to our Mailing List below! Subscribe to our Mailing List here: * indicates required Email Address * First Name * Last Name * PRIVACY AND DATA PROTECTION Personal information we collected via… Read more →

Taga:  Rain Cover

Taga: Rain Cover

Sometimes it can rain here in the UK! Who knew? Well, it turns out that the Dutch also have rain, so your Taga can have a Rain Cover too! It’s available in red, green, orange and light blue (just like your bike). So you can still be vibrant in a downpour.

Kona:  the Smallest Biggest Bike Company in the World

Kona: the Smallest Biggest Bike Company in the World

Kona’s HQ in Ferndale, Washington. Kona: Rider-owned. The documentary, by Matt Dennison & Kaz Yamamura. What mountain bike company isn’t owned by riders? Who else but a rider would have the fiscal patience and insensitivity to risk required to own a mountain bike company? Yet there are brands so strongly defined by their founders that it usually turns out they sacrificed nearly every other thing in their lives for bikes. They’re the type who possess a devotion to riding that is so deeply ingrained that founding a brand seems pre-ordained. So what the hell does ‘the smallest biggest bike company… Read more →

Swift:  Folder

Swift: Folder

The Swift Folder is a bike that’s solid, fast, and can fold up in ten seconds flat.  One that inspires confidence on the road, slips effortlessly onto crowded trains and escalators at a moment’s notice, and packs neatly into a shoulder bag to follow you to the ends of the earth. It’s strong and sensible, adjustable to fit almost anyone, made to order and built to last.  Eight-speed internal gears are smooth, don’t get caught up in your clothes and are ideal for commuting throughout London.  It has already attracted something of a cult following across the pond. How to… Read more →

Saietta:  Electric Superbike

Saietta: Electric Superbike

Fusing top-of-the line technology and striking design, Saietta is the latest zero-emissions electric urban sport bike from London-based manufacturer Agility Global Ltd. Saietta represents the first meaningful motorcycle redesign in a generation. With huge, low-down power and understated cool, getting on is like riding a relentless wave of torque through the city. Built using production aerospace composite structural systems including a patented World’s First production Composite Monocoque Chassis in a motorcycle (like an F1 car), Saietta achieves high performance with low weight, Saietta’s stand out styling integrates and exploits EV advantages. One core model is available: Saietta R with a… Read more →

VIKS:  Steel Urban Bicycle

VIKS: Steel Urban Bicycle

Once in a while, a new approach to bicycle design captures our attention. Enter VIKS. It’s a hand made, steel bike from Estonia. It’s seat-post-free approach casts aside conventional wisdom, whilst it’s semi-parallel, asymmetric dual-tubing laughs in the face of convention. Beautiful from every angle Then there’s the front fork: two curved tubes swooping from axle to wrist? Check! Grips? Who needs them! Brushed steel Then the drivetrain. Gates belt-drive or chain? You decide! Colours? Any and all. As for the finish: choose from brushed steel to matt or polished paintwork. Matt Black All VIKS are built 100% to order… Read more →

The True 36:  36″ MTB

The True 36: 36″ MTB

Some say 29er wheels are the new 27.5er, others the new 26er. We say more! more! more! With it’s astonishing 36″ wheels, the True 36er really is just that: the biggest, baddest bike out there – mountain bike or otherwise! Cruise over the humps and bumps and be the envy of all you pass. Eat conventional commuter bikes for breakfast, lunch and beyond. Potholes? But a scratch in your path! There are a fair few bikes out there which this one would consider a light snack. How big is big? Let’s just say that when you rock-up at the lights… Read more →

HOPE:  District Plus Rear LED Light

HOPE: District Plus Rear LED Light

The District+ rear light is amongst the brightest lights out there! With vehicles in London now sporting ultra-bright LED panels both front and rear, this is one light option which stands right out from the crowd. At around a dozen times brighter than most conventional options, you can be confident that people behind you can see you as much as 100m in advance. Or further on longer roads, trails and so forth. Note: One thing to be conscious of meanwhile, is that you don’t point it too high at drivers behind you! This is a very bright light and can… Read more →

Solowheel:  HoverTrax

Solowheel: HoverTrax

Solowheels left to right: Orbit, Cruise & Hovertrax (Image C/o Engadget) Fresh for Summer are four new Solowheel models! Featuring a universal top speed of 16Kph, the new offerings are differentiated by styling, motor power, weight and recharge times. First generation Solowheel, ‘carried and ridden’ close-up’s With it’s seemingly gravity-defiant riding style the Solowheel is amongst the most unique approaches to personal transport: it’s an electric unicycle with gyro-sensors to help the rider maintain balance. Steer with your feet, and control your speed by leaning. Lean forward to speed up; lean backward to slow down or stop. Since the wheel… Read more →

Bike The Strike!

Click the pic & print the .pdf! bikethestrike.co.uk #bikethestrike Bike The Strike London! Who needs the Tube anyway? Know someone who’s facing another nightmare day ‘off’ the Tube on Thursday? Well, you could give them a little nudge: print-off the picture here and leave it on their desk! Have a picture of you or a fellow commuter with the picture? Send it to us, it may even be included in our next circular! Well, I Didn’t Know That: • There are more cyclists in London with 3rd Party Insurance # than there are taxis in London • The average journey… Read more →

Damson:  Headbones (Bluetooth Bone-Conducting Commuter Headphones)

Damson: Headbones (Bluetooth Bone-Conducting Commuter Headphones)

Music and cycling go together, everyone know’s that! However, heavy commuter traffic can offer up subtle sounds which inform us of the mood of our fellow commuters. This can include simple things like drivers revving their engines and people arguing about traffic/driving/parking/fuel prices inside their cars, or pedestrians yapping on their phones. Difficult to hear when you have your favourite beats going strong! So Damson developed a set of bone-conducting headphones to accommodate this very environment. They press onto your head just in front of your ears and the sounds vibrate towards your eardrums. Your ear canals remain open to… Read more →

Bike The (Tube) Strike: Our Winner(s)!

Kerry and Matt Charlesworth, our Winner(s)! ‘Bike The (Tube) Strike’ Giveaway, in collaboration with The Wharf: Our prize draw in collaboration with The Wharf now has a Winner: our congratulations to Matt Charlesworth! Enterprising Kerry entered our competition so that her husband Matt could ease his commute by cycling to work. To her delight and our’s, they won! Privacy and Data Protection Personal information we collected via our web site will never be released or sold to external companies or individuals. We will not share your personal information for marketing or any other purposes without your consent unless where required… Read more →

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Women?

Iva Jean’s Reveal Skirt. We’ve all been there: Valentine’s Day is approaching fast and either you aren’t sure what size she’d like, or you’d like to give him a helping hand! Well, fret no longer with our gift buying guide. To adapt a quote from the La Senza: The most important part of buying all styles of clothing is the fit, so don’t just guess her size. The easiest way to find out this information is to have a peek at a similar item which you know she loves or has worn recently and take a look at the label…. Read more →

Tannus:  Aither (puncture-proof, solid bike tyre)

Tannus: Aither (puncture-proof, solid bike tyre)

Tired of punctures? You’re not alone! The team over at Tannus have just released the world’s first accessible, puncture-proof tyres. Read the review on The Telegraph here. Formed from a unique polymer with 10 micrometer-wide air bubbles inside a robust mesh of protective walling, the Aither is almost as efficient as a conventional tyre and tube combo. In tests, it managed 29Mph for the effort required of it’s competitor, which reached 30Mph. The test environment assumes that the inflated tyre has the optimum pressure at all times, which of course is where the Aither becomes the tortoise to it’s air-filled… Read more →

Sparse:  Fixed Light System (Front/Rear Pair, Plus Charger/Cable)

Sparse: Fixed Light System (Front/Rear Pair, Plus Charger/Cable)

Every so often we discover a new item which solves far more than it’s initial purpose. Sparse are just one of those magnificent design teams: rather than just add a light to their bikes, they looked at how cyclists really use them throughout the day. Illumination is one aspect, visibility another. Theft however is the unspoken weakness and one, long overdue for solving! Realising that removing/replacing conventional options forms a large part of parking-up, they took a seemingly simple step in making them a semi-permanent fixture. Much like the VANMOOF series of lights, these can be removed if you have… Read more →


Recreational bikes vary enormously.  At one end of the spectrum is the first simple bike which turned you into a cyclist and you can leave chained up occasionally. At the other, ultralight carbon specials costing many thousands of pounds.  These bikes are the ones you take out for a ride, but don’t leave unattended. Scroll down to find the type of riding you enjoy most, then follow the associated links to see the ranges on offer. Whilst we have included our recommendations for riding in London and the Home Counties, we can also order-in any bicycle you have seen elsewhere (or… Read more →


Biking Essentials Action Cameras, Ass Saver, Bud Brake, Chilli Air, FoldnFix, Hope, ISM Seat, Muckynutz, QuickFix Once you’re kitted-out with a new bike, it’s time to accessorise. Add bone-conducting headphones to listen safely, a light-weight HD camera to share the ride when you get home… and some nifty mudguard options to stay clean! On-Bike Clothing Half Baked Brand (HBB), Hope, Intrepid Apparel, Visijax, Whackjob Few things can increase overall comfort on a ride than the appropriate clothing. Whilst some see specialist kit as one step aside from dressing like a Power Ranger, there’s little doubt that it helps. Having somewhere… Read more →


It’s all in the details Deity, DT Swiss, Hope, ISM Seat, KCNC, Magura, Velocite Choosing the very best components is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It’s all about the bike you’ll look forward to riding and will never leave unattended, dirty or un-serviced. These exquisite components will help you to ride faster for longer and you’ll enjoy every last mile. Selecting component upgrades has never been easier: we’ve placed each area of the bike into groups. Pick the relevant area, choose your preferred supplier, pick a bundle (and it’s colour). That’s it! Most devotees prefer to assign one brand across… Read more →


Electric Bikes: It’s not Cheating, it’s Transport A bicycle used for the sole purpose of getting from A-B, is ‘Transport’. Priorities include an upright riding position, day-to-day practicality and suitable pricing. These models are destined to spend a lot of time chained up in public areas. Reliability is crucial and this includes relying on the bike to be wherever you leave it, 100% of the time. The electric bicycle has finally come of age. Battery technology is now truly affordable and ‘Pedelecs’ are a pleasure to go considerable distances on without breaking a sweat. As you pedal, they contribute a… Read more →

Bicycle: The Film

Bicycle: The Film The new feature-length documentary on the bicycle and cycling gets first public airing on Friday the 4th of July 2014. Here’s the trailer… Bicycle, a 90-minute documentary, gets its public world premiere at the Yorkshire Festival Of Cycling this Friday, ahead of the ceremonial start of the Tour de France. Directed by BAFTA winning Michael B. Clifford, the screening will take place on a huge outdoor screen powered by cyclists. Clifford made the film to explore the question why is the bicycle back in fashion? “It is great to see a film about this beautiful machine coming… Read more →

Census confirms London cycle commuting boom

In London the number of people cycling to work has more than doubled in 10 years, reveals Office for National Statistics. New census data released by the Office for National Statistics today reveals that London’s bike commuting boom is real. However, the picture is patchy elsewhere in England and Wales. In London, the number of people cycling to work has more than doubled in ten years, up a whopping 144 percent (albeit on a low base campared to cities such as Amsterdam). Overall, cycling to work levels in England and Wales as a whole were unchanged, with a modal share… Read more →

City Cycling: Health Versus Hazard? Cities Compared Internationally.

© Sarah Maycock/Handsome Frank http://mosaicscience.com/story/city-cycling-health-versus-hazard Are the fitness benefits of riding your bike worth the risk of an accident? Lesley Evans Ogden takes a tour of seven cities on two wheels to find out. It was just another morning commute. That is, until a bus driver ran a red light, turned right, and drove straight into Ann-Doerthe Hass Jensen. The bus knocked the social worker off her bike, trapping her underneath, a wheel pinning down and crushing her left foot. It was a school bus heading to a Copenhagen kindergarten, and the children aboard were screaming. Ann was rushed to… Read more →

Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and the Cheap EV That Almost Was.

That Henry Ford and Thomas Edison were good friends late in their lives is well-known. They camped together, presented each other with lavish gifts, even owned homes adjacent to each other. Many Ford enthusiasts also know Ford, when he first drove his Quadricycle on the streets of Detroit in 1896, worked for Edison at Detroit Edison Illuminating Company. And historians know Edison, when introduced to Ford some months later and shown Ford’s plans for a gasoline automobile, encouraged the budding industrialist to pursue those plans. What is far less known is Edison and Ford worked together on an affordable electric… Read more →

Thomas Edison & Henry Ford’s Electric Cars

Photograph courtesy Thomas Edison NHP, NPS/DOI. To inventor Thomas Edison in the early 1900s, electric cars looked like the future of transportation. Although better known for inventions such as the light bulb and motion pictures, Edison also designed three electric cars using his nickel-iron Edison Storage Batteries. Here he is seen standing beside a model that left New York on a 1,000-mile promotional “ideal tour” in September 1910, charging along the way and ending with an ascent up New Hampshire’s Mount Washington. By the time Edison’s battery (a longer-lasting, lighter-weight improvement over previous lead-acid batteries) was ready for this journey,… Read more →

Major trauma and urban cyclists: physiological status and injury profile.

Barts Health and St Paul’s skyline. At the Barts Charity Seminar on the 31st January 2014 delegates were asked the following question: “Can advances in medicine and research at Barts Health impact the number of killed or seriously injured people from cycling incidents?” Personal safety is a common concern to all cyclists, especially whilst commuting through our city’s streets. What’s less common is the opportunity to meet and discuss public health and care of trauma patients with the surgeons, doctors and health professionals who look after us all. The delegation brought a wealth of knowledge, from injured cyclists describing their… Read more →

Auto ban: How Hamburg is taking cars off the road

Source: The Independent. 15th of January 2014. For a country which prides itself on having given the world the Mercedes and the Autobahn, it represents a major ideological U-turn: Hamburg, Germany’s second largest city, is planning to ban all cars from its centre over the next 20 years and put thousands of commuters on bikes. “We envision a network that doesn’t just help residents to get from point A to B in a sustainable fashion,” Hamburg city spokeswoman Angelika Fritsch told the ZME Science urban planning network. “It will offer people opportunities to hike, swim, do water sports, enjoy picnics,… Read more →

Expensive cars and driving psychology

A Range Rover obstructing an ASL. Source: The Peeky Rider. http://hedgehogcycling.co.uk/ 20th November 2013. “I was crossing the road at the same time as a pretty, young, blonde girl to the pedestrian refuge in the middle, then to the other side, crossing two lanes of traffic each time. All the drivers stopped and waved us (her), across. When it’s just me, this doesn’t happen. I watched an expensive Mercedes glide right into an Advanced Stop Zone reserved for cyclists, and come to a halt at the second line. Typical of a Mercedes driver, I thought. I’d think the same if… Read more →

Cyclists make up a quarter of London traffic, official census finds

London cyclists have long suspected that there were far more riders on the streets of the capital than the authorities gave credit for, and new figures from Transport for London finally confirm it, with cyclists a staggering 64 percent of peak hour traffic on one road. The Evening Standard reports that a new census of cycling in London has found that one in four road users in the morning rush hour is a cyclist, and that the proportion is even higher on some popular routes. Theobalds Road, Holborn takes the gong as London’s most bike-trafficked street, with bikes making up… Read more →

Air pollution ‘kills more people than car accidents’

In London and across Europe, air pollution is killing more than ten times the number of people dying from road traffic accidents. The known health effects of air pollution have rocketed in recent years with the World Health Organisation classifying outdoor air pollution as carcinogenic to humans in October 2013 as it did smoking in February 1985. At its simplest, in public health terms, ‘invisible’ air pollution is where smoking was thirty years ago in terms of the scale and certainty of the risks and the lack of public understanding of them. The huge variation in death rates for different… Read more →

Road.cc’s Buying Basics: Buying Your First Road Bike

Velocite Geos, available now at Leftfield Bikes. Our friends over at road.cc wrote this guide back in August 6, 2012 and it’s such a good read, we’ve included it in full. The original article is here. If Britain’s incredible run of success in cycling this year – with the first ever Tour de France victory courtesy of Bradley Wiggins and dominance in the London 2012 Olympics – has inspired you to take up cycling, and you’re looking to buy your first road bike, you are in the right place. Road.cc’s Buying Basics will steer you through the occasionally confusing world… Read more →

Freakonomics: Hey Baby, Is That a Prius You’re Driving?

http://freakonomics.com/ In this podcast, a panel of environmentalists, economists, researchers and journalists discuss why the Toyota Prius has become the style statement for hybrids, as well as why projecting a positive image through both design and function is so important for early adopters. Why people choose certain vehicles offers some interesting insights in to eco-consumerism. Whilst plenty of people are happy to pay a premium for one specific hybrid vehicle over all others, it’s also possible to draw parallels with the electric bicycle marketplace. Some people still persist in viewing electric bikes as ‘cheating’. Yet, growing numbers are choosing them… Read more →

Voxan Wattman

Voxan Wattbike. Liberated from the restrictions which traditional motorcycles must adhere, the Voxan Wattbike is an exquisite example of how an electric bike can take on a new and radical form. With it’s monocoque exoskeleton removing any need for a conventional frame housing fuel, electronics and engine, the sleek aluminium body gives it a style all it’s own. Beyond the raw futuristic styling, the Wattbike delivers 200Bhp in near-silence. Yet it’s batteries can be charged to 80% capacity in just 30 minutes (much faster than your phone). 180Km is possible on a single charge too, with a top speed of… Read more →

Gyro Bikes

A brief history of Gyro Vehicles. At various points in the 20th and 21st Centuries, several manufacturers have succeeded in building Gyro Bikes. These self-balancing vehicles contain gyroscopes so that they don’t tip over, even when stationary. Lit Motors: C1. With the average distance in London less than two miles and most of these completed with just one occupant, an enclosed and narrow vehicle makes a lot of sense.

Riding backwards?

80Kph backwards down a mountainside, Eskil Ronningsbakken. Ok, so in December 2013 a succession of videos have appeared of people riding backwards on their bikes. Nothing new there of course, however these riders include hitting 80Kph down a mountain (above), a moped riding through traffic, a rider balanced on the handlebars, on the front wheel only and more. Enjoy! Scooter riding backwards in traffic. Onboard riding backwards down hill. At 1:51: backwards, balanced on the handlebars. 2:32 backwards, front wheel only.

The World’s Fastest Bicycle?

Dave Le Grys hits 110Mph. Here’s a film of Dave Le Grys setting the current British and Commonwealth record of 110Mph on the M42 motorway in 1986. Guy Martin pipped it in 2013, reaching an astonishing 112.94Mph on a beach. Both riders had a leader vehicle to reduce the effects of wind resistance. Sam Wittingham’s enclosed recumbent. The fastest unassisted human powered bike world record was 82.8Mph by Sam Whittingham set in 2009. Barbara Buatois managed 75.7Mph in 2010. In 2011, a college team from TU-Delft in the Netherlands became the 2nd fastest all-time with a rider, Sebastian Bowier: 80.5Mph…. Read more →

Long Live South Bank

‘Long Live Southbank’, the history. Long Live Southbank presents an educational campaign film showing the 40 year history of one of London’s most unique cultural spots, the 9 month campaign to protect it and the true story of its intended destruction by the Southbank Centre. London’s skate and BMX community plus tens of thousands of supporters have campaigned every single day for the preservation of Southbank (Undercroft) since the latest Festival Wing ‘regeneration’ plans were first revealed. The result was unprecedented public support from all walks of life, something the Southbank Centre has failed to achieve in it’s goal to… Read more →

Cycling Census Data: 2001 versus 2011

A car recycling area and scrap yard. Census data is absolutely undeniable: there have been massive rises in car-free households here over the past decade. It is now officially the majority-case all across London. Yet London’s borough councils persist in designing our roads for cars rather than for pedestrians, bikes and public transport, in direct conflict with what’s actually happening. Some examples: Kensington & Chelsea households are now 56% car-free, up from 51% in 2001. In Hackney, it’s more dramatic: 65% of households are now car-free, up from 56% in 2001. Lambeth: 58% of households are car-free, up from 51%… Read more →

London’s ‘Die-in’ at TfL.

London’s Die-in at TfL. Click on the image for the high-res. On the 29th of November 2013, almost 2,000 people staged the first ‘Die-in’. It was a peaceful event following the deaths of six cyclists in just nine days. The idea was to replicate a protest which happened in Holland in the 70’s: attendees simply lay down on the road alongside their bikes for fifteen minutes. ‘Stop de Kindermoord’ prompted a national debate which resulted in the Dutch Government investing in safe cycle infrastructure nationwide. Currently London’s cyclists get £1.25/year per person in cycle-specific infrastructure. The Dutch continue to spend… Read more →


ROADS WERE NOT BUILT FOR CARS is a free e-book about roads history, focusing on the period 1880-1905, which saw the Bicycling Boom and then – pop – the start of Motoring Mania. Motorists are the johnny-come-latelies of highway history. The coming of the railways in the 1830s killed off the stage-coach trade; almost all rural roads reverted to low-level local use. Cyclists were the first group in a generation to use roads and were the first to push for high-quality sealed surfaces and were the first to lobby for national funding and leadership for roads. Without cyclists, motorists wouldn’t… Read more →

Love London, Go Dutch! Newsnight Special.

Newsnight on the 8th of August, 2013. “I hear many excuses, or myths, about what makes the Dutch supposedly so different. There are more similarities than differences. It is not about the climate; it’s the same. Flat? There would be Amsterdams all over the world. It’s not that. It’s about making a choice, and prioritising what you want.” Marc van Woudenberg, Amsterdamize. The Netherlands is also quite windy which can increase the effort in cycling just as much as the hills can. But the differences in cycling rate among Dutch cities show that it’s not just terrain that has an… Read more →

Strava: The App And The Heatmap

Strava have been working behind the scenes to create a beautiful visualisation of rider data. On Saturday July 20th Strava athletes covered 4,890,000 miles in over 326,000 combined hours. To get a look at what all that riding looks like Paul Mach built the ‘Saturday on Strava Heatmap’, a visual of all those miles, broken down by hour. A Saturday on Strava, Mapped.

Orbital Festival: Goodwood Motor Circuit

Orbital Festival: Banner. On the 28th of July 2013 our team lead out the ‘Raw Speed Keirin‘ at the Orbital Festival, which was at the Goodwood Motor Circuit this year. Orbital Festival: Keirin. Single wave, mixed start. The race consists of 2 laps. Riders follow the derny bike for a set distance (approx. 2/3rds of the second lap), before the derny pulls off the track and the riders sprint for the finish. Medals awarded to top 3 finishers for each category. Orbital Festival: Brands.

Win a £1,600 Velocite Selene Road Racing Bike in Your Size!

Win a £1,600 Velocite Selene Road Racing Bike in Your Size!

To celebrate the inaugural Tour de France Fun Park here in Canary Wharf, you can win a stunning Velocite Selene! Scroll down to buy your raffle ticket (or tickets) The winner will be announced on Sunday, with the appropriately fitted bike delivered next week. Weighing-in from just 8.1 kg, this 7005 cold-worked, triple-butted aluminium alloy bike is hand made by amongst the best frame makers in the world. This bike is kitted out with SRAM components, FSA and lashings of carbon fibre. It’s a package worth £1,600! For your chance to win, simply choose how many tickets you’d like and… Read more →

Credit Suisse, Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), London to Paris Charity Bike Ride

Ismet Huseyin‘s KTM Strada 800 Speed. When it comes to Sporting Triumphs we have had more than our fair share in the last 12 months. Gold and Olympic glory for Mo, Jess, Sir Chris et al, British Lions roaring Down Under, Victory for GB and sideburns with Sir Brad in the Tour de France and of course we’ll never forget that Wimbledon win for Andy – 77 years after Fred – expect to see a new T shirt range shortly !! But none of these remarkable achievements come remotely close to the impending triumphs of the Credit Suisse CRES Team,… Read more →

Flying Bicycle

A Canadian-built helicopter that is powered by a human riding a bicycle has become the first winner of a decades-old $250,000 (£165,000) engineering prize. The American Helicopter Society had never given out its Igor Sikorsky Human-Powered Helicopter Award – initiated 33 years ago – until the team from the University of Toronto won it this week. The challenge was to create a flying machine that would be able to reach a height of three metres, fly for 60 seconds by human power alone, and stay within a 10m by 10m radius. “It was long seen as impossible to win this,”… Read more →

LEFTFIELDBIKES Prize Draw Winner is:

Alex Blair! In June 2013 LEFTFIELDBIKES teamed up with The Wharf newspaper to give away this spectacular KTM Road Racing Bike worth £750.  ‘Absolutely chuffed to have won such a great and unique bike. Definitely a much better bike than its rider! The bike was even delivered to me at work and adjusted to fit, which is what Leftfield Bikes are all about: unique bikes and personalised service!’ Alex Blair, Analyst at Accenture 17.06.13 Specifications The outstanding KTM Strada 800 Speed is fast and light, weighing-in at well under 10kg. The dropbar option offers an aerodynamic riding position, which is… Read more →

Bike Belles

The Bike Belles Guide for women who want to cycle more. Riding a bike offers women so many benefits, yet Sustrans’ * research shows that women are much less likely to cycle than men. Sustrans is keen to redress this cycling gender imbalance and is leading the way in encouraging more of you onto your bikes. This essential guide is packed full of ideas, tips and advice to help you enjoy riding your bike. You’ll find sections on buying a bike, choosing accessories, how to look good, staying safe, cycling during pregnancy and much more. Containing numerous real-life quotes from… Read more →

Recommendations, Resources and Reviews.

Chris Boardman‘s film ‘A Short Journey‘ from British Cycling. On this page you’ll find links to many of the websites and blogs our team read regularly. Most of these are either in London, or relate to London and our cycling scene, infrastructure and community. Read reviews and compare routes, discover new adventures and meet a kindred spirit. There are of course some links to some of our heros! If a blog or website isn’t listed and you think we’d be interested, do let us know. Aarline, Alastair Humphreys, Amsterdamize, BBC Travel News, Bicycle Association of Great Britain, Bicycle Film Festival,… Read more →



Market leading technology with components you’d expect to find on a much more expensive ebike. This model is an ebike that offers tremendous value for money for both the commuter or leisure cyclist. Eligible to purchase through the Government’s Bike To Work Scheme the UCR-30 is the answer to traffic congestion and stressful commutes. The Roadster frame is a traditional bike design incorporating a crossbar for those wanting a more conventional design. FRAME & FORK: Urban commuting roadster 48cm frame. Built in T6 high grade aluminium and finished in satin black with Suntour CR8 aluminium suspension fork. WHEEL SET: 26″… Read more →



This is an ebike whose appearance is bound to turn heads, but it’s not just about looking good. This stunning ebike features cutting edge technology and no-compromise finishing kit giving a superb ride, fantastic range and an ebike that will be the envy of every other road user. This ‘low step’ frame makes it far easier to get on and off the bike, making it a great choice for commuters riding into work wearing their office clothes. FRAME & FORK: Lifestyle low step frame built in T6 high grade aluminium and finished in arctic white with internal cabling and custom… Read more →



This is an ebike whose appearance is bound to turn heads, but it’s not just about looking good. This stunning ebike features cutting edge technology and no-compromise finishing kit giving a superb ride, fantastic range and an ebike that will be the envy of every other road user. The Roadster frame is a traditional bike design incorporating a crossbar for those wanting a more conventional design. FRAME & FORK: T-6 high grade aluminium roadster frame with 20″ wheels, one-size finished in Titanium with internal cabling and head stock suspension fork. ELECTRIC DRIVE SYSTEM: TRANZX 250 watt 36 volt brushless high… Read more →

Showers Pass:  Rogue Hoodie

Showers Pass: Rogue Hoodie

The Rogue is a street wise, bike, ski, walk and casual-friendly, fiercely weather resistant technical hoodie. It’ll become your favorite sweatshirt, only better. Featuring a 3-layer waterproof softshell Artex material, it’s ideal for temperatures of 10’C and below. The light-weight, fleece-lined waterproof-breathable fabric (not seam taped), is perfect for cycling and socialising afterwards. Cosy wrist gaiters with thumb loops Reflective Trim Light loop inside back pocket Audio Port in right hand pocket Adjustable draw-cords and hem and hood Hood fits over most regular helmets (not full-face, downhill) When choosing your size note that measurements are for the jacket, not of… Read more →

Re~Cycle: Bikes To Africa

Re~Cycle’s mission is to collect unwanted bicycles and ship them to Africa. Leftfield Bikes collect unused bicycles from all South West London addresses. These are then sent on to Re~Cycle. All you need to do is to e-mail us the address where the bike is kept, plus your contact details and then we’ll collect it from you as soon as we can. Click here for our e-mail address. If you have more than one bike and/or various spare parts, then that’s great too! All bicycles can be recycled, even if it means they're sometimes stripped for their components to complete… Read more →

London Cycling Campaign

Love London, Go Dutch! Love London, Go Dutch is the campaign calling for the Mayor of London to make our streets more liveable for everyone by making them as safe and inviting for cycling as they are in Holland. LCC launched the campaign in February 2012, and in the weeks before the 3 May 2012 Mayoral election the five leading candidates promised to implement the three core Go Dutch commitments, starting the move towards installing continental-standard cycling infrastructure in the capital. Support The London Cycling Campaign for a Safer, Healthier City To support The London Cycling Campaign, Leftfield Bikes donated… Read more →

Veho:  MUVI™ HD NPNG Special Edition Bundle

Veho: MUVI™ HD NPNG Special Edition Bundle

Veho® are pleased to announce the partnership with new and exciting lifestyle and action sports media partner ‘No Proof No Glory™‘. As part of this partnership, Veho have released the MUVI™ HD Special Edition ‘No Proof No Glory™’ Bundle. The Special Edition No Proof No Glory™ MUVI™ HD includes a Waterproof Case that is capable of depths of 60 Metres underwater for a full 60 minutes, a Helmet Front Mount that allows you to create a true POV angle when filming handsfree. The MUVI™ HD has updated firmware to allow you to record at 960p at 30fps and 720p at… Read more →

Chilli Technology:  Mini Cam Pro HD 720p Sports Action Camera

Chilli Technology: Mini Cam Pro HD 720p Sports Action Camera

Are you the next Felix Baumgartner or just an ordinary man or woman who transforms into an Action Super Hero at the weekend??! That jump I did was masssssivve… but without the proof it means nothing… but not now though, not now we have the Mini Pro HD 720p Sports Action Camera to prove it! So who’s it for? This sports action camera is for anyone who loves to Ski, Snowboard, Wakeboard, Mountain Bike, Sky Dive, Windsurf, Canoe, has a go at White Water rafting, Jet Skis, Snorkels, Motorcrosses, Rally’s, enjoys Track Days or any other mad Action Hero sport!!… Read more →

Gadget Show Live 2012

Try before you buy: Several bikes will be available at The Gadget Show Live 2012’s Test Track! * Terms and Conditions apply. All participants must be aged 18 or older. We will be bringing a variety of demonstrator bicycles to The Gadget Show Live 2012’s Test Track! All bikes will be safety checked before demonstrations and access is on a first come, first served basis. The amount of time each person gets to try out a bike will vary depending on the queue. Manufacturer’s guidelines will also be in place, as not all bikes are suitable for all riders. Several… Read more →

Mountain Trike

Mountain Trike

The active chair for active people, the Mountain Trike Offers riders the freedom to venture out around town and into the countryside. Whether that is to the beach, down muddy tracks, over grass or along cobbled streets, gravel driveways and even through snow. We call this All-Terrain. Watch the review on ITV‘s Cycle Show. With a conventional wheelchair, the smallest everyday journey or outdoors activity can seem daunting. The Mountain Trike gives riders the ability to go to places that were completely inaccessible previously, whilst maintaining the function and versatility of a standard wheelchair. Possible applications for the Trike are… Read more →

Vespertine NYC:  Gogo Dirndle

Vespertine NYC: Gogo Dirndle

An ebullient take on the traditional Germanic Dirndle, the Gogo Dirndle is made from a breathable power mesh and features a zippered front, back cell phone pocket, and lycra trim, elastic straps, and adjustable back lacing all made from reflective materials that highlight your curves after hours. Safety is Sexy! Let it loose or pull it in tight and Gogo, burn pavement.

Vespertine NYC:  Sash-ay Scarf

Vespertine NYC: Sash-ay Scarf

For those who take design seriously and high visibility discreetly, we introduce the SASH-AY SCARF. High-tech 3M reflective thread is woven seamlessly into this soft, light-weight merino wool Heritage Tweed woven in in the traditional artisinal manner in Scotland. Safety is Sexy! The reflective stripes lie largely dormant but awake to astonishing effect in direct light- such as a car’s head lights or the paparrazi’s flash. Wrap it around your neck on your next sashay or wear it across your body as a sash secured regally by the reflective covered button. Fellow travelers will take notice. Road.cc Review: 4.5/5

Bicycle Insurance: Policies & Tips

Over 10,000 cyclists in London have 3rd-party insurance. Which is the most suitable policy for you? ETA offer a variety of options for cycling devotees, commuters and travellers alike, policies are both flexible and affordable. The BBC’s article below discusses what to consider when insuring both you and your bicycle. Environmental Transport Association The ETA’s policies include new-for-old replacement on claims, worldwide cover should your bike be damaged or stolen in the UK or abroad, up to 40% no claims discount, personal accident cover for up to £20,000, third party insurance worth up to £1,000,000, free cycle rescue and puncture cover worth £51… Read more →

Electric Bikes: It’s not Cheating, it’s Transport.

Steve McQueen owned the predecessor of our 2012 Pininfarina-designed Velosolex. Before the tyres were even pumped-up on our new ‘pedelec‘, two road racers appeared. One observed that it was electric and the other, that it was cheating… and so began the debate: are electric bicycles ‘cheating’? For those unfamiliar with the term, a pedelec is a bicycle with regular pedals plus a battery and motor. As you pedal, the motor adds a little assistance. When you stop pedalling, the assistance stops. It won’t drive on battery power alone: you have to make the effort to reap the rewards. They don’t… Read more →

Summer of Cycling!

The Summer of Cycling is a national campaign running between March and October which aims to encourage more people to cycle. The All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group and The Bicycle Association, alongside the force of 23 cycling organisations are aiming to double cycling every summer. It’s about encouraging everyone with an interest in cycling to share the fun and introduce just one friend, neighbour, colleague or family member to cycling. The Summer of Cycling brings together a whole host of organisations from charities, NGOs, industry manufacturers and retailers, as well as major UK cycling event organisers. It is very much… Read more →


There are many ways to enjoy your new bicycle, one of which is to pack it up and fly off somewhere to see what both you and your new steed are capable of!  On this page, we have listed a selection of third party companies who provide many of the services you will require in your forthcoming adventure. Bicycle and Travel Insurance:  ETA Environmental Transport Association (ETA), policies include:  new-for-old replacement on claims, worldwide cover should your bike be damaged or stolen abroad, up to 40% no claims discount, personal accident cover for up to £20,000, third party insurance worth up to £1,000,000,… Read more →

Hope:  Floating Rotors

Hope: Floating Rotors

These Floating rotors are now a firm favourite amongst both performance orientated riders and those just looking for something a little different. These rotors have a stainless steel braking surface riveted to an aluminium central carrier. As well as offering a significant weight saving, they also allow the rotors to expand or contract with changes in temperature. The rotors are available in 140, 160, 180, 183, 185, 200, 203 and 205mm in the full range of colours. For further weight savings we also have the lightweight floating rotor available from the Race X2 brake as an after market part. Only… Read more →

DT Swiss:  XR Carbon Air Shock 2012

DT Swiss: XR Carbon Air Shock 2012

Since every gram counts in a race, DTSwiss’s suspension engineers work closely with professional cross-country racers to ensure that the performance and durability of the suspension products are absolutely ideal. Not only do the XR suspension products shine on the winner‘s podium, but in everyday use as well. Features: • Suspension – Air, elastomer negative spring • Damping – Oil Damping, rebound, lockout • Option – XM/XR remote control (49g) • Colour – Carbon Black Built In Width • 152mm • 165mm • 190mm • 200mm Travel: • 152mm = 31mm • 165mm= 37.5mm • 190mm = 50mm • 200mm… Read more →

DT Swiss:  XM 180 Air Shock 2012

DT Swiss: XM 180 Air Shock 2012

The XM suspension allows you to build a speedy racebike as well as a comfortable All-Mountain bike. Lower weight and increased stiffness are the traits that make the XM components so versatile. Long climbs are easily conquered with the fork locked and lowered and the shock locked, while all the plush travel makes the descent a joyride. Features: • Suspension – Air, elastomer negative spring • Damping – Oil Damping, rebound, lockout • Option – XM/XR remote control • Colour – Black Built In Width • 152mm • 165mm • 190mm • 200mm Travel: • 152mm = 31mm • 165mm=… Read more →

Super B Tools:  TBA9000 Workstation

Super B Tools: TBA9000 Workstation

The ultimate bicycle workstation for your private garage or shop.  This set-up will ensure you always have the right tool for the task at hand. 1ST LAYER:   A1: TB-FW30 – Freewheel remover TB-FW20 – Freewheel turner TB-HB50 – Multi hook TB-BB10 – Bottom bracket wrench TB-CP15 – Freewheel remover & bottom bracket tool TB-BB30 – Cartridge B.B. tool TB-8911 – Crank installation tool A2: TB-7305~7345 – T-shape key wrench. Size:2/2.5mm 3/4/5/6/8/10mm(ball end) 2ND LAYER:   B1: ZB-12 – CRV (1-12” Adjustable wrench) TB-1045 – Freewheel remover TB-1095 – Freewheel remover TB-1060 – Cartridge B.B. tool TB-1005 – B.B. wrench TB-1065 –… Read more →

KCNC:  XC1 ISIS Crankset 175mm 44/32/22T

KCNC: XC1 ISIS Crankset 175mm 44/32/22T

CNC machined 7075 T7 alloy chainrings ramped and pinned for perfect shifting 44/32/22T black anodised finish with silver teeth 4 arm spider with 104mm/64mm PCD alloy chainring bolts throughout Patented double hollow arms 175mm ISIS drive Q-Factor 180mm (118mm BB, 175mm arms) Designed for xc racing. Weighs 539g including self-extracting bolt retaining caps. These cranks are exquisite, complete with anodised Black alloy chainring bolts that are also available in Gold, Red, Blue and Silver. The chainrings have machine finished teeth to keep them looking good when worn. We also stock KCNC Scandium MTB bottom brackets and at 199g, when combined… Read more →

KCNC K-type FR1 – Freeride Crankset Double and Bash 32/22T

KCNC K-type FR1 – Freeride Crankset Double and Bash 32/22T

Double ring and bash guard crankset designed for more aggressive MTB use – designated FreeRide! Fully precision CNC machined MTB crankset complete with KCNC’s External Bearing Bottom Bracket (K-type). These cranks are exquisite, complete with anodised Black alloy chainring bolts that are also available in Gold, Red, Blue, Green and Silver. The chainrings have machine finished teeth to keep them looking good when worn. The K-type bottom bracket design features full stainless steel replaceable cartridge bearings and a red alloy spacer clamp to remove axial float of the scandium alloy axle. The crank arms are both removable from the BB… Read more →

KCNC:  K-type RD2

KCNC: K-type RD2

Fully precision CNC machined lightweight double road crankset with external stainless steel bearing bottom bracket (ceramic upgrade available). These cranks are exquisite, weighing in at just 668g complete (175mm 50/34). They also have a reduced Q-factor of 151mm. The new bottom bracket design features full stainless steel replaceable cartridge bearings (ceramic upgrade available) and a red alloy spacer clamp to remove axial float of the scandium alloy axle. The crank arms are both removable from the BB axle, but the new design allows the driveside arm and spider to be left on the axle, and the axle to be removed… Read more →

KCNC:  K3-Type RD Crankset

KCNC: K3-Type RD Crankset

The latest K-Type lightweight double road crankset from KCNC, featuring cobweb chainrings. Fully precision CNC machined, with external stainless steel bearing bottom bracket (ceramic upgrade available). These cranks are exquisite, weighing in at just 727 g complete (175 mm 50/34). They also have a reduced Q-factor of 151 mm. The new bottom bracket design features full stainless steel replaceable cartridge bearings (ceramic upgrade available) and a red alloy spacer clamp to remove axial float of the scandium alloy axle. The crank arms are both removable from the BB axle, but the new design allows the driveside arm and spider to… Read more →

Deity:  Tibia Seatpost (B/W)

Deity: Tibia Seatpost (B/W)

The Tibia seat post comes in one size, 27.2 and uses 7075 shims to accommodate 30.0, 30.9, and 31.6 seat posts. The seat post is a high polished ano with white deity logoing in a lightweight package. The seat post is 3D forged out of 2014. The inside of the seatpost as you can see is not your typical run of the mill seatpost and is oval shaped. The post uses a single bolt to tighten the clamp and is easy to use and adjust. Dialing in the seat angle is pretty easy, but it does have predetermined teeth that… Read more →

Deity:  Classic Flanged Lock On Grips 2012

Deity: Classic Flanged Lock On Grips 2012

A classic: favourite among all riding disciplines, the knurled grip pattern of the Deity Classic grip is something many of you are used to and probably currently run. At a medium thickness and featuring a super tacky rubber compound, the Deity Classic grip utilizes a smaller 46mm flange diameter that addresses clearance issues riders have had with running flanged grips with shifters, so taking a knife to your grip’s flange is a thing of the past! Features: • Flanged lock on grip in a 130mm length • Classic industry standard pattern • 6061 T6 forged T Clamps • Soft rubber… Read more →

Deity:  Decoy LT 2012 pedals

Deity: Decoy LT 2012 pedals

Even though the Deity Decoy 2.0 is one of the lightest contenders on the market, the goal with the Deity Decoy LT pedal was to deliver you an even lighter package that will allow you to shed even more weight off your bike. Weighing in at 357 grams for the pair and featuring a forged and machined magnesium body, the Deity LT pedals are also utilize the CNC aluminium socket pins to reduce every gram possible whether you are a downhill racer, dedicated Dirt Jumper, Freerider or prefer platforms for All Mountain and trail riding… the Deity Decoy LT’s are… Read more →

BustedTees:  Bike ’til you Barf!

BustedTees: Bike ’til you Barf!

Our friends over at BustedTees.Com have hooked us up with this outstanding off-bike shirt. Apparently it takes between five and seven hours, depending on how bodacious you are! Click here to buy it, via BustedTees.Com. Note that we don’t keep it in stock;  they do.  Any products you buy from them will be shipped from their depot in the US.

Hope:  Hoops Pro 3 SP-XC3 (pair)

Hope: Hoops Pro 3 SP-XC3 (pair)

The Pro 3 SP-XC3 wheelset has been designed specifically with weight saving in mind. To achieve the sort of competitive weights required for racing and performance riding, weight has been taken from the hub and rotor – instead of using fragile, overlight components in the rim and spokes. The resulting wheel is a perfect mix of strength to weight, which has already been taken to many race wins. We suggest a rider weight limit of 85kg. This is only a guideline, but common sense should be used with regards to the type of riding they will be used for. The… Read more →

Bike to Work Scheme

The Cycle to Work Guarantee is a voluntary initiative from the Department for Transport (DfT), challenging businesses to become cycle friendly employers by making it easy for staff to cycle to and from work. Save up to 42% on bikes and equipment! Leftfield Bikes are in partnership with Bike 2 Work Scheme Limited to offer you the ideal commuter bicycle and safety equipment combination. Employees: Before applying for the scheme, note that you must be in full time employment and bicycles/equipment must cost less than £1,000 per employee. Save up to 42% on the cost of a new bike and… Read more →

Super B Tools:  Freewheel Tool

Super B Tools: Freewheel Tool

Special sizes designed for easy use on professional grade bike components. It features a disassemble hub lock-ring for time trial bike. 10 speed cassette compatible. TB-FW10 is suitable to work with TB-FW30 together. From the Workshop to the home, tools to fix every budget. Established precision hand toll manufacturer since 1990 Intense R&D to develop best in market products 2 ranges: Premier and Classic, give the customer choice Make you a bike master! Starting out in 1990, manufacturing precision hand tools, 10 years ago SuperB decided to enter into the cycle tool market. This gave Super-B the edge over the… Read more →

Full Windsor:  FoldnFix Mudguard

Full Windsor: FoldnFix Mudguard

There’s no need to go rummaging around in the shed, because attaching a FoldnFix fender is a tool-free procedure. Just attach using it’s cable-ties and away you go. The FoldnFix attaches down the seat tube, protecting your upper legs and backside. It’s origami design keeps it nice and rigid, allowing it to spring back when knocked, making it durable and resistant to breakage. What bikes do the fenders work with?: Both the Quickfix and Foldnfix fenders are designed to fit the majority of road and hybrid bicycles. They also work with some hard tail mountain bikes. They are designed for bikes with… Read more →

Full Windsor:  Quickfix Mudguard

Full Windsor: Quickfix Mudguard

There’s no need to go rummaging around in the shed, because attaching a Quickfix fender is a tool-free procedure. Just click it on and away you go. And when you’re done, click it off, fold it up, and store it in your bag (in a plastic carrier bag if muddy) for another rainy day. The Quickfix attaches down the seat tube, protecting your upper legs and backside. It’s origami design keeps it nice and rigid, allowing it to spring back when knocked, making it durable and resistant to breakage. What bikes do the fenders work with?: Both the Quickfix and… Read more →

Intrepid Apparel:  Ultimate MTB Softshell Jacket

Intrepid Apparel: Ultimate MTB Softshell Jacket

The ultimate MTB softshell jacket is the perfect choice for winter rides. Packed with technical features, a microfleece lining with contrasting green detailing and an extremely breathable softshell outer fabric, this jacket is a thing of beauty. Intrepid’s MTB jacket has an exceptional fit with a tailored shape and ergonomically designed sleeves to increase range of movement. One large rear cargo pocket makes this an ideal riding jacket for longer rides or when you don’t want to carry a pack. The pocket contains an iPhone pouch and plenty of room for your additional valuables including a karabiner to keep your… Read more →

Item:  By The Pound

Item: By The Pound

This page assists us with payments for miscellaneous items, fees, refinements, unlisted components, items which have been quoted individually, and/or equivalent. First ensure that you have confirmed the total with us via e-mail. Workflow: For £123.00, first press ‘Add to Cart’ on this page. Then proceed to the Cart Page via the ‘View Cart’ button or Shopping Cart Icon, adjust the Quantity to 123, press ‘Update Cart’, then ‘Proceed to Checkout’. Then enter your payment details as normal. We will then proceed to follow what was confirmed via e-mail in advance as applicable. Terms & Conditions apply. Transactions via this… Read more →


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