2013 Mexico Taxco Urban Downhill Race

The Flying Frenchman. Ever wanted to show an aspiring rider (or a family member), what extreme riding is like onboard the bike? Try the video above. Following a crash that morning, The Flying Frenchman achieved 5th place on this run.

Intrepid Apparel:  Classic Race Jersey (White)

Intrepid Apparel: Classic Race Jersey (White)

For mountain bikers, a high performance race jersey is indispensible and performs multiple roles. It protects the rider from the elements, helps to regulate temperature and stores vital cargo such as food, tools and valuables. Intrepid’s classic race jersey combines functionality and performance with distinctive styling. The jersey has fast wicking and quick drying properties and can be worn on its own or as an additional layer. Intrepid’s race jersey has one main cargo pocket containing an iPhone pouch and a karabiner to keep your car keys safe, and on the left forearm there is an additional pocket for a… Read more →


Leftfield Bikes: Riding, Re-invented We’re busy preparing new bicycles, plus our new spot,

Ducati:  400R

Ducati: 400R

The Ducati 400R with it’s Ducati Racing Red paint job fresh from MotoGP and Superbike, is the very top end 29″ MTB model. Featuring a smooth, sloping aluminium frame and a 2×10 transmission, this is the very fastest fully human powered Ducati available. RockShox’ 30 Silver TK 29″ Soloair 100mm fork is kitted-out with a PopLoc Remote and a 180mm hydraulic disc, with a 160mm bringing up the rear. It’s race ready and built for thrashing absolutely every sort of terrain out there. Specifications: Colour: Ducati Racing Red Frame: Serie 400 29″ Alloy, PM, HT 1,5′ Fork: RockShox 30 Silver… Read more →

Ducati:  330SX

Ducati: 330SX

There are few greater motivators whilst out on a ride, than pulling away from people who are determined to overtake your Ducati! The 300SX Series models are meant for just such daily adventures. With it’s lightweight aluminium frame Engineered by Bianchi and paired with a set of 29-ers, you’re all set. Naturally, there’s hydraulic disc brakes and a remote lock-out fork with 100mm of travel, making this a great package Choose from Ducati Red or Matt Graphite, to compliment Shimano Deore 3×10 speeds – and your existing Ducati motorcycle of course! Specifications: Colours: Ducati Red or Matt Graphite Frame: Series… Read more →

MuckyNutz:  Bender Fender

MuckyNutz: Bender Fender

The Bender Fender is the latest fender reincarnation: just slightly thicker at 0.3mm to be precise. You could consider it a ‘heavy duty’ model (at 22g), although it’s not exactly hefty. It’s thicker to improve durability, so it’s better at tackling a fall or those pesky pine cones when they get pulled through by the wheel. So if you prefer the downhill and wooded trail this is the one for you. Here’s a reminder of the Bender Fender’s plus points: – It stops any muck, horse, cow and dog s*** from being flung into your face. It is fitted as close as possible to the knobbly bits for optimum ‘muck’… Read more →

Ass-Saver:  SmartAss

Ass-Saver: SmartAss

Tired of sitting at the office with a wet backside all day just because it rained last night? Do you find a shower can come out of nowhere even though the sun was shining just a minute ago? Not ready to bike in a wet suit or burden your bike with unwieldy mudguards? Relax. The solution is finally here! The Ass Saver is a simple, yet extremely effective solution. Although it’s almost completely weightless, it manages to intercept the annoying splashes which arise from damp roads. It’s perfect for commuter bikes, road racers and so on. When fitted to a… Read more →

Bike The Strike!

Click the pic & print the .pdf! bikethestrike.co.uk #bikethestrike Bike The Strike London! Who needs the Tube anyway? Know someone who’s facing another nightmare day ‘off’ the Tube on Thursday? Well, you could give them a little nudge: print-off the picture here and leave it on their desk! Have a picture of you or a fellow commuter with the picture? Send it to us, it may even be included in our next circular! Well, I Didn’t Know That: • There are more cyclists in London with 3rd Party Insurance # than there are taxis in London • The average journey… Read more →

Damson:  Headbones (Bluetooth Bone-Conducting Commuter Headphones)

Damson: Headbones (Bluetooth Bone-Conducting Commuter Headphones)

Music and cycling go together, everyone know’s that! However, heavy commuter traffic can offer up subtle sounds which inform us of the mood of our fellow commuters. This can include simple things like drivers revving their engines and people arguing about traffic/driving/parking/fuel prices inside their cars, or pedestrians yapping on their phones. Difficult to hear when you have your favourite beats going strong! So Damson developed a set of bone-conducting headphones to accommodate this very environment. They press onto your head just in front of your ears and the sounds vibrate towards your eardrums. Your ear canals remain open to… Read more →

State Bicycle:  Core Line Models

State Bicycle: Core Line Models

State Bicycle Co. are a team of fixie riders who developed their own selection of fixed gear/single speed bicycles in Tempe, Arizona. The Core Line models come with 4130 grade Cromoly steel frame and forks, 43mm deep-v style wheels, a flip-flop hub for fixed/freewheel riding and the components to match. Core Line colour schemes change frequently, keeping each rare The colours give each model it’s own unique style and identity. Each are produced in limited quantities before being retired for good: most colour schemes are available for just 6 months to a year before they are ‘retired’. Add 4 handlebar… Read more →

Dainese:  Action Wave 03 Pro Back Protector

Dainese: Action Wave 03 Pro Back Protector

For downhill and the more adventurous mountain biker, protective gear is a must. Dainese have been making back protectors for motorcyclists for decades and it shows. Designed to fit under a variety of biking tops, this waist and shoulder supported model is second to none for safety. • Polypropylene articulated outer plates, with corrugated reinforcing structure to distribute concentrated impact forces over a wider surface area • Multi layered padding made up of a high quality aluminium honeycomb inner core and crash absorb reinforcement offering maximum energy absorption • Innovative double density thermoformed perimeter structure to support the plates •… Read more →


Mobile Mechanics: 21st Century Service Keep the wheels turning The majority of tweaks can be handled in a matter of moments and most refinements require your input to get the bike just right for you. So where better than at your convenience, from your home or office? If your bike needs more than a once-over we’ll collect it for servicing. When it’s ready, we’ll return it to you. This typically operates over a 24 hour period, although we will look after your bike for longer if necessary. We are more than happy to service several bikes at once. There is… Read more →

Road.cc’s Buying Basics: Buying Your First Road Bike

Velocite Geos, available now at Leftfield Bikes. Our friends over at road.cc wrote this guide back in August 6, 2012 and it’s such a good read, we’ve included it in full. The original article is here. If Britain’s incredible run of success in cycling this year – with the first ever Tour de France victory courtesy of Bradley Wiggins and dominance in the London 2012 Olympics – has inspired you to take up cycling, and you’re looking to buy your first road bike, you are in the right place. Road.cc’s Buying Basics will steer you through the occasionally confusing world… Read more →

Slash of Guns N’ Roses on BMX

Slash on BMX. Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist was originally a Professional BMX rider and racer. Who knew? He began as an urban freestyler and made money as a weekend racer too. Then the guitar beckoned and the rest is history. Here he’s interviewed about how he started out and and also how his road crew’s fears for his safety (whilst using stage sets as improvised ramps), lead to his bike being confiscated on tour. Playstation, Xbox, Nike SB or Bay Sixty 6? You decide!

Orbital Festival: Goodwood Motor Circuit

Orbital Festival: Banner. On the 28th of July 2013 our team lead out the ‘Raw Speed Keirin‘ at the Orbital Festival, which was at the Goodwood Motor Circuit this year. Orbital Festival: Keirin. Single wave, mixed start. The race consists of 2 laps. Riders follow the derny bike for a set distance (approx. 2/3rds of the second lap), before the derny pulls off the track and the riders sprint for the finish. Medals awarded to top 3 finishers for each category. Orbital Festival: Brands.

London Nocturne 2013

On the 8th of June 2013, we had the distinct pleasure of hosting at The London Nocturne. One of our riders even had the opportunity to lead out the IG City Criterium race! Teaser video, no spoilers. The full video of the event will be on this page as soon as it’s been broadcast on Channel 4 on Sunday the 16th of June 2013, at 8pm. IG London Nocturne 2013 – Men’s Elite Criterium a Road Cycling video by roadcyclinguk Race Results: 2013 Much to the delight of the crowd the Women’s Elite Criterium finished with a photo finish, with… Read more →

Electric Bikes: It’s not Cheating, it’s Transport.

Steve McQueen owned the predecessor of our 2012 Pininfarina-designed Velosolex. Before the tyres were even pumped-up on our new ‘pedelec‘, two road racers appeared. One observed that it was electric and the other, that it was cheating… and so began the debate: are electric bicycles ‘cheating’? For those unfamiliar with the term, a pedelec is a bicycle with regular pedals plus a battery and motor. As you pedal, the motor adds a little assistance. When you stop pedalling, the assistance stops. It won’t drive on battery power alone: you have to make the effort to reap the rewards. They don’t… Read more →


There are many ways to enjoy your new bicycle, one of which is to pack it up and fly off somewhere to see what both you and your new steed are capable of!  On this page, we have listed a selection of third party companies who provide many of the services you will require in your forthcoming adventure. Bicycle and Travel Insurance:  ETA Environmental Transport Association (ETA), policies include:  new-for-old replacement on claims, worldwide cover should your bike be damaged or stolen abroad, up to 40% no claims discount, personal accident cover for up to £20,000, third party insurance worth up to £1,000,000,… Read more →

Hope:  Floating Rotors

Hope: Floating Rotors

These Floating rotors are now a firm favourite amongst both performance orientated riders and those just looking for something a little different. These rotors have a stainless steel braking surface riveted to an aluminium central carrier. As well as offering a significant weight saving, they also allow the rotors to expand or contract with changes in temperature. The rotors are available in 140, 160, 180, 183, 185, 200, 203 and 205mm in the full range of colours. For further weight savings we also have the lightweight floating rotor available from the Race X2 brake as an after market part. Only… Read more →

DT Swiss:  XR Carbon Air Shock 2012

DT Swiss: XR Carbon Air Shock 2012

Since every gram counts in a race, DTSwiss’s suspension engineers work closely with professional cross-country racers to ensure that the performance and durability of the suspension products are absolutely ideal. Not only do the XR suspension products shine on the winner‘s podium, but in everyday use as well. Features: • Suspension – Air, elastomer negative spring • Damping – Oil Damping, rebound, lockout • Option – XM/XR remote control (49g) • Colour – Carbon Black Built In Width • 152mm • 165mm • 190mm • 200mm Travel: • 152mm = 31mm • 165mm= 37.5mm • 190mm = 50mm • 200mm… Read more →

DT Swiss:  XM 180 Air Shock 2012

DT Swiss: XM 180 Air Shock 2012

The XM suspension allows you to build a speedy racebike as well as a comfortable All-Mountain bike. Lower weight and increased stiffness are the traits that make the XM components so versatile. Long climbs are easily conquered with the fork locked and lowered and the shock locked, while all the plush travel makes the descent a joyride. Features: • Suspension – Air, elastomer negative spring • Damping – Oil Damping, rebound, lockout • Option – XM/XR remote control • Colour – Black Built In Width • 152mm • 165mm • 190mm • 200mm Travel: • 152mm = 31mm • 165mm=… Read more →

Super B Tools:  TBA9000 Workstation

Super B Tools: TBA9000 Workstation

The ultimate bicycle workstation for your private garage or shop.  This set-up will ensure you always have the right tool for the task at hand. 1ST LAYER:   A1: TB-FW30 – Freewheel remover TB-FW20 – Freewheel turner TB-HB50 – Multi hook TB-BB10 – Bottom bracket wrench TB-CP15 – Freewheel remover & bottom bracket tool TB-BB30 – Cartridge B.B. tool TB-8911 – Crank installation tool A2: TB-7305~7345 – T-shape key wrench. Size:2/2.5mm 3/4/5/6/8/10mm(ball end) 2ND LAYER:   B1: ZB-12 – CRV (1-12” Adjustable wrench) TB-1045 – Freewheel remover TB-1095 – Freewheel remover TB-1060 – Cartridge B.B. tool TB-1005 – B.B. wrench TB-1065 –… Read more →

Deity:  Decoy LT 2012 pedals

Deity: Decoy LT 2012 pedals

Even though the Deity Decoy 2.0 is one of the lightest contenders on the market, the goal with the Deity Decoy LT pedal was to deliver you an even lighter package that will allow you to shed even more weight off your bike. Weighing in at 357 grams for the pair and featuring a forged and machined magnesium body, the Deity LT pedals are also utilize the CNC aluminium socket pins to reduce every gram possible whether you are a downhill racer, dedicated Dirt Jumper, Freerider or prefer platforms for All Mountain and trail riding… the Deity Decoy LT’s are… Read more →

Deity:  Dirty Thirty Bar

Deity: Dirty Thirty Bar

Stability and front end tracking on descents is not only determined by your suspension, front end stiffness, ability, and tyre choice, but surprisingly enough, your handlebar section. It is to no surprise that a lower and wider handlebar provided more control through rough sections, in the air, and pinning it through corners. This stability can be the difference between being at the top podium spot or a second away. • Custom drawn double butted 7075 T6 aluminium for incredible weight savings. • 760mm length for stability. • On of the lightest DH race bars on the market. • Butting dimensions… Read more →

Hope:  Hoops Pro 3 SP-XC3 (pair)

Hope: Hoops Pro 3 SP-XC3 (pair)

The Pro 3 SP-XC3 wheelset has been designed specifically with weight saving in mind. To achieve the sort of competitive weights required for racing and performance riding, weight has been taken from the hub and rotor – instead of using fragile, overlight components in the rim and spokes. The resulting wheel is a perfect mix of strength to weight, which has already been taken to many race wins. We suggest a rider weight limit of 85kg. This is only a guideline, but common sense should be used with regards to the type of riding they will be used for. The… Read more →

Velocite:  Magnus 3.0 (Frameset)

Velocite: Magnus 3.0 (Frameset)

The 3rd generation Velocite Magnus is here. The new version features dual compatibility Di2 or mechanical internal cable routing, new lightweight graphics and a tuned layup that sheds 5% of weight but retains the highest torsional stiffness of any road racing bike on the planet. Key Features Monocoque unidirectional (UD) high modulus blend carbon fibre composite Internal Di2 or cable routing Asymmetric, tapered head tube 1 1/8″ top, 1.5″ bottom BB30 bottom bracket Carbon fiber head tube angular contact headset races Carbon dropouts Patented seat post clamp system Unmatched torsional stiffness 980 – 1100g weight Since the original Magnus set… Read more →