Yuba Accessories:  Bread Basket, Rain Cover & Spare Parts

Yuba Accessories: Bread Basket, Rain Cover & Spare Parts

Bread Basket The Bread Basket takes the idea of a bike basket to a whole new level. Designed to hold two cases of beer or two bags of groceries and rated for 25kg of cargo, the Bread Basket is no slacker. It is secured directly to the frame of Yuba Bikes and extremely stable while riding, because it does not turn with the handlebars. On top you can add a cover to stretch over the top of the basket to enclose your groceries, bags, locks etc… Specifications: Measures: 19 x 14 x 6″ Material: Aluminum Loading capacity: 25kg Weight: 1.5kg… Read more →

Yuba Accessories:  Monkey Bars

Yuba Accessories: Monkey Bars

What is the best way to keep your little ones monkeying around? Monkey Bars may just be the answer! Compatible with the Yepp Child Seat and a variety of rack-based fixtures and panniers, the Monkey Bars provide a sturdy grab rail for up to 3 kids at once (depending on how big they are/how you set it up). It also provides a ‘zone’ for the kids which they can feel secure inside and hold onto, or cover in stickers and sticky stuff, wrap Christmas lights around and so forth! Compatibility: • Boda, Curry, Kombi & Mundo Series (not Supercargo Series)… Read more →

Yuba:  El Mundo and Mundo Classic Series

Yuba: El Mundo and Mundo Classic Series

Yuba’s Mundo is a ‘do everything’ bike, which takes it’s spirit from an East African trip by Designer Benjamin Sarrazin. Over the years this workhorse has taken on new forms and the Mundo Series suits most if not all options With a 200kg approved weight limit, the Mundo is an extremely efficient way to get practically any cargo from a to b. Whilst most aficionados choose it for taking their kids and their kid’s friends around, the low slung rails ensures the weekly shop (plus the occasional pot of paint), second bike or suitcase may come too The cargo area… Read more →

Yuba:  Curry Series

Yuba: Curry Series

The Spicy Curry Series are Yuba’s lowriders, each designed to keep your rear cargo rack as close to the ground as possible. To achieve this, they tuck a 20″ wheel akin to a tough BMX bike’s wheel way back and below the height of the pedal stroke. It is a simple yet extremely effective solution, paired with a conventional 26″ front wheel Of the many advantages, a low rack is quite a bit easier for your little munchkins to clamber up on by themselves. You have improved stability over a high rear rack too, which works for any cargo you… Read more →

Yuba:  El Kombi E5 & Kombi Classic Series

Yuba: El Kombi E5 & Kombi Classic Series

The new El Kombi E5 raises the Kombi Classic Series to include the Shimano STEPS E5000 mid-motor and frame mounted Lithium-Ion battery, hydraulic disk brakes and a 200kg weight limit. With the Kombi, Yuba has delivered the one bike which can tackle virtually everything in it’s path – with your family along for the ride! Certainly this is one combination which works for so much more than the sum of it’s parts. With a decade of developing the Yuba Mundo to steer the design process, the Kombi is a mixture of past experience and fresh thinking. It retains the compelling… Read more →

Yuba Accessories:  Soft Spot Cushions (Maxi & Mini)

Yuba Accessories: Soft Spot Cushions (Maxi & Mini)

2021 Soft Spot Series Introducing the new Soft Spot Series for 2021, which incorporate new materials to improve both comfort and durability. The waterproof polyurethane design is similar to your Yuba’s main bicycle seat, with integrated air pockets along the bottom for extra cushioning, plus chamfers to increase clearance for use with/without Monkey Bars. Installation still requires just the two nylon straps to wrap around your frame. Depending on which of Yuba’s models you have, different combinations of Soft Spots can be used to seat up to three kids on your ‘tail. See the chart at the bottom of this… Read more →

Yuba:  Supercargo Bosch & Classic Series

Yuba: Supercargo Bosch & Classic Series

Yuba’s Supercargo takes a decade of experience with Cargo Bikes in a whole new direction: up front! A frontal load keeps your cargo as low as possible and right where you can see it. This is particularly fun when your cargo is 99kg, giggling and/or jiggling about! It could be a couple of kiddo’s and a box of toys, a cello or a washing machine. You decide. The bay has a number of options as well: add the ‘rail & sail’, or bamboo box, as well as a pair of bamboo seats. Any cargo which can be strapped down securely… Read more →

Yuba Accessories:  Pop Top Cover

Yuba Accessories: Pop Top Cover

Looking for a Canopy for your Longtail? Well, the Pop Top Cover pairs with your Monkeybars to keen your sprogs out of the weather, come rain or shine. The aluminium rails hold up to strong winds and you can peel back the front and rear windows and/or side panels to manage both ventilation and shade for all-season riding.

Which version is my Yuba Mundo?

Over the years the Yuba Mundo has gone through many changes to the frame and most recently a name change as well. The most noticeable of these changes happening to the rear rack. Below are the different Yuba Mundos by version and the major changes to their frames. The Mundo V1: The initial offering was manufactured in Germany and has a bolt-on rear rack, the most notable feature of which is the “W” shape of the rear rack stays. Also, the top and down tubes on the front triangle have a circular cross-section rather than oval. The Mundo V2: This… Read more →

Yuba Accessories:  Towing Tray

Yuba Accessories: Towing Tray

Looking to tow a bike behind your Mundo? The Towing Tray is for you: simply drop the front wheel of the bike you wish to tow into the channel and then secure it’s wheel to your rear rack.

Yuba Accessories:  Cargo Straps

Yuba Accessories: Cargo Straps

Tie-down with steel buckle perfect for attaching boxes, surfboards, guitars, tools, and other bikes to a Yuba. • Each strap 9 feet (3m) long • Industrial quality • Brown • 1 pair per pack

Yuba Accessories:  Bamboo Utility Decks

Yuba Accessories: Bamboo Utility Decks

Curry & Boda Boda Series V3 The Rear Deck for the Curry & Boda V3 Series gives passengers a place to ride along or provides sturdy support for your cargo. Pair with the Bamboo Running Boards for a super stylish look to your cargo bike. • 5 Ply Bamboo • Weather resistant • Cut out for the Yepp Maxi child seat to attach directly to the rear deck • Quick 6 bolt attachment • Curry Series and the Boda Boda Series V3 Mundo Stylish Bamboo top deck for Mundo. The Bamboo Utility Deck is a sturdy platform for passengers and… Read more →

Yuba Accessories:  Bamboo Boards

Yuba Accessories: Bamboo Boards

Boda Boda Series V3 Add a pair of stylish new Bamboo Running Boards for the Boda Boda V3. Give your passengers a comfy resting place for their feet or support your cargo load. Bamboo 5 plies Pair Easy installation suitable for Boda Boda V3 Kombi, Mundo V5, V4, V3 only Roll in style. Practical and stylish, the Bamboo Running Boards for Mundo and Kombi are a must have add-on when carrying passengers. They match the Bamboo deck and provide more comfort for your passengers or better support for cargo. • 5 Layer Plyboard • Pair • Hardware already on bike… Read more →

Yuba Accessories:  Bags & Panniers

Yuba Accessories: Bags & Panniers

2-Go Cargo Bags With the Spicy Curry 2-Go Bags you can use the extra storage space as efficient and individual as never before! The loading capacity can be adjusted to your daily needs and there are also inside pockets on each side for your loose tools. Of course you can take your children with you on the luggage rack. The integrated stirrups provide even extra comfort. • Waterproof • 2 attached bags (one pair) • 12 kg per bag • Compatible with the Yepp Maxi child seat • For Curry Series Only! Go-Getter Bag The newly redesigned and humongous weatherproof… Read more →

Yuba Accessories:  Supercargo Parts & Accessories

Yuba Accessories: Supercargo Parts & Accessories

‘Yubamboo’ Yuba choose to use 3-ply Bamboo for accessories because it is a durable and sustainable material. Bamboo requires little water or other resources to mature and grows quickly with Wolverine like healing capabilities. All of Yuba’s Bamboo products have been tested for hazardous or harmful chemicals in congruence with EU REACH regulations and passed with flying colors. Yuba are fully REACH compliant. Below are the present selection of Bamboo parts and accessories, for the Supercargo Series. Note that these can be mixed and matched to suit a variety of applications. Bamboo Base Board Standard base board for Supercargo. All… Read more →

Yuba Accessories:  Yepp Adapter

Yuba Accessories: Yepp Adapter

Custom Yuba Bracket for attaching Yepp Easy Fit child seats to the Mundo V3, V4, 7-Speed or Boda Boda V1 or V2. • Silver • Install on the rack with or without deck • Includes hardware • Not required for Spicy Curry, Mundo V5, Boda Boda V3

Yuba Accessories:  Ring

Yuba Accessories: Ring

The Ring is the designed to make it stylish and safe to carry a passenger. Initially designed for the Boda Boda Series, it also works with the Curry Series, Kombi and Mundo Series (with deck). • Aluminum • Easy install • Hardware included

Yuba Accessories:  Hold-On Bars

Yuba Accessories: Hold-On Bars

You’ll love giving passengers a ride on your Yuba. Our Hold-On kit gives them something to love too: a strong and steady handlebar that will help them be safe and secure while perched atop the bike’s rear rack. The Hold-On is simple and quick to install. All you need to install it an allen key. • Stem: 31.8mm for handlebar • A shim is necessary (ask for correct shim when ordering, tell us which bike you have) • Colour, size, and length are subject to change based on availability

Yuba Accessories:  Ultra Seatpost

Yuba Accessories: Ultra Seatpost

Being tall can mean needing a longer seatpost, so Yuba offer one in both Silver and Black at 500mm in a 30.9mm diameter (USI). This makes for the ideal upgrade for Mundo, Curry, Supercargo & Supermarché Series. It also helps when you share your bike between smaller/taller riders: simply cut the original seatpost to suit the height of the smaller rider (if required), add a new saddle to this one and then ‘quick release’ between units. • Alloy • 30.9* 500mm USI type • Available in Black or Silver

Yuba Accessories:  Foot Pegs V3

Yuba Accessories: Foot Pegs V3

The V3 Pegs are the perfect resting place for those little feet aboard the Kombi and Boda Boda V3. Mounts securely to the side of the frame with the turn of a screw. Compatible with Kombi and Boda Boda V3 only.

Yuba Accessories:  Frame Lock

Yuba Accessories: Frame Lock

By sticking eyelets either side of the wheel, Yuba are able to provide a locking bolt to block the wheel for quick pitstops and back-up. Simple, huh? You can take the Frame Lock with you everywhere you go as it is extremely light: it rests on your Yuba’s frame’s mounting points while not in use too, so you will always have something to keep your Yuba immobilised. Combine this with a sturdy lock to go through the frame, around something solid and back via the other wheel. Compatibility: • Boda Boda Series V3 • Curry Series • Yuba Mundo Series… Read more →

Yuba Accessories:  Double Kickstands

Yuba Accessories: Double Kickstands

Stand Together Kickstand The ultra-wide Stand Together Kickstand offers a large, stable base for loading up all kinds of precious and traditional cargo. As it’s name implies, this kickstand is all inclusive; happily mounting to all the rear loading cargo bikes in our line-up. One for all! • Folds underneath the Sideloader bars • Three mounting holes options • Chromoly Steel (Silver) • 2-Year Warranty • Compatible with Mundo V3 and up, Spicy/Sweet Curry & Boda Boda Boda Boda Double Stand The Boda Boda Double Stand is the original upgrade, which adopts a mid-width stance to keep your bike steady… Read more →

Yuba Accessories:  Deflopilator

Yuba Accessories: Deflopilator

Stop the flop! Keep your front wheel in check when using our dual kickstands by attaching the Deflopilator to your down tube. Note: This device doesn’t change the handling of your bike appreciably while riding, unless it is set very tight. • Installs easily • Hardware included • Works with Stand Alone dual kickstand and Side Stand • Only compatible with Yuba Cargo Bikes, Mundo 7-Speed, V3 and Up, Boda Boda V1 and up, Spicy Curry

Yuba Accessories:  ‘Carry-On’ Truck Bed (Curry Series only)

Yuba Accessories: ‘Carry-On’ Truck Bed (Curry Series only)

Turning your Curry Series Lowrider into a pick-up truck? Good call! Ok, so what you’ll need is to slot the ‘Carry-On’ Truck Bed into your rear rack (the dark/horizontal bit in the photo above). You can slot Bamboo Boards onto the ends and add graphics to the outsides, with Cargo Straps, plus a pair of 2-Go Cargo Bags underneath too.

Urban Iki:  Junior

Urban Iki: Junior

The Urban Iki Junior is for children who are somewhere between the ages/weight ranges of the Yepp Child Seat and Soft Spot Cushions. This makes the ideal intermediate solution when they’re too old/big for a baby seat and a bit young/small to sit on the rear rack. There’s a hip belt for your child, a lock for the seat itself and you can fold the backrest away when not in use. Specifications: Ages: 5 to 10 years old * Weight limit: up to 35 kg * Foldable backrest: yes Mounting materials: included Tube for footrests: 16-25mm Hip belt: yes Foldable… Read more →


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Yepp:  Maxi Easyfit Child Seat (EasyFit Window)

Yepp: Maxi Easyfit Child Seat (EasyFit Window)

The Yepp Maxi Easyfit is a safe, comfortable and hugely popular child seat which several Family Cargo Bike manufacturers have designed their frames around. It is secure and easy to clean too! Yepp Child Seats can be paired with the Soft Spot, for passengers of different sizes (see main image). Compatibility: • Rear bike racks with an EasyFit window including: Yuba Mundo V5+, Boda Boda V3+ & Curry Series • Compatible with the Yuba Mundo V4 and the Boda Boda V2 with Yuba Yepp Adapter only! • For children of between 9-22kg Specifications: • Quick and easy mounting of the… Read more →

Demo Bikes

Demo Bikes

Try Before you Buy: Demo Bikes now available in London. We offer a variety of demonstrator bicycles, so that our clients have the opportunity to test out their new wheels before buying. The range we offer changes from time to time. Choose your preference from the dropdown menu at the bottom of this page. We currently offer test rides with the following models: Yuba El Kombi: Electric Family Cargo Bike MiRider One: Magnesium Folding Electric Bike Kona Rove: Gravel Bike and Commuter Favourite Yuba Supermarché: Family Cargo Bike (includes Open Loader/Bamboo/Seat Kit) There is a refundable booking fee, from which… Read more →

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The brands on offer at Leftfield Bikes are listed on this page in alphabetic order. Click for our recommendations for items best suited to riding in London and the Home Counties. If you are looking for something which isn’t visible on our website, contact us and we’ll arrange it for you: whilst there are over 50,000 items available to us, we only display a limited selection on our website. Abus Locks/Bags Airwheel Ass Saver Mudguard Babboe Family Bikes Bakfiets Bosch AVE Electric Bikes Bud Brake ABS CatEye Centaur Cargo Bikes Chike Dainese Ducati Bicycles Ducati EMX Electric MTB Furo GoCycle… Read more →

Energy Saving Trust: eCargo Bike Grant Fund

The Department for Transport has made £2 million funding available for the acquisition of ecargo bikes, to support green last mile deliveries. This funding is available to limited companies, sole traders, partnerships, charities and not-for-profit organisations. Public, community or third sector organisations are also eligible providing they meet the eligibility criteria. eCargo Bike Grant funding covers up to 20% of the total cost of an ecargo bike, up to a maximum of £1,000 per bike. To be eligible for funding, an ecargo bike must have minimum 125 litre cargo volume capacity and minimum 130 kg weight capacity (combined rider and… Read more →