Kona:  Makena

Kona: Makena

When your child is ready for a bike which can tackle all terrain with a proper set of gears, knobbly tyres and light enough to style out the corners … Kona are ready for you! Makena is far more than a miniature version of a mountain bike: it shares the core features and material selections with its bigger siblings, providing for the ride your ‘growing grom’ has been working up to. It’s lighter than many bikes designed for kids of half the size too, which make it considerably easier to ride, so they will relish it. Integrating the suspension formula… Read more →

Kona:  Lana’I

Kona: Lana’I

The Lana’I combines a whole host of details from across Kona’s fleet, including geometry from the Hei Hei, broadened to 26″/27.5″/29″ wheels and two metallic colourways. Mechanical disk brakes paired with the Suntour XCT30 DS Coil Spring 100mm fork and 2 x 8 speed Shimano Altus gear set-up make for a sturdy mountain bike It is a pretty compelling package, suitable for daily use both off and on the road Specifications: Frame Material: Kona 6061 Aluminum Butted Sizes: XS (26″), S (27.5″), M (27.5″), L (29″), XL (29″) Fork: Suntour Xct30 Ds Coil Spring 100mm Crankarms: Shimano Altus Chainrings: 22/36T… Read more →

Kona:  Sutra Series

Kona: Sutra Series

Looking for a bicycle which is ready for anything? The Sutra SE is certainly one to consider. The geometry is based on Kona’s CX, enhanced with a taller head tube and longer top tube, paired with Kona’s Project Two Cromoly Disc Touring fork. This offers great tyre clearance and limits toe overlap. “Some bikes are fun for a few laps or a trail or two, but the Sutra is the kind of bike you can point toward the horizon and just go.” Bikepacking.com There are some neat finishing touches like a replaceable derailleur hanger on the rear, mudguard eyelets inside… Read more →

Kona:  Rove Series

Kona: Rove Series

The Rove AL looks gentle in Gloss Dragonfly with Nimbus & Charcoal Decals to shake it right up! This reflects it’s personality too: ready to tackle all environments with untold energy Sticking with the tried and tested combination of a sturdy and capable bike, the Rove is as happy on a long distance road route as it is on a bit of dirt at the weekend. This makes for a reliable commuter bike, which you can also take away from traffic. The gear range is far reaching so the Rove is ready to take on all comers, whilst mechanical disk… Read more →

Yuba:  El Mundo EP8 and Mundo Classic Series (Olive LUX)

Yuba: El Mundo EP8 and Mundo Classic Series (Olive LUX)

Yuba’s Mundo is a ‘do everything’ bike, which takes it’s spirit from an East African trip by Designer Benjamin Sarrazin. Over the years this workhorse has taken on new forms and the Mundo Series suits most if not all options With a 200kg approved weight limit, the Mundo is an extremely efficient way to get practically any cargo from a to b. Whilst most aficionados choose it for taking their kids and their kid’s friends around, the low slung rails ensures the weekly shop (plus the occasional pot of paint), second bike or suitcase may come too The cargo area… Read more →


Leftfield Bikes: Riding, Re-invented We’re busy preparing new bicycles, plus our new spot,

Kona:  Coco

Kona: Coco

The Coco is a joyous affair, complete with an excitable colorway and upright riding position. With the Summer in full swing, what better than a fresh and funky ride to cruise right on through? Beside the whitewall tyres and low slung seating position are a very capable set of disk brakes and 9 speed gear set-up, so you can still set the pace whenever you feel like it. The step-through twin-top frame keeps the useful stuff too. There is a fully wrapped set of mudguards to protect your dress, plus sturdy Project 2 forks offering mounting points for a rack… Read more →

Kona:  Cinder Cone

Kona: Cinder Cone

The one which started it all for so many of us: the legendary Kona Cinder Cone! Having celebrated 30 years in production, this is amongst the most versatile mountain bikes of all time. With an 6061 Aluminium Butted frameset retaining it’s 27.5 inch wheels and a carefully chosen component set, this is one of the all time greats reinvented once again. What set’s it apart? It’s poise. This is a low-down, hunkered frame for tearing up trails and launching over jumps with the same youthful energy is had way back in 1988. The Shimano Deore 11-51t 11 speed drivetrain gives… Read more →

Kona:  Dew

Kona: Dew

Kona’s Dew is a fresh and funky option for riding wherever the mood takes you. Take on a lap of Richmond Park, the London to Brighton, Commute in style and everything in between! The lightweight 6061 aluminium frame is paired with the legendary Kona Project 2 forks, with slick whitewall tyres to match. Plus there are disk brakes and multiple mounting points for water bottles, racks and mudguards. The 2 x 8 speed gear set-up offer plenty of scope for both the start/stop of urban riding and cruising along for mile after mile without fuss. Whilst the formula is ideal… Read more →

Yuba:  Curry Series

Yuba: Curry Series

The Spicy Curry Series are Yuba’s lowriders, each designed to keep your rear cargo rack as close to the ground as possible. To achieve this, they tuck a 20″ wheel akin to a tough BMX bike’s wheel way back and below the height of the pedal stroke. It is a simple yet extremely effective solution, paired with a conventional 26″ front wheel Of the many advantages, a low rack is quite a bit easier for your little munchkins to clamber up on by themselves. You have improved stability over a high rear rack too, which works for any cargo you… Read more →

Yuba:  El Kombi E5 & Kombi Classic Series

Yuba: El Kombi E5 & Kombi Classic Series

The new El Kombi E5 raises the Kombi Classic Series to include the Shimano STEPS E5000 mid-motor and frame mounted Lithium-Ion battery, hydraulic disk brakes and a 200kg weight limit. With the Kombi, Yuba has delivered the one bike which can tackle virtually everything in it’s path – with your family along for the ride! Certainly this is one combination which works for so much more than the sum of it’s parts. With a decade of developing the Yuba Mundo to steer the design process, the Kombi is a mixture of past experience and fresh thinking. It retains the compelling… Read more →

Bicicapace:  Justlong Series

Bicicapace: Justlong Series

Italian style comes in many forms and the Justlong from Bicicapace is a lowrider with a difference: it is as nippy as it is rigid, whilst keeping the weight down ensures your family and cargo are stable as you ride together. The curvaceous frame flows between the massive bag up front which keeps school bags, shopping and laptops dry, with a combination of bench seats for up to three kiddos, two in dedicated seats, or one large box on the longtail. You can switch from one to the other as you require too, refining as your needs grow. In the… Read more →

Aitour:  Starter

Aitour: Starter

The magnificent Aitour Starter is the perfect three-wheeled family cargo bike for people looking get started with a purposeful electric option. There’s a sturdy wooden box up front with space for up to four children, the battery is installed discretely under the rear seat, powering the mid-motor. There’s even a rack on the tail. Hydraulic disc brakes keep things in check, whilst the integrated lights ensure you can see and be seen. The 120nM motor is paired with a 48V battery, which ensures you can accelerate from every light with ease. The gears are equally well considered: there’s a 7-speed… Read more →

Aitour:  Family C

Aitour: Family C

The Aitour C is the curvaceous electric family cargo trike, with space for up to four Sproggo’s, with or without the Doggo! The curved wooden box up front keeps your brood inboard, whilst you steer from the rear. It comes with child safety belts, cushions, armrests and an anti-slip mat. The strong mid-motor multiplies the effort you put in when you pedal, so you can sprint from a standstill with up to 300lb / 136kg in the box. There’s a 7-speed Nexus hub built in to the rear wheel, so you can change gear whenever you wish and keep maintenance… Read more →

Yuba:  Supercargo Bosch & Classic Series

Yuba: Supercargo Bosch & Classic Series

Yuba’s Supercargo takes a decade of experience with Cargo Bikes in a whole new direction: up front! A frontal load keeps your cargo as low as possible and right where you can see it. This is particularly fun when your cargo is 99kg, giggling and/or jiggling about! It could be a couple of kiddo’s and a box of toys, a cello or a washing machine. You decide. The bay has a number of options as well: add the ‘rail & sail’, or bamboo box, as well as a pair of bamboo seats. Any cargo which can be strapped down securely… Read more →

6KU:  Odessa

6KU: Odessa

How better to glide through London’s streets than with a cool, calm and collected city bike? 6KU’s majestic Odessa combines a low slung step through frame with 8 gears, full cover mudguards and whitewall tyres. It offers a comfortable upright riding position which helps both for visibility and staying relaxed. As we approach Summer 2000, choose to take everything in your stride. There are near infinite options for racks and rails to pop a bag on, which can be on the front, rear or even both if you feel like it. Specifications Frame: High Tensile Steel Fork: High Tensile Steel… Read more →

Chike:  e-Cargo and Cargo

Chike: e-Cargo and Cargo

Transporting cargo through busy London streets can be a whole lot of fun, especially when you spend most of your journey overtaking stationary traffic! To do this, the key is a narrow transporter with a dependable carrying area. The Chike Cargo models come with both of these, giving you access to parts of our city which other vehicles simply cannot reach – including indoors! With it’s front wheels tucked under the surface and capable of locking and tilting, you can ride it like a regular bike and then straighten it up for loading and unloading. Include the Shimano motor/battery combo… Read more →

Chike:  e-Kids and Kids

Chike: e-Kids and Kids

Streamlining the wheelbase of this glorious Family Cargo Bike to less than a width of a regular door opens up near unlimited possibilities! Add to that the tilting mechanism for slaloming around town and the covered compartment is the icing on the cake! You’ll quickly find yourself going everywhere with your kiddos just for the fun of it. The journey rapidly becomes the best bit when the old rigmarole of loading and parking are both sorted in seconds. Choose the Shimano motor/battery combo and you’ll go further and faster with more onboard than before, including up once-daunting hills. The two… Read more →

Bicicapace:  Compact Classic Series

Bicicapace: Compact Classic Series

This beautifully modern bicycle blends function with pizzazz, to create a thoroughly practical and agile option for everyday use. Having a short wheelbase can really help for parking indoors, so the Compact measures between 168-176cm long, depending upon which model you choose. The two frame options are the Classic and the Sport. The Classic is a ‘one size fits most’ step-through frame, suiting smaller riders and sharing between family members. The Sport has a step-over frame which comes in a 56cm, with the 64cm to suit taller riders. Both styles can fit a Steco Rear Rack behind the rider and/or… Read more →

Aventon:  Pace 250 Series

Aventon: Pace 250 Series

The Pace 250 Series is the newest addition to Aventon’s fleet, which is ideally suited to British riding. It includes a lightweight aluminium frame, complete with a powerful 250W motor and 7 speed Shimano gears and disk brakes. There are both Step-Through and Step-Over frames, with 4 colour options overall. The Step-Through comes in Small and Medium, with the Step-Over also in Large. The Small frame suits riders from 4’11”-5’8″, with the Medium for 5’8″-6’1″ and the Large for 6’1″-6’4″. The removable 420Wh battery is capable of between 35-40 miles between charges, so most commuters will only need to top… Read more →

Kris Holm Mountain Unicycle 36″

Kris Holm Mountain Unicycle 36″

The 36 inch Kris Holm Mountain Unicycle is designed for all terrain riding, excelling over longer distances. The large wheel size provides a raised top speed without requiring a geared hub #. With a Shimano Deore hydraulic disk braking system including a lever mounted under the Zero Fusion saddle and a 203mm rotor, the KH36 manages the most challenging of descents with ease. Available in the signature Kris Holm blue, with a one-piece forged 7005 alloy crown to keep the frame in check. Spinning duties are through the Spirit hub, paired with 127/150mm Spirit Cranks and a Nimbus Nightrider 36… Read more →

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The brands on offer at Leftfield Bikes are listed on this page in alphabetic order. Click for our recommendations for items best suited to riding in London and the Home Counties. If you are looking for something which isn’t visible on our website, contact us and we’ll arrange it for you: whilst there are over 50,000 items available to us, we only display a limited selection on our website. Abus Locks/Bags Airwheel Ass Saver Mudguard Babboe Family Bikes Bakfiets Bosch AVE Electric Bikes Bud Brake ABS CatEye Centaur Cargo Bikes Chike Dainese Ducati Bicycles Ducati EMX Electric MTB Furo GoCycle… Read more →

Centaur Cargo:  Cargo Bike

Centaur Cargo: Cargo Bike

Slicing through traffic with 350 litres of cargo tucked between you and the front wheel is a joyous experience! With an upright seating position and a Yamaha motor to zip along, you’ll be at your destination with your cargo before you know it. Keeping the weight up front and down low means this model is as easy to ride with up to 80kg in it’s belly as a regular bicycle. Twin wheels means you can weave as you are used to as well, so the learning curve is very short. This combination is terrific for heavy traffic as the Centaur… Read more →

Ducati:  400R

Ducati: 400R

The Ducati 400R with it’s Ducati Racing Red paint job fresh from MotoGP and Superbike, is the very top end 29″ MTB model. Featuring a smooth, sloping aluminium frame and a 2×10 transmission, this is the very fastest fully human powered Ducati available. RockShox’ 30 Silver TK 29″ Soloair 100mm fork is kitted-out with a PopLoc Remote and a 180mm hydraulic disc, with a 160mm bringing up the rear. It’s race ready and built for thrashing absolutely every sort of terrain out there. Specifications: Colour: Ducati Racing Red Frame: Serie 400 29″ Alloy, PM, HT 1,5′ Fork: RockShox 30 Silver… Read more →

Ducati:  E-ASY

Ducati: E-ASY

The Ducati E-ASY is a dependable electric bicycle with a low-slung central motor and a removable Lithium Ion battery within the rear rack. It is ideal for a most riders, offering 26″ wheels on the smaller frame and 28″ wheels on the larger ones. With five levels of power, every journey comes with a welcome boost and the battery is capacious enough to cover more than 6 1/2 laps of the Tamsin Trail around Richmond Park! (37-75Km/circa 23-45 Miles) An electric bicycle both extends the riders range and increases the average speed beyond most people’s natural ability. Almost everyone chooses… Read more →

Ducati:  E-COM

Ducati: E-COM

The Ducati E-COM is a terrific place to begin one’s journey with electric bikes and for many, it will be the only bicycle which enjoys regular use. As accessible as the Ducati Cucciolo of 1946, this ‘pedelec’ is something of a modern day companion and enjoys it’s fair share of visual cues too. Flowing through the gentle lines of the charming silver or Bordeaux red frame is a powered front hub, generous mudguards and chain cover for all weather riding. The sturdy rear rack is ready for your coat or a pannier, housing the removable Lithium-Ion battery pack within. There… Read more →

Ducati:  TT Evo S

Ducati: TT Evo S

At the heart of Ducati’s ethos is evolution, with the TT Evo S exemplifying the very nature of augmented riding. Everything about the top the range model is there to take the rider beyond what a conventional machine ever could. This is the bike to take you from what you are capable of today and onto something completely new. The TT has been fine tuned, with components tweaked to deliver just a little more from both the bike and the rider. “Evoluzione Ducati, sempre di più” The core technology is largely hidden from view, which speaks volumes about what the… Read more →

Ducati:  330SX

Ducati: 330SX

There are few greater motivators whilst out on a ride, than pulling away from people who are determined to overtake your Ducati! The 300SX Series models are meant for just such daily adventures. With it’s lightweight aluminium frame Engineered by Bianchi and paired with a set of 29-ers, you’re all set. Naturally, there’s hydraulic disc brakes and a remote lock-out fork with 100mm of travel, making this a great package Choose from Ducati Red or Matt Graphite, to compliment Shimano Deore 3×10 speeds – and your existing Ducati motorcycle of course! Specifications: Colours: Ducati Red or Matt Graphite Frame: Series… Read more →

Ducati:  TT Evo

Ducati: TT Evo

The 2018 Ducati TT Evo in Matt Black is undoubtedly the boldest, bravest and most brutal model in the series. This beast looks like the Diavel in the flesh, yet it is so much more than the sum of it’s parts. That’s even before you get to ride it… it also available in Ducati Red, to compliment the Monster 1200S. With the new PowerTube 500Wh, housing the biggest Bosch battery available fattens-up and stiffens the frame nicely. It’s broad, so remains almost indistinguishable from the side. Bosch’s most powerful Performance Line CX motor flows from the frame and puts out… Read more →

Ducati:  E-CITY

Ducati: E-CITY

Amongst the most adaptable of Ducati’s fleet, the E-City combines the versatility of a step-through with the ease of use of an electric bike. It’s as happy pootling around the park as it is taking you to and from work. It has the new Bosch Active Line third generation motor unit too Looking for something for the school run? The E-City is ideal! It conquers the most brutal of hills, pulling the weight of your little one and their child seat, toys and accoutrements along with you There are lights both front and rear, plus a sturdy built-in rack which… Read more →

Ducati:  SCR400

Ducati: SCR400

The SCR400 is full-on and the most hardcore of Ducati’s eMTB hardtails. Embracing the feisty blend of the fastest and most capable of Bosch’s motor and integrated battery combo’s with a low-slung aluminium frame, it’s set-up to hammer across everything in it’s path Shimano’s braking expertise pairs the massive 203mm/180mm hydraulic set-up, with 27.5″ Kenda Havoc Pro tyres in 2.8″ to soften the blows. Go as hard as you can and the SCR400 will keep pushing for more Ducati Racing Red features on a very select few models and the SCR400 wears them for good reason: this is the hardtail… Read more →

Ducati:  E-Sport

Ducati: E-Sport

The E-Sport is amongst the most established of the eBikes in Ducati’s range and it features the Shimano Steps drive unit with a 418W battery. As sophisticated as it is, the formula is to keep all the technology right out of the way so you can focus on your ride. Just like a proper bike ought to. It is as capable of a weekly stretch around the park, your daily commute, as it is happy practically anywhere else. It comes fitted with disc brakes and a stand too, so it’s ready to roll from day one. You can raise the… Read more →

Ducati:  Sport

Ducati: Sport

Every Ducati makes a statement and the Sport does so without making a sound! With it’s elegant Bianchi-engineered aluminium frame sprayed with either a chic Matt Titanium or bold Ducati Red paint job, it’s the bike to choose for your daily commute There’s a great combination of a lightweight frame with disc brakes, dark rims and components. Less is more. There are mounting points for touring bags, racks and a pair of water bottles, so it welcomes longer distance riding too Specifications: Colours: Ducati Red or Matt Titanium Frame: Sport Man Alloy, IS, HT 1.1/8″ Sizing Guide: 43cm is 157-172cm,… Read more →

Swift:  Folder

Swift: Folder

The Swift Folder is a bike that’s solid, fast, and can fold up in ten seconds flat.  One that inspires confidence on the road, slips effortlessly onto crowded trains and escalators at a moment’s notice, and packs neatly into a shoulder bag to follow you to the ends of the earth. It’s strong and sensible, adjustable to fit almost anyone, made to order and built to last.  Eight-speed internal gears are smooth, don’t get caught up in your clothes and are ideal for commuting throughout London.  It has already attracted something of a cult following across the pond. How to… Read more →

Reid:  Lite 7-Speed

Reid: Lite 7-Speed

Reid’s Lite 7-Speed is a chic vintage-style bicycle which hails from Australia and is finally available here in the UK! This, their first offering for 2015, is amongst the most laid-back of models and comes with everything you need to transport yourself to a Spring picnic/Summer BBQ, or for a leisurely ride through one of London’s parks at any time of year. With it’s light alloy frame, good gear range and a sturdy rear rack, it suits daily commuters and Sunday cycling in equal measure. Features: Quality Shimano 7-Speed gearing Dual-pivot brakes for reliable control Whitewall 700 x 32c tyres… Read more →

RooDog:  Polka Dot Electric Bike!

RooDog: Polka Dot Electric Bike!

Who say’s all electric bicycles are boring? Not us! The RooDog Polka Dot is a fun bicycle designed for women and hand-prepared with roughly two hundred polka dots, each lovingly applied by hand. It has a low-slung frame so you can ‘step-through’ in whatever you’re wearing, mud-guards and a chain-guard to keep your clothing muck-free. Plus a rack on the back for a bag, lights so you can stay visible and a battery mounted at an easily-accessible height. Can’t be crawling under a bike to remove the battery in a dress! Colours: Vintage Red and Retro Blue Motor: 250W 36V,… Read more →

The True 36:  36″ MTB

The True 36: 36″ MTB

Some say 29er wheels are the new 27.5er, others the new 26er. We say more! more! more! With it’s astonishing 36″ wheels, the True 36er really is just that: the biggest, baddest bike out there – mountain bike or otherwise! Cruise over the humps and bumps and be the envy of all you pass. Eat conventional commuter bikes for breakfast, lunch and beyond. Potholes? But a scratch in your path! There are a fair few bikes out there which this one would consider a light snack. How big is big? Let’s just say that when you rock-up at the lights… Read more →

Road.cc’s Buying Basics: Buying Your First Road Bike

Velocite Geos, available now at Leftfield Bikes. Our friends over at road.cc wrote this guide back in August 6, 2012 and it’s such a good read, we’ve included it in full. The original article is here. If Britain’s incredible run of success in cycling this year – with the first ever Tour de France victory courtesy of Bradley Wiggins and dominance in the London 2012 Olympics – has inspired you to take up cycling, and you’re looking to buy your first road bike, you are in the right place. Road.cc’s Buying Basics will steer you through the occasionally confusing world… Read more →

AVE:  XH5-26″ Electric Mountain Bike (Backflip’s not required!)

AVE: XH5-26″ Electric Mountain Bike (Backflip’s not required!)

Olly Parker did a backflip on the AVE XH5-26. Need we say more? Frameset Frame: Hardtail mtb aluminium 6061-T6 frame Fork: Rockshox Recon Silver R with 120mm of travel Headset: Sealed Colour: White Size: 45cm and 50cm frame options. Electric Drive System Electric Motor: BOSCH centre-drive motor assisting up to 15.5mph Sensor: Internal BOSCH centre-drive motor Controller: BOSCH centre-drive motor Display: BOSCH HMI display indicating battery charge status and 4 levels of power support (each with 3 settings) and remaining range. Battery Battery: BOSCH 36V 8AH Lithium-ion battery (frame mounted) Range: Up to 80 miles depending on level of assistance,… Read more →



Market leading technology with components you’d expect to find on a much more expensive ebike. This model is an ebike that offers tremendous value for money for both the commuter or leisure cyclist. Eligible to purchase through the Government’s Bike To Work Scheme the UCR-30 is the answer to traffic congestion and stressful commutes. The Roadster frame is a traditional bike design incorporating a crossbar for those wanting a more conventional design. FRAME & FORK: Urban commuting roadster 48cm frame. Built in T6 high grade aluminium and finished in satin black with Suntour CR8 aluminium suspension fork. WHEEL SET: 26″… Read more →



This is an ebike whose appearance is bound to turn heads, but it’s not just about looking good. This stunning ebike features cutting edge technology and no-compromise finishing kit giving a superb ride, fantastic range and an ebike that will be the envy of every other road user. This ‘low step’ frame makes it far easier to get on and off the bike, making it a great choice for commuters riding into work wearing their office clothes. FRAME & FORK: Lifestyle low step frame built in T6 high grade aluminium and finished in arctic white with internal cabling and custom… Read more →



This is an ebike whose appearance is bound to turn heads, but it’s not just about looking good. This stunning ebike features cutting edge technology and no-compromise finishing kit giving a superb ride, fantastic range and an ebike that will be the envy of every other road user. The Roadster frame is a traditional bike design incorporating a crossbar for those wanting a more conventional design. FRAME & FORK: T-6 high grade aluminium roadster frame with 20″ wheels, one-size finished in Titanium with internal cabling and head stock suspension fork. ELECTRIC DRIVE SYSTEM: TRANZX 250 watt 36 volt brushless high… Read more →

Super B Tools:  Professional 30-piece bicycle toolset (A3000)

Super B Tools: Professional 30-piece bicycle toolset (A3000)

Professional mobile toolset for mid-sized teams and individuals.  Includes all the core tools for tweaking on the go, particularly when refining your bicycle(s) in the park. 1-Hub cone wrench 13mm 1-Hub cone wrench 14mm 1-Hub cone wrench 15mm 1-Hub cone wrench 17mm 1-Chain checker 1-Chain rivet extractor chain-shaped.lost-wax casting, for 8.9.10 speed chain, with 1 spare pin 1-“Y” wrench Hex 4/5/6mm 1-“Y” wrench T25/T30/T40 1-B.B wrench for use Shimano® Hollowtech & Truvativ® GXP & FSA® , Campagnolo® . 9-Hex key wrenches 1.5/ 2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8/10mm 1-Double-ended wrench 8*10mm 1-Crank installation tool 1-B-shaped spoke wrench, size:3.2/3.3/3.5/4.0 mm 1-Cartridge B.B. tool for Shimano® cartridge… Read more →

Super B Tools:  Classic 29-piece bicycle toolset (TBA800)

Super B Tools: Classic 29-piece bicycle toolset (TBA800)

Ideal mobile toolset for small teams and individuals.  Includes all the core tools for tweaking on the go, particularly when refining your bicycle(s) in the park. 1-Chain rivet extractor, for 8/9/10 speed chain 1-Screwdriver Phillips 2 1-”Y”wrench T25/T30/T40 1-Professional cable cutter 1-Hub cone wrench 13mm 1-Hub cone wrench 14mm 1-Hub cone wrench 15mm 1-Hub cone wrench 17mm 8-Hex key wrench sets,2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8/10mm 1-Pedal wrench 15mm 1-Freewheel turner (for 9 speed chains) 1-Cartridge B.B. tool for Shimano® cartridge B.B. with pin 1-Chainring nut wrench with crank cover wrench 1-Freewheel remover for Shimano® HG cassettes with center pin 1-2 in 1 cotterles.s crank… Read more →

KCNC:  Superlight Chain 9-speed

KCNC: Superlight Chain 9-speed

KCNC super-light weight gold (TiN) and silver chain, 9 spd, 110 Links Compatible with Shimano/Campanolo/SRAM 9 speed drivetrain systems TiN gold colour Slotted side plates – inner and outer hollow pins Dimension:1/2″x11/128″ Pin Length:6.6mm 110 links DHA chromising treatment, enhanced pin durability Weight:244g for 110 links Complete with quick release connecting link Colours: Gold Silver

KCNC:  Sc/Al/Ti Alloy 10 Speed Cassette

KCNC: Sc/Al/Ti Alloy 10 Speed Cassette

This is an ultra-light weight 10 speed cassette – Shimano compatible The first 4 gears are machined from solid 7075 T-7451 alloy and hard anodised for durability. The next 4 gears are machined from solid scandium alloy The smallest 2 gears are Ti64 alloy The lockring is alloy 11-23T : weight 110g including lockring, ratios 11/12(Ti64 alloy)/13/14/15/16(Sc alloy)/17/19/21/23(hard anodised 7075 alloy) 12-25T : weight 147g including lockring, ratios 12/13(Ti64 alloy)/14/15/16/17(Sc alloy)/19/21/23/25(hard anodised 7075 alloy) 12-27T : weight 148g including lockring, ratios 12/13(Ti64 alloy)/14/15/16/17(Sc alloy)/19/21/24/27(hard anodised 7075 alloy)

KCNC:  Sc/Al/Ti Alloy 9 Speed MTB Cassette

KCNC: Sc/Al/Ti Alloy 9 Speed MTB Cassette

This is an ultra-light weight 9 speed cassette designed for mtb – Shimano/Sram compatible. The first 4 gears are machined from solid 7075 T-7451 alloy and hard anodised for durability. The next 3 gears are machined from solid scandium alloy The smallest 2 gears are Ti64 alloy The lockring is alloy Weighs 160g including lockring. Ratios: 11,12 (Ti64 alloy); 14, 16, 18 (Sc alloy); 21, 24, 28, 32 (hard anodised 7075 alloy)

Deity:  Classic Flanged Lock On Grips 2012

Deity: Classic Flanged Lock On Grips 2012

A classic: favourite among all riding disciplines, the knurled grip pattern of the Deity Classic grip is something many of you are used to and probably currently run. At a medium thickness and featuring a super tacky rubber compound, the Deity Classic grip utilizes a smaller 46mm flange diameter that addresses clearance issues riders have had with running flanged grips with shifters, so taking a knife to your grip’s flange is a thing of the past! Features: • Flanged lock on grip in a 130mm length • Classic industry standard pattern • 6061 T6 forged T Clamps • Soft rubber… Read more →